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Simple & Cozy Living Room Ideas on a Budget for Winter

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It’s important to add warmth and comfort to your home during the cold winter months. These 8 simple and cozy living room ideas on a budget will help you turn your home into a cozy retreat you’ll never want to leave without breaking the bank!

There’s something completely cozy about a home decorated for Christmas – the greenery, the lights, the warm colors.

Pair that with the warmth, laughter and delicious smells of home-cooked food and it’s a comfort that’s hard to beat.

But what about after the holidays, when the festive decor gets packed away and there are at least two cold months of winter left to endure?

How do you help your home keep that warm and cozy feeling all winter long?

These are my favorite simple ways to make your home so cozy this winter that your family and friends won’t be able to resist snuggling in and staying awhile. 🙂


8 Cheap and Easy Cozy Living Room Ideas

1. Light a Fire

The soft glow and flicker of a flame add more than just physical warmth to a space.

Put a few soft pillows and a throw on your hearth to encourage sitting near the flame.

Faux fur pillow and a blanket atop a fireplace hearth for a cozy home in winter.

Don’t have a real fireplace? Try building a faux and filling it with pillar candles.

Or, just simply light a few candles in a tray on top of your coffee table.

2. Put Blankets on Display

Blankets that are laid out and easily accessible encourage people to snuggle in and get comfortable.

Faux fur blanket draped on a white couch for a cozy home in winter.

In addition to the traditional placement options, like draping or folding them on the furniture, try leaving blankets out in a basket or on a ladder.

3. Soften the Lighting

The soft glow of dim lights creates an intimate, romantic feel.

Try hanging string lights, placing lanterns on the floor, or simply lighting the room with few small lamps rather than bright, overhead lights.

4. Add Soft Textures

Soft textures (for example: knits, velvet, shag and fur) add a instant comfort to a space.

I mean, what’s cozier than a throw that reminds you of your favorite, comfy sweater or a pillow that’s so soft you can’t resist petting it?

Faux or not, fur’s soft quality adds instant luxury to a room.

I’d encourage you to try it in a throw, rug or even decor!

Bright white living room with soft textures for a cozy home in winter.


5. Hang Fabric Curtains or Drapes

If you don’t have them already, hang floor-to-ceiling fabric drapes around your windows.

The softness of the fabric will warm up the space and accentuate the light from the windows making the room feel more homey.

If you have a canopy bed or reading nook, try draping extra-long fabric curtains around the bed or nook to achieve an effortless, casual style that makes you want to snuggle in all day!

6. Add Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are designed for making the floors a comfortable spot to lounge – put a few around the room to suggest people take a seat and stay awhile.

White floor pillows on a cream shag rug in a cozy home for winter.

7. Layer a Few Rugs

The feeling of rugs underfoot is extremely cozy, so why not get double the comfort by layering them?

I’d encourage you to layer two different textures, like a cowhide or shag over a natural fiber jute or sisal, in similar colors or layer matching textures with corresponding colors.

Layered faux fur rug atop a shag rug in a cozy home.

8. Light a Familiar Scent

Even more than just the warm flame, the scent of a candle can evoke deep feelings of comfort.

Light a candle with a familiar scent and turn your home into a cozy retreat!

Now, let’s review in list form, since that’s my favorite. 😉

Ways to Make your Living Room Cozy

  • Light a Fire
  • Put Blankets on Display
  • Soften the Lighting
  • Add Soft Textures
  • Hang Fabric Curtains or Drapes
  • Add Floor Cushions
  • Layer a Few Rugs
  • Light a Familiar Scent

I’d encourage you to give a few of these a try this winter!

What’s your favorite way to cozy up your home during the cold? Share with me in the comments! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Simple & Cozy Living Room Ideas on a Budget for Winter”

  1. Really good ideas. Might go for some over-sized pillows on the floor and a fuzzy blanket on the sofa. Our living room is quite small and has our china cabinet in it. The pillows would help with some of the family that prefers the floor.

    By the way, our Son, Tyler loved his bbq apron from Amazon that you suggested in your gifts for under $50.

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