Blush & Moody Dining Room Makeover – ORC Week 1 – The Plan

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Happy April, friends! Today marks the first week of the spring season of the One Room Challenge (ORC) and I’m so excited to share our dining room makeover with you over the next 6 weeks as a guest participant! In case you’re new to the ORC, it’s an amazing event hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and House Beautiful where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest designers come together to complete room makeovers in just 6 short weeks. Throughout the season, we link up our projects and share our progress with each other as we celebrate our love for design and the work that goes into bringing a beautiful space to life. Last season we gave our master bathroom a makeover and we just couldn’t help but join in again for another round this spring. πŸ˜‰

If you’re joining me from the ORC site, welcome! I’m Rachel Joy – DIY addict, home renovator, and self-taught interior designer. Through this blog, I strive to help others discover the ease and fun of decorating on a budget. So glad you’re here!

farmhouse bathroom


This season, Chris and I have decided to give our dining room a blush and moody makeover. It is the only room in our home that hasn’t been given some serious attention since we moved in two years ago, and I seriously love having people over for meals, so I can’t wait to have a lovely place to gather and eat. The design is much bolder than most of mine have been thus far, but I’m addicted to the blush and deep colors right now so decided to embrace them and incorporate them in this project! What better place to take risks than in my own home, right?

Let’s begin with a tour of the dining room as it currently stands:


The table we’ve been using was given to us from an industrial office and works great but isn’t the most visually appealing piece of furniture… Chris is planning to custom build us a Pottery Barn look-alike farmhouse style table with X pedestal legs and bread board ends.

This is the view from standing in the hall, and the counter top to the right is what separates the dining room from the kitchen. We used to have an “L-shaped” bench seat in that corner, which is why the shiplap stopped so abruptly on that wall. We plan to take the top half of that out, extend the shiplap all the way around as a 2/3 wainscoting and then painting the top half either black or deep navy. I also plan to leave the black stools there against the peninsula for bar-like seating.

From in the kitchen, you can see the built-ins we put along the opposite wall. When we bought this house we went from a 4 bedroom, with one of those bedrooms being a large office, to a 3 bedroom and had to be creative with space. So, we installed a small desk for our desktop computer in the corner here next to some built-in storage towers and a storage window seat. The only change we anticipate for this side of the room is some new pillows from PillowCubes, possibly curtains and fully closed doors on the storage towers.

The other two sides are our entryway and kitchen (don’t have super great “before” shots of these, but you’ll get some progress shots along the way) and we’ll be painting the entryway wall black or navy along with the back of my built-in hutch in the kitchen. I’m anxious to see how the dark walls add depth to this space!


Ready to see my dreams for this space?? Here they are:

Don’t you just love seeing all the elements together – you can almost feel the space! Mood boards are my favorite. πŸ˜‰

In our minds, this makeover isn’t too complicated – it’s mostly cosmetic compared to our prior makeovers that were demo and construction heavy. We recently got a bunch of chairs on Craigslist that we’re going to paint all the same color, we’re getting a new rug, I got slipcovers for our captains chairs and I’m hoping to do a DIY abstract art piece using the colors from the rug. I’m also thinking we’ll install some picture moulding along the main wall and then hang some large matted frames from it using copper or rose cold wire for some visual interest. We’ve also decided all the recessed lighting we installed in this room is totally unnecessary (just WAY too much light) so we’re going to scale those back and just install some task-oriented lights.

I love taking our makeovers/large projects and breaking them up into a list of smaller, more manageable, projects so here’s what we have coming:

  • Demo upper shiplap
  • Remove all recessed lights
  • Install one light above desk
  • Install shiplap wainscoting
  • Patch sheet rock on wall and ceiling
  • Paint walls and shiplap
  • Paint chairs
  • Build table
  • Install frame moulding and crown moulding
  • Install new storage tower doors
  • Decorate!

It all sounds pretty fun, right?? As I go through each stage of this project over the next 5 weeks, I hope to share with you how to choose a rug for your space, how to pick the right paint color, why pillows are important in EVERY space, how to build a Pottery Barn inspired dining table and then our final REVEAL. Stay tuned for all the fun!!

A big thank you to PillowCubes, our official sponsor for this project. If you haven’t heard of them, be sure to check out their fabulous, custom-made to order pillow inserts. πŸ™‚

Be sure to head over and check out the what rooms theΒ featured designers and other guest participants are doing too – there is going to be some amazing things happening in the next 6 weeks!

I’ll see you again on Friday with pictures from our Easter table and some tips for easily setting a beautiful table. πŸ™‚



deck reveal

8 thoughts on “Blush & Moody Dining Room Makeover – ORC Week 1 – The Plan”

  1. Sounds like a plan! I love all the bold, eye-catching colors you’ve picked. It seems like this room will really be a conversation starter when you have guests over. Also, that table looks really good. Props to your husband for custom building it for you!

    • Oh, your master is beautiful! I’m so excited for the moody color!! Can’t wait to see how your guest room ends up – the bed is lovely! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Rachel Joy! Last ORC I did my master bedroom in a design that strongly featured deep, moody teal and blush! I love the way my bedroom turned out, so I say FULL STEAM AHEAD with your moody dining room experiment! It’s going to go great. I can’t wait to see all the chairs painted. I’m a sucker for a mismatched set.

    Happy decorating!

    • Love it! I took a peek at your master and it turned out great! Excited to see how your playroom comes together too. πŸ™‚


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