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34 Spray Paint Crafts and Projects for the Home

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From crafting gorgeous home décor to upcycling or even renewing old items these spray paint crafts and projects for beginners will inspire you to take matters into your own hands in a frugal way!

DIY Spray Paint Ideas For Beginners

If you’re looking for easy spray paint ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

You can spray paint so many things, and by following the proper steps, the transformation will be amazing.

With so many hues and finishes to choose from, you have the option to match your home’s current color scheme or even add some bold accents.

Color in a can is a quick and budget-friendly way to get a visible renewal even as a complete beginner.

Keep reading to find out spray painting tips and techniques for almost any surface!

Spray Paint Crafts FAQ

What can I make with spray paint?

There are all sorts of home decor, furniture and house updates that can be made or transformed using spray paint.

In this post we’re giving you 34 easy things to spray paint – click any one of them from the list below to see more details!

  1. Stylish Artificial Fruit for Decor
  2. Floral Centerpiece
  3. Mid-Century Vases
  4. Galaxy Art
  5. Glass Vases
  6. Artificial Flowers
  7. Geometric Art
  8. Faux Mercury Glass
  9. Painted Lantern Lights
  10. Mini Granite Pots
  11. Champagne Truffles on the Half Shell
  12. Metallic Fall Wreath
  13. Artificial House Plants
  14. Painted Patterned Rug
  15. Painted Ceramic Decor
  16. Graffiti Flower Vases
  17. Marble-Style Vases
  18. Wood Furniture
  19. Metal Outdoor Furniture
  20. Wooden Chairs
  21. Striped Dresser
  22. Patio Chair
  23. Faux Stone Accent Table
  24. Copper Table and Planter Pot
  25. Patio Furniture
  26. Fireplace Insert
  27. Outdoor Light Fixtures
  28. Ceiling Fan
  29. Stairs
  30. Door Knobs
  31. Door Knobs (5 Years Later Review)
  32. Metal Mailbox
  33. Kitchen Hardware
  34. Floor Vent Covers

How do you use spray paint for crafts?

My favorite type of spray painting craft is one that customizes something you already own so it matches the style of your home or space better.

Spray paint can seem intimidating or like it can only be used for large home improvement projects, but it’s actually a great option for basic paint in a crafting project!

If your craft involves paint, consider these benefits of spray paint:

  • Quick application
  • Even coverage
  • No “brush strokes”
  • Affordable
  • “Textured” paint options

This type of paint can be used for painting canvas, wood, metal, even ceramic.

Most likely it’s a great option for the craft you’re looking to tackles, so be sure to scroll down for some painting tips from other bloggers that have done what you’re wanting to do!

How do you decorate with spray paint?

Spray Paint is an excellent option for updating your home decor!

Scroll down for 34 awesome spray paint crafts and projects that will decorate your home in no time.


Home Décor Spray Paint Crafts

These first 17 spray paint crafts are easy ways to give your home decor a makeover.

Find out how to update decor you already own, making them super stylish and budget -friendly!

1. Simple Plastic Fruit Fall Makeover

Spray Painted Plastic Pears Fall Craft.

Cheap plastic fruits don’t make the most elegant decorations but they sure can if you’re willing to spray paint them.

This tutorial uses white paint for a neutral color scheme ,and it looks gorgeous!


2. DIY Spray Painted Floral Centerpiece

Spray Painted Floral Centerpiece.

It’s possible to spray paint both dried plants and silk flowers with excellent results!

Even better, you can plan your color scheme and create various floral centerpieces for any season, holiday, or occasion.


3. DIY Spray Painted Mid-Century Vases

DIY Spray painted dual-tone mid-century vases.

Getting fancy with spray paint means you get to make these stunning mid-century vases which you can customize with your favorite colors and patterns!

This tutorial creates an ombre effect and once you learn it, you can apply it on any other glass container.


4. DIY Spray Paint Art

DIY Spray paint galaxy wall art craft.

Painting a galaxy using spray paint sounds like such a fun project!

You need zero painting skills for this type of art, so you can enjoy it as a complete beginner.

If you have kids, I’m sure they would be super excited to try this as well.


5. How To Spray Paint Glass

DIY Spray painted glass vase.

Spray painting glass is pretty easy since minimal prep work is needed.

However, make sure the spray paint you choose is actually suitable for glass.

If the piece you’re painting gets handled a lot, you might also need to apply a clear top coat.


