Shiplap Wall Ideas for the Farmhouse Look!

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Use these 5 creative ideas to add a simple and beautiful farmhouse flair to your home! These shiplap wall ideas and more are easy to install and beautiful to look at!

In case you couldn’t tell, I love the look of shiplap in a home.

There’s been a massive trend towards the look over the last few years, and while it’s “trendy” right now, I honestly don’t think it’ll ever go out of style. There’s just something about the classic beauty in the horizontal lines and detail that will always be appealing on a design level.

A little history lesson for you: Real shiplap originated as an alternative to sheet rock and was used primarily to provide a wall surface for wallpaper. In fact, it wasn’t designed to be exposed and admired at all. Kind of like when the trend was to install wall-to-wall carpet over beautiful hardwood flooring and then now we’re removing all that carpet to rediscover the beauty in the wood. Interior design trends, like any trend, go through cycles, and I personally love the shiplap scene we’re part of right now.

So, I thought it would be fun to share with you 5 creative ways shiplap can be added to YOUR home, including three awesome shiplap wall ideas even renters can try! Be sure to let me know if you try any of them, and have fun!


Shiplap Wall Ideas

Shiplap Wallpaper

Umm, say hello to the best invention ever! This shiplap wallpaper from Target is an awesome way to add easily removable shiplap to your home. As a renter, it opens up all sorts of options – like even the wainscoting or kitchen island ideas mentioned below! I may have to get some of this and give it a shot. I love the idea!


Shiplap Wainscoting

Ok, is it just me or is this master bathroom from Rhiannon over at Rhiannon Lawson Blog not the most fabulous use of shiplap wainscoting?? I am in love! Not only did she add style and dimension with the shiplap, but the patterned wallpaper on the top half of the wall adds a whole other dimension that makes me want to just sit and stare. 😉

We did shiplap wainscoting in our dining room makeover, and she gave me some serious inspiration.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room with Stools

Other Creative Shiplap Ideas

Shiplap Headboard

Creative shiplap wall ideas and more - like a shiplap headboard!

I love this shiplap bed by Selena over at Middle Sister Design! This is a great option for someone renting that wants the shiplap feel in their home but can’t physically install shiplap. Plus, you can take it with you when you move!

Not exactly the same, but we installed a shiplap accent wall behind our headboard and bed in our master bedroom, and I love it too. 😉

Small room ideas for how to make a small room look bigger.


Shiplap Kitchen Island

Creative shiplap wall ideas and more - like a shiplap island!

I love the look of the shiplap’s horizontal lines on the back-side of a kitchen island. It adds style to a place that’s typically overlooked! This shot is from Chelsea’s kitchen as shared by her friend Shayna from the Wood Grain Cottage. If you’ve never been over to Wood Grain Cottage and toured Shayna’s home, you’re missing out. Her home is stunning – and I actually got my idea for our open hutch from her dining room! S

Framed Shiplap Wall Art

Creative shiplap wall ideas and more - like framed shiplap wall art!

Why not frame some shiplap and hang it on the wall like art? I love this idea from Misty at MisDIY blog. As a renter, this is another fabulous way to get the “farmhouse shiplap” look without it being permanent. The other cool thing about this is you can make it as big or small as you want! Could be large on a wall like this or small enough to rest on your mantel as a backdrop to the rest of your decor.

Now that you’ve seen my ideas, are you jumping on the shiplap wagon anytime soon?? Give these shiplap wall ideas or even the furniture and art ideas a try! Let me know if you do!!





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