Blush & Moody Dining Room Makeover – ORC Week 5 – A Look Back

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Hi, and welcome back to week 5 of our One Room Challenge (ORC) dining room makeover! We’re down to the wire now – with just enough time to stage, photograph and write up the reveal post for next week. 😉

If you’re new to this crazy thing called the One Room Challenge, it’s a bi-annual event in April and October, hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and House Beautiful, where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants (me!) link up our room makeovers and root each other on as we complete them in JUST 6 WEEKS. Last fall was our first time joining in on the fun and we did our master bathroom. This season we chose to do our dining room! There’s something awesome about only having 6 weeks to finish a makeover – it may force late nights and long weekends, but in the end, it’s DONE. And that’s my favorite part. 😉

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You can also watch a “before” video tour here and a week 2 progress video tour here.

If you’re joining me from the ORC site, welcome! I’m Rachel Joy – DIY addict, home renovator, and self-taught interior designer. Through this blog, I strive to help others discover the ease and fun of decorating on a budget. I’m so glad you’re here!

farmhouse bathroom

Since most of the room is complete at this point and I really want to save the pretty pictures for next week, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little walk down memory lane in this room!

Even before this project, it’s gone through 3 different stages of use and furnishings. Here are some details and pictures so you can get the full effect of this room’s life over the last two years!


Of course, we’ll start at the very beginning, when we bought the house.

As you can see, the entryway had a 7ft long wall that created a long “tunnel-like” entrance into the home. It was SO AWKWARD to let people into the house!

What was a living room to the sellers, was now our dining room. But as you can see, it was also our “guest room” so we had the daybed in here to allow for guests.

Guess how long those paint samples sat on those walls?… I think it was close to 6 months. Ah! But that was because we decided it was worth waiting on this room until we removed the wall that separated it from the kitchen.


6 months after we purchased this home we did a major remodel – which included taking out the main wall between the kitchen and dining room. After that remodel, the dining room had an L- shaped bench seat along the kitchen peninsula and we built-in the daybed with storage towers and a desk on the front wall.


The first thing we changed about the post-remodel dining room was remove the bench seating at the table. While I had seen it done on one side before and loved the look, that long of an L (we’re talking 4′ on the short side and 9′ on the long side) quickly because dysfunctional when lots of people were at the table. If you were in the corner, you were pretty much STUCK until we all got up. Plus, the table legs against the bench made it nearly impossible to get in and out without shifting the table around to maneuver in. After living with it for about 6 months, we took out the benches, got a new chandelier which we hung in the center of the room, and centered the table underneath it.

The next change we made was about 2 months ago when my daughter and son started sharing a room. In just a 3-bedroom house, this gave us an opportunity to use the third bedroom as an occasional guest room – so the daybed was able to go in there! We reused the cabinets from the table’s bench seat to build a much simpler and more functional window seat on the front wall.

Which brought us to the condition we started the ORC in. 🙂

Not terrible, but definitely not FINISHED.

Hosting meals is one of my absolute favorite things to do, so I’m really excited to have a complete (and SUPER COZY) dining room to have people over.

This is the last week to wrap things up, so we’re pretty close! Oh, and my table didn’t come in last week, so we’re crossing our fingers it comes this Friday. Talk about last minute… I honestly don’t know what we’ll do if it doesn’t! Ah!

Here’s a final look at our mini-project list:

  • Demo upper shiplap
  • Install shiplap wainscoting
  • Patch sheet rock on wall and ceiling
  • Paint walls and shiplap
  • Paint back wall of hutch
  • Install crown moulding
  • Install floor trim and shoe moulding
  • Install new storage tower doors
  • Close in desk shelving
  • Touch up paint on built-ins
  • Paint chairs
  • Paint console table
  • Hem and hang curtains
  • Decorate!

We should have the furniture painted and curtains installed by this weekend, then it’s just furnishing, decorating and photos!! Be sure to come back next week for the big, fancy REVEAL! It’s gonna be fabulous. 😉

I’m giving sneak peeks at the space all season on my Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow along there.

Of course, a big thank you to Pillowcubes for their sponsorship this season!

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