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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – The Ultimate Guide to LVP Flooring

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Learn everything you need to know about the trendy lvp flooring – before you install it in your home in this ultimate guide to vinyl plank flooring!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring have been a hot trend for a few years now and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

There are a bunch of benefits to vinyl flooring that just can’t be found in any other single flooring type.

That’s one big reason why the typical sheet-style vinyl flooring has been used in homes for so many years!

Not to mention it has always been an affordable option, and the newer plank and tile styles are no different.

I’m hoping that this deep dive into the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring will help you know next time you install new flooring if it’s the right choice for you.

What is LVP Flooring?

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring is a wood-looking flooring that is almost completely waterproof and is made of vinyl.

There are many different styles and they can be installed via peel-and-stick, click-and-lock or glue-down methods.

The vinyl composition makes the luxury vinyl plank floor soft and quiet underfoot and is affordable too!

Where To Get Cheap Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • You can order samples and bulk from Amazon
  • Local flooring stores should have lots of options!
  • Home Depot has a low-cost LifeProof line – but this is probably the lowest quality option.

10 Reasons to Choose
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (The Pros)

1. Easy to Clean

Most luxury vinyl planks and tiles are covered in a urethane resin wear layer that projects the flooring which makes cleaning as simple as a quick sweep and damp mop!

2. Durable

Luxury vinyl is highly resistant to scuffs, scratches and tears, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

3. Nearly Waterproof

Luxury vinyl flooring is nearly waterproof – meaning water damage is next to impossible. This makes it the perfect option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Plants and Couches with Luxury Vinyl


4. Beautiful Design Options

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is extremely authentic to its hardwood counter-part with the same size, shape, colors, and even texture.

There are so many design styles out there that you’re bound to find one that looks exactly like your favorite hardwood.

With the increase in technology, luxury vinyl even has realistic wood-like textures like the wood knots.

It’s amazing to me how realistic they look.

5. No Acclimation Period

Unlike traditional hardwood that takes 7-10 days to acclimate to the new space before being installed, luxury vinyl can be installed after just 24 hours!


6. Affordable

Luxury vinyl is priced similarly to laminate, making it cheaper than the typical hardwood.

7. Pet-Friendly

Luxury vinyl sound absorbent, perfect for minimizing the noise from pet paws and nails, and is warmer than hardwood making it a cozy spot for our furry friends to curl up on.

8. Comfortable

The combination of the vinyl top-layer and the foam bottom-layer make luxury vinyl soft underfoot.

9. Easy to Install

Luxury vinyl is typically installed using basic peel-and-stick or click-and-lock methods, making it easy to install for even the beginning DIY’er!

Plus, most types can be installed over existing flooring, as long as it’s level.

10. Eco-Friendly

Many luxury vinyl floorings are made from 100% vinyl, meaning they satisfy Green building standards and are eligible for LEED points in commercial settings.

Things to Consider Before Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks (The Cons)

1. Can’t Be Repaired

Unfortunately, LVP flooring can’t be fixed if it gets damaged.

While you can cut out and replace a damaged section of the flooring – repairing it isn’t an option, but rather you have to actually replace it.

This can be especially hard in a home where the luxury vinyl planks were glued down upon installation.

2. Shorter Lifespan

When compared to the true hardwood alternative, LVP floors don’t last nearly as long as hardwood floors.

While they cost less to install, you’ll have to replace them sooner.

3. Doesn’t Improve Home Value

Luxury vinyl plank floors are almost a standard in most builder-grade, new homes at this point, so installing them will not have a positive effect on your home’s value.

4. Hard to Remove

If you think you may decide to replace your vinyl plank flooring at a later date, be sure to consider how you have it installed.

The glue-down option can be especially hard to remove!

5. It Can Scratch

While it’s definitely more durable when it comes to water, LVP flooring is still vinyl and can be scratched if something is dragged along it with enough weight.

Be careful not to pull furniture feet on it and watch the soles of your shoes for rocks!

6. May Require More Prep

If your floor is uneven or wavy, prep work may be required to get it ready for a luxury vinyl plank floor installation.

Be sure to check with your contractor about this step!

Luxury Vinyl Plank FAQ

Glue-down vs Click?

Typically, glue-down options are used in commercial settings and click-and-lock are installed in homes.

While it may last a bit longer, there are much fewer options for the glue-down style and it’s also a much harder installation method to remove or replace/repair.

Do I need padding underneath vinyl plank flooring?

The quick answer is no. LVP will not need an underlayment or padding installed underneath it.

But, that being said, there are multiple types of luxury vinyl and some are built with a pad as part of the actual flooring while others are not.

So when you go to consider which type of LVP to get, consider getting one WITH a built-in pad so you get the comfort and sound benefits of that cushion underneath.

How do you clean LVP Flooring?

Another perk of the luxury vinyl is that it’s easy to clean!

Simply sweep and mop it like any hardwood, but be sure to use vinyl floor cleaner like this one.

How do you install luxury vinyl plank floors?

Vinyl plank floors are actually relatively easy to install, but if you’re not a confident DIY’er then I’d encourage you to check with a local contractor.

The glue-down style is a bit more trick, so be sure to read the installation instructions on the flooring box and get the correct kind of glue.

There are lots of tutorials on You Tube for this, so if you’re unsure of how to do it, watch a few videos!


Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent option for affordable flooring that looks stylish and is durable.

Are you convinced?? I know I am!

Writing this post has definitely persuaded me to consider, and most likely choose, luxury vinyl flooring for our future projects. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions!




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