6. Spray Paint Fake Flowers Any Color In Minutes

DIY Spray painted faux flowers craft in white vase

Faux flowers don’t always come in the colors you need but guess what? You can spray paint them!

If you’ve had your flowers on display and they are dusty, give them a good dusting or even a light wipe with a rag before painting.


7. DIY Spray Paint Art

DIY Spray painted geometric wall art with white frames

When you feel like making some quick DIY wall art, spray paint and some painter’s tape is the way to go!

Geometric patterns and gold spray paint make for glamorous wall art but you can go crazy using stencils and other colors.


8. How To Make Faux Mercury Glass With Paint

DIY Faux mercury glass effect using spray paint on mason jar

Did you know you can use spray paint to create a mercury glass effect?

It’s very easy to achieve and even more: you can get a similar look with craft paint.


9. DIY Painted Lantern Lights

DIY Spray ombre painted lantern lights craft

Lantern lights sure make pretty decor and you can easily change their color with spray paint.

This craft uses two different spray paint colors although you can keep things simple and use just one. It will still look gorgeous!


10. DIY Mini Granite Pots

Spray Painted plant pots with granite effect craft

Spray paint is truly versatile! You can use a special granite effect spray paint to create some cool plant pots or any other container.

It comes in light and dark hues so you can play with both to make a cute collection of pots.


11. Champagne Truffles On The Half Shell

DIY Gold spray painted oyster shells

Serving truffles or another type of fancy dessert in golden oysters really makes for a glamorous festive table.

Spray painting oyster shells is the perfect beginner’s craft and the only prep you need is to soak them in a diluted bleach mix.


12. Cheap & Gorgeous Metallic Fall Wreath

DIY Metallic gold fall wreath using spray paint

You don’t need to go as far as making a wreath but spray painting faux pumpkins and gourds can still make lovely fall decor.

They can be used for a vignette or a mantel display along with other seasonal items if you’re up for some elegant fall decor.


13. Painted Faux House Plants

Geometric spray painted faux house plants craft with pastel colors

There are plenty of faux house plants that have a realistic look but what if that’s not what you’re aiming for?

Pastel colors with subtle geometric accents sure make for some quirky home decor!

This is a quick and fun spray painting project for beginners great for a relaxing afternoon.


14. How To Paint A Rug

DIY Spray painted rug with geometric pattern

Are you thinking about replacing an old rug or you have one tucked in a closet that’s collecting dust?

Make it look like new with spray paint!

You’ll have to be generous with the painter’s tape when mapping out your design which is the most time-consuming part of the project. Spray painting is the easy part, so enjoy!


15. How To Spray Paint Ceramic Items

Spray painted white ceramic vase with white flowers

By now you’ve surely realized there’s not much out there spray paint can’t stick to and ceramic items make no exception.

You may love the shape and size of a glazed ceramic item but not its color or design.

Spray paint lets you change that in 10 minutes from the comfort of your home!


16. DIY Graffiti Flower Vases

DIY Graffitti spray painted vases with bright flowers craft

Making these graffiti flower vases is a great way to play with leftover spray paint.

Feel free to mix and match colors as you’d like. These vibrant vases would make wonderful gifts as well!


17. How To Marble With Spray Paint

DIY Marbled vases using spray paint with tulips

Spray paint lets you be as creative as you’d like. Even marbling is possible with spray paint!

You’ll have to apply spray paint on the surface of cold water and quickly dip the item you want to paint and give it a twist.

It might take some experimenting but it’s the fun kind!


Furniture Spray Painting DIY Ideas

In these next 8 DIY spray painting ideas, discover ways to update or makeover furniture to give it a whole new look.

The benefit to spray paint is it’s quick and easy, making furniture projects completely doable!

18. How To Spray Paint Wood For A Professional Finish

DIY Entry table makeover using spray paint

Do you have an antique piece of furniture that needs a revamp? Spray paint is a quick way to bring it back to life.

Some preparation is involved although totally worth it.

This post also tackles the pros and cons of regular painting versus spray painting so you can choose the technique that works best for you.


19. How To Paint Metal Outdoor Furniture with Spray Paint

Spray paint metal patio furniture tutorial

This simple step-by-step tutorial will show you how easy it is to give your metal patio furniture a makeover with a few cans of spray paint!


20. How To Paint Wooden Chairs The Easy Way

Wooden chairs makeover using black spray paint

Give your old wooden chairs a makeover on the cheap with spray paint!

