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Backyard Patio One Room Challenge Week 1 – The Before

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Woo-hoo!! I’m so excited to be participating as a guest in another season of the One Room Challenge (ORC)!

If you’re new to the ORC, it’s a semi-annual event hosted by Linda from Calling it Home and Better Homes & Gardens that gives an opportunity for bloggers from all over to support each other through a space makeover during a 6-8 week period.

Not only do we take you along on the project and our entire process, but we also link up to the ORC page so everyone can follow along and support all the other projects!

It’s a wonderful time of design, DIY, support and encouragement.

If you haven’t seen our room makeovers from the previous seasons, I’d encourage you to go do that first!

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Now, back to this season’s project – our backyard patio!

We moved in about 4 years ago and our lot is just under half an acre, which gives us a lovely, and LARGE, backyard.

The first year we were here we gave the existing deck a major makeover and we’ve used that space immensely over the last few summers.

But, there is this large section of grass next to the deck that has always seemed to be wasted.

It’s somewhat secluded and a small enough patch of grass that no one would ever go and hang out in that area of the yard.

So last summer we decided to kill the grass in that area in preperation for this spring’s big project – installing a gravel patio!

I’m sure you’re wondering – why gravel?

Well, this area of the backyard also happens to be where our septic tank is located…

Which means we can’t put anything permanent like concrete here because it would make replacing that tank a NIGHTMARE in the future.

Thus, a simple, but awesome gravel patio it’s going to be!

Here’s a look at that awkward space as of now:

I took this picture from the front end of our deck and you can see how this section is tucked back in the corner with absolutely no purpose right now.

The patio will be about 12ft x 20ft , taking up most of this section next to the tree line:

In addition to installing the patio, we’ll be doing a TON of the landscaping in this area too.

One thing I’ve been wishing we had in this backyard is a cozy, secluded space that feels like we’re in the middle of nature.

Our deck is very much an entertaining space – with lights, tons of furniture, and a bright white pergola frame – but it just isn’t the same as somewhere peaceful to go sit in the trees and listen to the birds.

Which is why I’m so excited to turn this little corner of our property into that type of oasis!

Ah, I have so many neat plans for this space and I can’t wait to share them with you and take you along as we bring them to fruition!!

Head back next Thursday for all the plan details, including my mood board and our mini-project task list.

And be sure to head here and check out all the other guest participants’ projects – I’m sure you’ll find at least a few you’ll want to follow for the season!



7 thoughts on “Backyard Patio One Room Challenge Week 1 – The Before”

  1. Please, everyone, learn about native gardening in your area, your local Extension Service can help you with this. Gardening with all natives will encourage the native animals, butterflies, bugs/insects, birds, and everything native to your area to return. You will help flora and fauna from going extinct, reverse global warming, etc. By ridding the alien grass you will eliminate the need to mow and not add chemical fertilizers, and please do not use any pesticides. It is the newest growing trend and more and more people, and communities, are accepting this better way to landscape. If you search, you will likely find several plant nurseries providing Native plants for your area. Thank you

  2. How exciting! I love the idea of doing an outdoor space. Ours need it desperately. I’ll live vicariously through you!

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