About Chris & Rachel Joy

Welcome, friend! 

We are so glad you’re here.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You want a nicely styled home, but don’t have much money to decorate.
  • You’re tired of the way your house looks, but get overwhelmed at the thought of all it would take to change it.
  • You want to transform your home using low-cost DIY options, but you have no idea where to start.

We’ve been there too! When we bought our first home in 2012, it was a basic, builder-grade home with old flooring and dirty-looking cream paint on every wall. We had both just graduated from college, and with the cost of a new mortgage on top of our student loans, we didn’t have very much “extra cash” to use towards fixing up our house.

But our passion for having a home we loved told us we needed to do SOMETHING. So we slowly worked our way through each room in the house – coming up with low-cost, DIY projects that increased the style but didn’t put us into a bunch of debt. When we sold the house four years later, it was a beautiful home filled with style!

Now, after fixing up our second home and helping people every month transform their homes on a tight budget, we’ve decided to share our wealth of knowledge and creative decorating solutions with you here, on Joyful Derivatives!

Over the last 10 years, we’ve spent countless hours developing a deep understanding of how to effectively DIY a home transformation, and we can’t wait to teach you all of our tricks.

No matter what your circumstances are, you deserve to love your home.

We want you to feel good every time you walk into your home.

We want you to welcome your guests into a home you love and are proud of.

We want you to discover simple ways to love your home and help you get past the point of feeling overwhelmed by everything that “needs” to be done.


We are Chris and Rachel Joy, a husband and wife duo that teach non-designers simple and affordable ways to create a home they love.

We specialize in DIY-focused designs that allow you to achieve a high-end and stylish home at a fraction of the cost.

Our passion is to help you affordably create a home that you love to spend time in and are proud to share with others.

As a team, we love to be creative. We love to imagine, design and make things.

We love to take an old piece of junk and make it into a treasure.

We love to see something we want and recreate it with our own special touch.

We love to make gifts for other people.

We love putting together a tablescape that makes people want to linger at the table.

We love hosting just about ANYTHING at our house – this includes showers, parties, house church, school reading nights, and family gatherings.


This blog as a place for us to share all of our creative adventures with you, and in the process, inspire YOU, our readers, to be creative.

We want our home projects to motivate you to change the things you don’t like about your home. We want our tutorials to enable you to make new things. We want our entertaining tips to empower you and our dialogues to bring you joy.

What you’ll find on our blog is a mix of…

  • Simple Decorating Tips and Tricks
  • Budget-friendly Decor Recommendations
  • DIY Projects and Tutorials
  • Hosting and Event Planning Tips and Inspiration

In other words, you’ll find everything YOU need to create a home you love at a price you can afford.

We publish fresh content to our blog 2 days per week – typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  1. We are firm believers in the life-saving grace of Jesus Christ
  2. We have been married for almost 8 years
  3. We have two wonderful kids – Andrew is 5 and loves his LEGOs, Chloe is 3 and loves her baby dolls
  4. We’ve both lived in Oregon most of our lives
  5. Chris is a Mechanical Engineer by trade
  6. We have a rescue dog named Dahlia
  7. We are major foodies
  8. If it were up to Rachel, every light in the house would always be on. If it were up to Chris, we’d have lights that automatically shut off so he wouldn’t have to follow her around turning them all off… 😉