Unless you need to deal with peeling paint or a rough surface, you don’t need to sand the furniture. A thorough cleanup using a pre-paint cleaner is a good idea, though.


21. DIY Gradient Stripe Dresser

DIY Gradient stripe dresser makeover using spray paint

It’s amazing what you can do with some cans of spray paint, painter’s tape and a bit of imagination.

This dresser is from IKEA although you can use the same method on any wood surface. Whatever color palette you have in mind, I’m sure it will turn out awesome!


22. DIY Patio Chair Makeover

DIY Spray painted black patio chair makeover

Patio chairs are exposed to elements which means after a few years they can get a weathered look.

If you’re dealing with metallic parts, you can use anti-rust spray paint that guarantees a lasting and great looking finish!


23. How To Make Faux Stone Accent Tables With Spray Paint

DIY Faux stone effect on accent table using spray paint

Stone accent tables look amazing but they can be pretty expensive. Luckily, with stone textured spray paint you can transform an old table without too much effort.

It looks like the real deal, right?


24. 2 Beautiful Copper Spray Paint Makeovers

DIY Planter makeover using copper spray paint

Brass and mixed metallics have been trending for a while and if you’re looking to add some copper accents to your home on the cheap, spray paint will let you do that.

This post bundles two different things to spray paint: a worn outdoor table and a copper planter.

Spray painting ensures such a makeover is super easy and the results are flawless!


25. How To Spray Paint Metal Outdoor Furniture To Last A Long Time

Spray painted metal outdoor furniture tutorial

The main problem with painting outdoor items is making sure your paint job actually lasts.

For old and rusty metallic pieces, you will need to first remove as much rust as possible and apply a primer. Then, the spray painting fun can begin!


House Updates Using Spray Paint

Looking for quick and inexpensive ways to update your home fixtures?

These 9 easy spray paint projects will do just that!

26. Brass Fireplace Makeover With Spray Paint

Brass fireplace makeover with spray paint DIY

Does your fireplace seem like it doesn’t go well with the room (or your taste) anymore?

Here’s the good news: you can give it a nice and quick paint job with a special BBQ & stove spray paint so it can take the heat!


27. How To Update Outdoor Light Fixtures The Easy Way

Updated outdoor light fixture with black spray paint tutorial

The tricky bit about spray painting outdoor light fixtures is removal can be difficult.

Here’s a clever hack that lets you paint the fixture directly on the wall, without fear of over spraying.


28. The Easy Way To Paint A Ceiling Fan

DIY Ceiling fan makeover using white spray paint

Just like outdoor light fixtures, painting ceiling fans can be tough!

Luckily, there is a way to do it without having to take the fan down, which would require rewiring.


29. How To Paint Stairs Easily

How to paint stairs with spray paint in black and white

Painting stairs might seem intimidating, which is not the case when using the proper tools.

A paint sprayer tool for was used for this project, which is brilliant because you can reuse it for other projects too.

The black and white look is perfect if your home has mostly neutral colors.


30. How To Spray Paint Door Knobs

How to spray paint door knobs tutorial

What can you do when your door knobs look old or outdated other than give them a quick paint job?

Spray paint makes for a cheap makeover and no need to worry about their texture. They have a smooth feel just like bronze colored knobs!


31. Spray Painting Door Knobs (with 5 Year Review!)

Spray painting door knobs tutorial with matte silver finish

Don’t spend a fortune replacing a full house of door knobs when you can just spray paint them!

And this post lets you know how well they’ve held up too.


32. Simple Mailbox Makeover For Under $10

Easy mailbox makeover using yellow spray paint

Speaking of outdoor items, the mailbox is another one that gets no mercy from Mother Nature.

Giving it a makeover is a great way to add some curb appeal to your home.

Simply line it with some vibrant patterned paper, apply wooden letters on the front of the mailbox and give it a quick spray paint in your favorite color.


33. Painted Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to paint kitchen cabinet hardware using spray paint

Hardware is expensive – use this tutorial to save some serious cash while still updating your cabinets like crazy!


34. Updated Vent Covers with Spray Paint

Update vent covers with black spray paint tutorial

Vents are throughout your entire house, so give them a fresh look with a simple coat of spray paint!


So, which of these spray paint crafts or projects is calling your name?

I love to find things to spray paint when I’m doing room makeovers because it’s so cost effective!

Be sure to consider the question, “can that be spray painted?” before getting rid of any decor, furniture or fixtures in your next project. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions!



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