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Backyard Makeover Chronicles – Paint, Lights and Some Rearranging

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Happy Monday, and happy summer! We’ve had a major heat wave here in Oregon (I’m talking about 10 days straight over 95 degrees!) and while it makes for hot working weather, it is definitely inspiring me to get our back deck makeover complete so we can enjoy it all summer long!! The project is coming along nicely and as each part gets installed or completed it gets even more cozier and functional. If you’re just joining us, you can read about the green chair makeovers here and the initial demo and design change here.

In the last few weeks we’ve (just about) finished painting the surrounding pergola structure, hung some string lights around the perimeter and rearranged the furniture to cater to the sun/shade situation.

Here are a few pictures of  our progress so far:


deck makeover


deck makeover

We added the lattice to this side of the deck after we built out the corner to mirror the original lattice on the other side. This gives the space an outdoor “room” feel and takes away from the less-than-appealing view of the gravel, sandbox and shed.



We chose to move the dining set to this side of the deck because the sun sets on this side. After keeping track of the sun’s location for a few days we realized that having the table here next to these simple, pull-down sun shades along the lattice allows us to be in the shade (and much more comfortable!) during the dinner time hours.

It’s definitely coming along! I love the style you get with the addition of flowers and plants, and the ambiance of string lights at dusk is my favorite!

Here are a few more shots from different angles…

deck makeover

deck makeover

deck makeover

deck makeover

deck makeover

deck makeover

deck makeover

I’m not sharing any photos with the lights on just yet – we have a minor design change we want to make to them first – but I’ll be sure to include those in my next deck update.

Still to come is that small light change, finishing up the last few bits of white pergola painting, painting the deck floor a light gray, installing the gutter and building the concrete counter top! Not too much, actually! Ah! Can’t wait! We have two weekends of friends coming to camp and hang in our backyard at the end of July, so hoping we can be close to done by then.

Thanks again for following along on this crazy DIY, home renovation, decorating adventure we call life! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 🙂




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