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Blush Décor Ideas for Valentine Decorations + Free Printables

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Come tour our living room decorated with simple blush decor for Valentine’s Day. I’m giving you 5 easy valentine decorations ideas and some free printable Valentine’s Day art!

This post was originally published on January 18, 2019 and has since been updated to include sources and additional free printables.

Ready to learn how to decorate for Valentine’s Day in a stylish and affordable way?!

To be honest, I’ve never really decorated for this holiday, mostly because red definitely isn’t one of the go-to colors for my home décor, but for some reason I was feeling festive this year.

PLUS, I’m addicted to blush colors right now… I mean, they’re so soft and romantic – makes me want to snuggle in and get cozy.

And what better way to incorporate them into my home than during the Valentine’s Day season when pink is all over the place?!

One of my biggest struggles with Valentine’s Day décor has always been its tendency to be gaudy or tacky…

I work hard to make my home classy and stylish, so I wanted to find a way to add some Valentine’s Day flair without contradicting that style.

Adding some simple blush colored elements gave me just that.

As you’ll see below, I added just a few simple blush décor items into my home décor and I was pleasantly surprised by the festive feeling it adds to our home. 🙂

Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, I would encourage you to try one, a few, or all of these and just simply celebrate LOVE this season in your home!

Ideas for Valentine Decorations with Blush Décor

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day family room accented with blush décor. 🙂

I swapped out the mantel decor for a mixture of black, white and blush items.

The piano got some new decor too!


I love the faux dahlias!

I really like how the linear dimension of the frames contrasts with the round fireplace…

You can grab the free watercolor “love” printable by subscribing below.

5 Valentine Decorations Ideas

1. Blush Throw Pillows

Like I said before, pink rarely appears in my home décor, so I chose to purchase just a few $7 pillow covers to simply cover pillow inserts I already owned.

These can easily be stored and pulled out each year when I decide I want to put pink back into my décor!

Honestly, I love these covers so much I may just leave them out through spring and summer… They’ve got this amazing texture to them them that reminds me of tweed!

2. Blush Flowers

I got these blush dahlias at Michael’s this week for 40% off. Only $9 for the entire bouquet and I love how they sit in our white pitcher from Ikea. So romantic!

We already had the “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS” sign and I thought it was an appropriate phrase for the season. 🙂

BTW – Pillows on the hearth is like my favorite thing. I’ll ALWAYS have pillows in that corner. 😉


3. Blush Heart Stick Arrangement

Most likely you’ve got some sort of twig or branch arrangement in your home.

If not, you’ve probably got some twigs lying around your backyard that you can gather up like I did! 😉

Update your arrangement by hot-gluing a few paper or foam hearts on the branches for a festive, but classy, bouquet.


4. Framed Blush Valentine’s Day Print

While I love making framed prints out of dollar store gift bags, I decided it would be fun to design my own Valentine’s Day inspired blush printables this year!

The “love.” print on our mantel is one of the three I designed. 🙂

The printable watercolor art turned out really pretty.

I’d love for you to download and print one of my blush prints! Just click here or the enter your email below to get them sent directly to your inbox! (If you’re already a subscriber, you can access them in my free printables library. Just check your email for the password. 🙂 )

It’s as easy as printing out one you like, framing it (Dollar Tree sells decent frames for this type of thing!) and displaying it somewhere in your home.

You could replace a frame in one of your galleries, prop it up on a shelf or mantel, or even hang it in a new spot.

5. Blush Heart Wrapped Mason Jars

I chose to wrap my mason jars in dollar store doilies, paper hearts and baker’s twine.

Simply layer the doily and heart on the front of the jar and wrap the twine around 3-4 times before tying off.

Other ideas for mason jars would be painting them with a blush colored chalk paint, covering them in glitter or simply tying blush ribbon around the top.

Sources for our Valentine Decorations

So, what do you think?? Are you going to try adding some tasteful pops of blush throughout your home this season?

I promise, you’re going to fall in love with it as much as I have… 😉

I hope these valentine decorations ideas are helpful!



4 thoughts on “Blush Décor Ideas for Valentine Decorations + Free Printables”

  1. Hi Kim – this was an older family piano I had professionally painted! I believe they painted it with a pale grey chalk paint, washed it with some white and then sealed it with an antique glaze.

  2. Hi Joan! Getting the farmhouse look is quite simple! It’s comprised of mostly neutrals (black, white, cream, gray) with wood and greenery elements. If you don’t want to replace your dark furniture but would like a lighter, brighter version of the farmhouse looks I would recommend light-colored slipcovers for upholstered pieces and painting the dark wood pieces a lighter color. That being said, I don’t think it’s impossible to have the farmhouse look with dark furniture, it just takes more light colors elsewhere – like the wall, pillows and art. I hope this helps, but if you’d like more details, feel free to email me at and we can see about working together one-on-one! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hey Rachel! This is not a comment but , a question. Want the farmhouse look but, I have dark furniture and content to buy new furniture. How do I get the look?

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