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The Best Farmhouse Paint Colors for Home Interiors

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Want to transform your home into a beautiful farmhouse with loads of fixer-upper style? These farmhouse paint colors for home interiors are a wonderful, and low-cost, way to do so!

We’ve done a lot of painting since we purchased our first home (7 year ago!) and in the process of updating both that house and our current house, we’ve discovered some fantastic farmhouse paint colors.

In today’s post I’m going to share with you the 8 top paints (including one stain) that we’ve used in our homes, as well as some tips for picking the perfect farmhouse interior colors for your home!


What Makes them Farmhouse Colors

Ever wondered, “what colors are farmhouse?” If you’re reading this post, then I’m guessing you have! I’ve seen and worked on a lot of farmhouse style interiors, and from all of the trends I’ve seen, the best farmhouse wall colors are subdued neutrals.

Think about what colors you’d see in nature – white, black, grey, green, brown, blue – and then lighten them down a bit to get to the farmhouse style.

You’ll find that the modern farmhouse paint colors may be less muted – because modern styles like to add high contrast. And the rustic farmhouse paint colors might include more of the warm tones, like reds or yellows.

But in most cases, the best farmhouse paint colors are muted neutrals.

Farmhouse Paint Colors Fixer Upper Style

One of the biggest contributors to the recent farmhouse style trend is Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. Her ability to choose lovely, rustic colors that also felt sophisticated and classy made everyone who watched the show want to go straight to the store and buy some paint!

I’m a huge fan of her farmhouse painting ideas and her Magnolia paint line is a great resource for finding farmhouse paint.

If you like her colors but would rather purchase your paint at Home Depot, check out this post for color matches from her Magnolia paint line to some farmhouse paint colors Behr makes.

Our Favorite Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors

1. Aged Beige by Behr

Aged Beige is my favorite mix between grey and beige (aka “greige”) and looks fabulous in any setting. We painted the majority of our last house in this color and have it throughout our entire main living space at our current home.

My favorite part about this farmhouse paint color is its ability to add depth without feeling heavy. It’s the perfect, soft touch of warm color.

Here it is in our family room:

White couch and grey piano in spring living room tour.

I’d vote it the perfect farmhouse living room paint color in a heart beat.

And here’s where we had it in the entryway before we redid the dining room:

2. Bayberry Frost by Behr

Bayberry Frost is the color we chose for the shiplap in our guest bathroom.

Every time I post a picture of that bathroom on Instagram I get tons of questions about the wall color. It definitely feels much more muted in person (less green.)

As you can see in this picture it’s almost a grey when it’s painted on the walls:

Modern rustic bathroom after a room makeover.

I think it’s the perfect farmhouse bathroom paint color and would also be beautiful in a bedroom or kitchen.

3. Little Black Dress by Behr

When we did our dining room makeover last spring, I took home a bunch of black paint samples and this was the one we ended up using.

While black isn’t typically thought of as a farmhouse paint color, it is one of the primary colors in a modern farmhouse color palette. So why not paint it on the walls?!

One of my favorite things about this black farmhouse paint color is that it can look navy in the right light. I wanted something that had a blue undertone to go with all the blue colors in our home and this one is perfect!

Here it is in our entryway:

Black Paint and Pink Door in Dining Room

And opposite that wall in the dining room:

High Contrast Dining Room

We also painted the back side of our hutch this color to give it some depth and let the white dishes pop!

Farmhouse kitchen with built in hutch and bread box hiding a charging station diy.

4. Natural Linen by Glidden

I first saw this color in a nursery on Pinterest and have since painted both my son’s and my room in it. Both this and the Aged Beige are great farmhouse bedroom paint colors if you’re wanting something neutral in your room.

It’s got more of a brown undertone than the Aged Beige and looks great with greens. Also, you can still buy this color in the Behr paint, you just have to ask for a color match.

Blanket ladder leaned against a wall with a basket of blankets next to it.

Use this color in a room with greens and browns.

5. Polar Bear by Behr

While bright, pure white is definitely a farmhouse staple, and we’ve used it in our master bath and kitchen, I found that in some spaces I much prefer a bright white with a warm feel to it. And that’s exactly what Polar Bear gives you.

It’s close enough to white that no on would ever mistake it for cream, but it has a tiny bit of warmth to it making it a great farmhouse living room color!

I have it as the primary wall color in my she-shed:

Crystal wall sconces as statement light fixtures in a home office.

If you’re looking for a pretty white in your living room, add this to your list of farmhouse living room colors to get samples of. I’m betting you’ll love it.

6. Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams

I’ve seen other designers use this color a lot, so we gave it a shot in our master bathroom makeover last October.

We used it on the door and window, and I LOVE IT. It’s definitely not black, more of a very dark, charcoal grey. It gives the illusion of black without being harsh. And now I’m a huge fan of black windows and doors with white trim!


7. Sunken Pool by Behr

When we did the she-shed makeover, I knew I wanted a blue ceiling to mimic the look of the haint blue porch ceilings in the south.

We bought many samples and eventually settled on this lovely farmhouse blue paint. I absolutely LOVE the color of blue it is – it’s bright enough but not super overwhelming.

Blue ceiling and crystal chandelier in she shed home office.

I’d recommend it as an accent color in your farmhouse color scheme.

She shed home office with blue ceiling and coffee bar.

8. Early American by Minwax

This is our go-to stain color throughout our home.

We’ve used in on just about every wood item you’ll find in our home – our mantel, hutch, guest bathroom vanity top and shelves, master bathroom shelves, and more.

Charging station diy project sitting in built in hutch.

I like that it is a warm colored stain with a slightly grey undertone. Goes great with just about all neutral colors, which is perfect for the farmhouse color palette.

There they are, our 8 favorite modern farmhouse paint colors and stain!

If you’re like me, and prefer lists, here you go:

8 Best Farmhouse Paint Colors

  • Aged Beige by Behr
  • Bayberry Frost by Behr
  • Little Black Dress by Behr
  • Natural Linen by Glidden
  • Polar Bear by Behr
  • Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams
  • Sunken Pool by Behr
  • Early American by Minwax

As far as the type of paint we get, we typically buy the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint from Home Depot and have been super happy with it.

I also put together a fun little quick-reference guide for you in regards to which paint sheen to buy when you’re getting paint for your home (did you even know you’re supposed to buy a shinier paint for rooms with more moisture??) so be sure to click here or the link below to get your copy!

I would love to see if you decide to use any of these colors in your home! Let me know your favorite farmhouse paint colors in the comments? πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



28 thoughts on “The Best Farmhouse Paint Colors for Home Interiors”

  1. I would recommend doing the walls white as well to let the tile be the color that shines! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there, I love your post. We just bought a home and are in the process of picking out paint. I really like your choices. I have one conundrum I hope you can help with. My bathroom is done in the pink tiles. I really like the pink but don’t know what color to paint the upper walls. The vanity and trim are white, but will be painting the trim as well. I really hope you can help!
    Thank you for your help and time.
    Best Mary

  3. Behr Watery is beautiful, although an entire space painted that way would feel more nautical or beachy than farmhouse to me. You might try a more neutral beige or gray and then use that one as an accent color!

  4. Hello! The way my living room and kitchen are laid out I’d need the same color for each. Would you recommend Behr Watery for a farmhouse look?

  5. It’s an older color, so you can just ask for it. It won’t likely be in any of their color books because those are only the newer ones. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,

    Love this aged beige aka: ” greige” you mentioned above and picked up a color book from home depot did they actually change the name of that paint cause I have that exact color in this color tab book or is that a totally separate color all together and just ask for aged beige? Thank you

  7. OMGosh! I can finally see how my home wants to look. I have been hitting a brick wall for a while.
    Iron ore!!!! I love it and I LOVE your bathroom, especially your shower doors. I have never seen that before.
    Thank you so much for sharing your creative world with us. You have fabulous taste.

  8. Aww, thank you so much! For all of the shiplap in our home we’ve used the Behr Ultra White (with no color additives.) πŸ™‚

  9. What is the white color in the dining room kitchen area paired with the black? Really love your home! It’s beautiful.

  10. Hello! I’m looking for what Behr paint you would use in replacement of Magnolias Brave and Bold? I’ve used your suggestions for City of bridges, glacier Valley and weathered windmill and I’ve absolutely loved the results!

  11. Love it! We did a matte sheen – I didn’t want it to have any shine… If you’re using it on a lower wall, there is a higher chance of scuffs with the matte, but we were willing to risk it. πŸ˜‰

  12. I love Polar Bear for the ceiling (in a flat or matte sheen) and Pure White for the trim (in semi-gloss)! πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks for your tips with paint as it can be super overwhelming! Would you recommend Polar Bear or Pure White for trim & ceilings?

  14. Hi! Great post. Love Behr paint. It always goes on so smooth! What color do you use for your white trim?

  15. Thanks Andrea! We use the Behr Pure Ultra White (with no added colors) in a Flat sheen on the ceilings. πŸ™‚

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