5 Friday Favorites – A New Email Course

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Happy Friday! Are you excited to see what I’ve rounded up for you all this week?? We’ve had a busy week – getting back into the groove of things after the holidays, plus prepping for the roll-out of my new email course “How to Redecorate your Home for Free” that will be open for enrollment starting THIS WEEKEND! There have been many, many hours put into the development of this course and I am really hoping it will enable people to feel like they can have the home they want without spending a ton of money! To say I’m proud would be an understatement. 😉

Oh, and enrollment opens early for my email subscribers, so if you want to be one of the first to sign up, click here to subscribe. I’ll be sending out a special email to my followers early tomorrow morning, I’d love to see you there! Otherwise, be on the lookout for it on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. I hope you enjoy my 5 favorites this week!

1. Cinnamon Tea

Most people that know me know that I am an avid coffee drinker. But, there are occasions where hot tea sounds really good to me. Like when I’m freezing cold and just want something to warm me up! Recently, I discovered the most amazing black tea from Harney & Sons! I first tried it at our local coffee drive-thru and have been HOOKED on it lately. There’s something so warm and cozy about the cinnamon and orange flavors together… And you know it’s gotta be good if a coffee lover likes it! 😉

2. Fires

I’m all about the having a cozy home this winter, and a fire is definitely at the top of my cozy list! Our home has a beautiful, round, wood-burning fireplace so Chris has been kind enough to build me fires at least a few times a week. They make lounging in the family room so comfortable! And my kids LOVE these colored pine cones that burn in the fire and make the flame turn cool colors!

3. Black Metal Stools

I love metal, stackable stools for bar seating! That have the perfect touch of modern and a bit of farmhouse style all wrapped into a cute seat. We had silver ones in our prior house, and I purchased these black ones for our back deck this summer. Recently, we removed the bench seat on the back side of our kitchen peninsula so we’ve had these stools along there for extra seating and lots of our guests have asked about them. I kind like them there, so we’ll see what happens this summer when it’s nice out on the deck again… 😉

4. Exercise

I took a bit of a break from working out over the holidays, but I’ve been back at it again since the beginning of the year! Twice a week I meet a friend at the university parking garage where we run 45 flights of stairs and a mile jog before we start our day. It feels SO GOOD to get moving again – I highly encourage you to try it! Oh, and my favorite running shorts are these, in case you need a pair.

5. Pork Carnitas 

Ok, so there’s this restaurant that opened in our town this year called Tacovino that has THE BEST carnitas tacos. I mean, I could seriously eat their tacos all day every day and never get sick of them! I even tried my to recreate them at home this week by making crockpot carnitas and buying all the same ingredients… They turned out pretty good, although I really missed their homemade corn tortillas. If you’re ever in the Willamette Valley looking for good food, you’ve got to check them out!

Well friends, I’m off to wrap up all of my course details – have a wonderful day.






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