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Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Flair to your 4th of July Party

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Looking to throw a classy 4th of July party for your friends and family this year? Try a few of these ideas to add some sophisticated red, white and blue flair to you event. These decorating ideas show your patriotic respect while still keeping your party feeling fancy and fun.

I love 4th of July parties because they are the kick-off to summer.

There’s finally decent weather, everyone’s dying to break out the BBQ, and outdoor games are being unpacked!

Plus, I just love outdoor parties. Something so fun about entertaining outside!

One of my biggest struggles with holiday parties is how easy it is for the decor to get too over-the-top or gaudy…

There’s SO many ideas for how to decorate for a backyard 4th of July BBQ, but most of them are overwhelmingly patriotic!

And as I’m sure you’ve seen in the parties I’ve shared here and here, I like things to stay classy. 🙂

So I figured I’d share with you a few ways I would decorate for a 4th of July party while still keeping it sophisticated.

Enjoy, my friends!

How to Make your 4th of July Party Classy

  • Keep it Simple – don’t add too much!
  • Add some Formality – go for high-quality products like paper plates and silverware!
  • Be Intentional – make your guests feel special!

5 Classy Decorating Ideas for your 4th of July Party


Bunting is an easy way to add stylish patriotic flair to your party, but be sure to use it sparingly.

I’d stick to just one banner or flag to keep it from getting to be too much.

Try a pom-pom garland over a food table, a casual drape on your fence or a few large flags on your porch railing.

[image source]

[image source]

[image source]


A fun way to add some red, white and blue colors to your food table is with the food itself!

Come up with creative ways to display your snacks like a flag fruit tray, angel food cake skewers and chocolate dipped strawberries with colored sprinkles!

[image source]

[image source]

[image source]


Throw pillows are seriously my favorite way to add a pop of something – whether that a color or a theme – to a space.

Get some patriotic throw pillows and place them throughout your entertaining area for some classy, vibrant, 4th of July flair.

[image source]

[image source]

[image source]


Flags are obviously the key patriotic decorating element, but when used all over the place, they can become extremely busy.

Don’t shy away from using a few, but when I say a few, I mean no more than 5-6.

Try staking some into the edge of your yard, placing a few in an ironstone pitcher, or sticking some in with your floral centerpiece.

[image source]

[image source]

[image source]


Fresh flowers are a one of my go-to’s when it comes to decorating a party – especially one with a food table.

If you’re going to be purchasing and putting out bouquets of flowers anyway, why not be purposeful with them and make them an element of red, white and blue flair?

Try red and white flowers in a blue vase, white flowers in a vase with colored ribbon, or simply red, white and blue flowers in clear jars.

[image source]

[image source]

[image source]

See how easy it is to make your 4th of July party classy?

Remember the keys to a classy party – keep it simple, formal and intentional.

Do those three things while adding a touch of sophisticated, patriotic flair and your party will be one your friends and family remember for years to come!



4 thoughts on “Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Flair to your 4th of July Party”

  1. Great ideas but an American flag is never supposed to touch the ground. Might want to rethink that one if your trying to be patriotic. I’m sure you just didn’t know that.

  2. Great! So glad they’re helpful! Share your party pics with me by email or tag me on social media @joyfulderivatives. 🙂

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