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26 Creative DIY Drop Cloth Projects

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DIY something fun with your cheap drop cloths using one of these super creative drop cloth projects!

Looking for gorgeous drop cloth project ideas? You’re in the right place!

Drop cloth is such a wonderful material. It’s durable, inexpensive, and easy to find. It also has a light neutral color you can easily paint or dye. You can even apply vinyl to it with a cutting machine like the Cricut.

26 Easy Drop Cloth Project Ideas

Some of these drop cloth DIYs are super easy and that means you should have no trouble even if you’re not an experienced crafter.

Among the many uses of drop cloth, you will notice this fabric is excellent for making curtains, slipcovers, and pillows, but there are plenty more ways to use it!

1. Make Your Own Drop Cloth Banner

Using a Silhouette or Cricut machine, you can make some cute banners for your garden, backyard, or porch. Obviously, you can create a banner for any occasion or season!


2. DIY Cabinet Curtains

Adding curtains to a cabinet with open shelves doesn’t just look beautiful. It’s also a practical way to protect the stored items from dust.

Making these curtains is a breeze if you know your way around a sewing machine.


3. DIY Gathered Bed Skirt From A Drop Cloth

Here’s another gorgeous and easy sewing tutorial. Giving your bedroom a refresh doesn’t have to be expensive. A gathered bed skirt such as this one will add some rustic charm in an instant.


4. DIY Drop Cloth Teepee

Any kid would get excited to receive a teepee as a birthday present! If the ready-made options seem like they’re not worth the price, you can go down the frugal route.

This teepee project is inexpensive and doesn’t require any sewing. It’s perfect, right?


5. DIY Hanging Wall Organizer

If there’s one thing that can help you declutter a small desk quickly, it’s a wall organizer!

Sewing your own is a budget-friendly option, and this simple drop cloth projects tutorial will show you how to make one from drop cloth, step by step.


6. DIY Drop Cloth Rug

The layered doormat look is certainly eye-catching! Learn how to turn a $8 drop cloth into a cute painted rug everyone will admire.


7. Drop Cloth Rose Tutorial

You can even make home decor with drop cloth such as these lovely roses.

Then, all you need to do is place them in a vase or bowl with some greenery for a rustic centerpiece that works any time of the year!


8. Ruffle Bench Slipcover DIY

Ruffles will add texture to any room. If you have a bench you can give a refresh, a DIY slipcover might be the perfect idea!

This is an easy sewing tutorial and you can skip bleaching the drop cloth if its natural color works with your home’s palette.


9. DIY No-Sew Canvas Storage Bins

Cardboard boxes and some drop cloth are all you need to make pretty storage.

You’ll even get three methods to decorate them: applying fabric trim, painting the drop cloth, or using a stencil. Feel free to mix and match these methods as you please!


10. DIY Drop Cloth Rug

A plaid pattern makes a gorgeous rug for a layered doormat. You can make a rug like this for any season by simply using appropriate paint colors, making it one of our favorite DIY drop cloth projects to try!


11. DIY Drop Cloth Napkins

Even drop cloth leftovers can be useful. Avoiding waste is always a good thing!

These rustic napkins are made from drop cloth scraps, and those frayed edges are really cute. Since they’re inexpensive and quick to make, you won’t feel guilty about using them every day.


12. DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Even without sewing skills, it’s still possible to make gorgeous drop cloth curtains. Follow this easy tutorial and you’ll have your own in no time!


13. DIY Picnic Blanket From A Canvas Drop Cloth

Is there anything you can’t make from drop cloth? Probably, but a picnic blanket is not one of those things.

Learn how to make an easy picnic blanket and decorate it with a cute polka dot pattern. This is a really fun project, so if you have kids, they might want to give you a hand.


14. No-Sew Stenciled Drop Cloth Ottoman

Give any old cushion chair an update with a simple stenciled drop cloth DIY. To ensure the stencil works best, you will need to wash, dry, and iron your drop cloth.

This is a no-sew DIY, so you will secure the drop cloth to the cushion using a staple gun.


15. DIY Drop Cloth Wall Decor With The Cricut

Use your favorite SVG or make your own saying and apply it on a DIY drop cloth wall hanging. The Cricut makes applying vinyl to the drop cloth super easy and the results look stunning!


16. DIY Rug From A Canvas Drop Cloth

A drop cloth area rug with no sewing required? It’s definitely a project worth trying.

You can use a sewing machine to hem the edges if you’d like. For everyone else, you can rely on fusible web tape. It will get the job done.


17. DIY Laundry Bag Using Wire Hamper & Drop Cloth

I never pay much attention to my laundry bag, although this tutorial might change things! It uses just a few basic supplies, and the result is charming.


18. Easy Gold Polka Dot Drop Cloth Table Runner

An easy sewing project is a lovely way to spend a relaxing afternoon. I love how simple this table runner is.

Even better, there are so many ways to customize it using any of the methods used in these creative drop cloth projects.


19. Fall Drop Cloth Wreath

Do you have small drop cloth scraps and don’t know what to do with them? Turn them into a wreath!

It looks wonderful on a fall mantel. I also think depending on the surrounding decor, it can work for any other season. You can even create a colored wreath by dying the fabric scraps.


20. Envelope Pillow Cover

Drop cloth is a highly affordable material so you can make tons of envelope covers with it.

The tutorial includes all the details on getting that gorgeous worn look for your graphics.


21. How To Dye And Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Your sewing machine will definitely be put to good work if you decide to make these curtains.

You can also opt for the curtain tutorial above as a no-sew alternative and use only the dyeing technique for a colorful look!


22. DIY Roman Shades Using Drop Cloth

Who can say no to a cheap and easy window treatment? Drop cloth roman shades are semi-opaque, so they will let some light through.

I think they would work great in any room that gets an overwhelming amount of sun during the day, but also for privacy.


23. DIY Canvas Wall Pockets

Canvas wall pockets are so versatile. They can totally replace your nightstand, but you can also use them in your office, living room, kitchen and anywhere else you need wall storage.

Using drop cloth is certainly one of the most inexpensive options for making them, but you can replace it with another kind of thick and sturdy fabric.


24. No-Sew Drop Cloth Slipcover

Do you have a couch or sectional that looks a bit worn? Perhaps one of the most frugal ways to refresh is to make your own slipcover.

This one is no-sew, so literally anyone can make it. Enjoy!


25. DIY Drop Cloth Rosette Stool

Giving new life to an old stool can be such an exciting project. If you’re a fan of the farmhouse style, you can create a drop cloth seat cover with a lovely French stencil.

It was made using a special kind of transfer paper that’s super easy to use and transfers perfectly on drop cloth.


26. DIY Drop Cloth Fabric Pumpkins

Talk about an easy way to add some farmhouse style to your fall decor – these pumpkins take just a minute to make!


So, which of these DIY drop cloth projects are you going to try?

As always, let me know if you have any questions.



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