Our Son’s Bedroom Makeover – The Before

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Welcome to the first week of our next room makeover!

I’m so excited to be joining in on the fun for a new (to me) online design challenge called the $100 Room Challenge.

This challenge is hosted by Erin from Lemons, Lavender & Laundry and is an opportunity for DIY and home decor bloggers to join together and share their room transformations.

The catch? We’re all doing it over the course of just ONE MONTH and for $100 OR LESS!

It is going to be so much fun – be sure to swing by every Wednesday in January for a project update with our final reveal coming out on January 29th!


Our Young Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

So, what room are we making over?

One of the only ones we haven’t blogged about thus far – my 5-year-old son’s!

The Before

We haven’t done much in his room since we purchased the house almost 4 years ago and he’s definitely outgrowing its current set-up.

Here is what it looks like now:

We originally painted the green wall to match the art work from his nursery (the chevron/truck print you can see in the picture below) and we built the loft bed for him a few years ago to try and create more floor-space.

The string lights don’t even work anymore…

And we’ve already moved the toy kitchen into my daughter’s room.

Pardon the Christmas tree, we took these pictures last week before we had taken down the Christmas decor… ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you look behind it you’ll see the tunnel we installed into his sister’s room on the other side. The kids sure love that tunnel!

He currently uses the large, white cubby unit as storage for all of his toys (that are not LEGOs) and we plan to keep it.

We may end up rotating it so it stands up vertical and takes up less floor space.

His closet stores all of the kids’ books, as well as all of his clothes, and his punching bag is mounted from the ceiling.

You can see the door into his room on the left there.

I think we’ll definitely do some rearranging of the furniture when all is said and done, but we aren’t entirely sure what the arrangement will look like just yet!

The Plan

First off, let me just say that kid’s rooms are REALLY hard to keep pretty and organized.

I mean, they don’t care what it looks like, so if it doesn’t function in a pretty way, it’s never going to look styled.

Which is why I try really hard to create functional storage and usability in my kid’s rooms without sacrificing on style!


Let’s get into the details about how I’m planning to do that in his room for under $100 and in just one month.

Paint – FREE

The first thing we plan to do is paint the entire bedroom a neutral color.

We’re planning to use left over paint we have from other places in the house, so it won’t cost us anything.

But having a fresh, neutral palette on the walls will give the room a more mature look.

New Bed ~$40

We’re also planning to build him a new bed.

He is getting much too tall for the loft bed which was built to fit a crib mattress.

We already have a twin mattress (from our daughter’s trundle bed) so we plan to build him a twin bed frame out of 2×4 materials.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to stain or paint the frame, but I’m leaning towards stain!

LEGO Storage & Organization – FREE

He rarely ever plays with any of his non-LEGO toys (minus his punching bag, which will stay hanging from the ceiling to the left of his bed) which means we’ll be cleaning out all his toys and installing some better/more LEGO storage.

I don’t think we’ll need to spend any money for this part of the project, it’ll just be some time spent purging and organizing.

Cork Wall ~$40

One of our biggest struggles with his room right now is that he LOVES saving his craft projects.

Whether that’s pictures he’s colored or drawn, a wreath he made at school, or a page of stickers – he always wants to display them in his room so he ends up taping or tacking them on the wall, pretty much anywhere he can find a spot.

In order to embrace this part of his personality, and minimize the chaos, we’ve decided to install a “cork wall” on the small wall behind his door to give him a large space where he can display his crafts for as long as he’d like.

The only thing we’ll need to buy for this part of the room is some cork tiles!

Closet Organization – FREE

Another thing we plan on tackling is the organization of his closet.

Right now, there is a lot of empty, unused space on the top sections so we’re planning to use some scrap wood or extra closet rods to maximize and use all of the space in there.

He doesn’t have a dresser, so we store all of his clothes in there, as well as all of the books for both kids.

Stuffed Animal PURGE – FREE

This kid has a serious obsession with collecting stuffed animals, but we’re ready to help him sort through and get rid of a LOT of them.

I’m hoping that this task alone will free up a lot of space in his room!

Other Decor/Furniture ~$20

As far as the style and decor in this room, it’ll mostly be neutrals with a few pops of orange.

His comforter is taupe and white, which matches the white storage cubbies and LEGO storage.

The orange will come from his punching bag and basketball beanbag.

I’m not positive what we’ll use the remainder of our $100 budget for in terms of decor, but I’m thinking most likely it will be a night stand of some sort or a rug.

Or maybe a fun pillow?

Who knows, we’ll see what he ends up wanting! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Mini-Project List

We always like to break our room makeovers up into smaller, more manageable tasks, or what we like to call “mini-projects.”

So here is a list of the mini-projects we’ll need to tackle in this room makeover:

  1. Paint the entire room (or maybe just the green wall to match the other linen-colored walls)
  2. Remove the loft bed (which has to be done through the window because it’s too big to fit down the hallway!)
  3. Build and install a new bed
  4. Organize the closet (which includes sorting through his clothes and all their books)
  5. Sort through and purge the non-LEGO toys and stuffed animals
  6. Install the cork wall
  7. Organize the LEGOs
  8. Final decorating!

I hope you’ll follow along this month and see how easy it is to makeover a room for just $100!

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I’ll be back next week with an update on our project and instructions for building a DIY LEGO table. ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. I LOVE that you have a tunnel going between rooms. How fun is that?! I love seeing how people work through kids’ rooms because you can have fun with them, and I get a ton of inspiration for organization and storage. Love your idea of a cork board for his treasures. Excited to have you join the challenge!


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