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DIY Bunny Sign – Rustic Farmhouse Easter Decor

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Add a bit of rustic charm to your home this Spring or Easter with this easy DIY Bunny Art made out of just $5 worth of stuff from the Dollar Tree!

I love adding small, classy decor to my home for the Spring and Easter seasons.

Whether that’s the simple decoupage eggs my mom made me, or a few extra stems of pretty flowers, I pride myself on my ability to add “themed” decor without feeling too “theme-y.” ๐Ÿ˜‰


Which is why I love the simple, rustic DIY Bunny Print I made from the Dollar Tree!

While it’s cute-as-can-be, it’s also the perfect blend of the rustic and modern styles to make it a fabulous piece of art to have on display for the Spring/Easter season.


Not only is it a low-cost Easter decor idea, but it’s also super easy to make!

So scroll down for the full tutorial and let me know if you have any questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY Rustic Bunny Art

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Materials Needed:

Like I mentioned before, I got all of these items from my local Dollar Tree.

Tools Needed:

How to Make DIY Easter Bunny Sign

STEP 1: Prep the foam bunny.

Begin by removing the foam bunny from the art pack and discarding everything else.

Cut the arms and feet off of your bunny and save the feet.

Using clear tape, tape the feet to the back of your bunny, lining up the top of your feet to the bottom of your bunny so there aren’t any legs showing.

STEP 2: Glue on the fluff.

Next, open your duster and remove one of the fluffy white dust pads.

Carefully separate the inside seam and pull the sides apart until you have two halves with fluff on one side and fabric on the other.

Using hot glue, carefully glue the fabric side of the duster piece to the front of your foam bunny’s head.

Then use scissors to trim the excess off along the edge of the foam bunny shape.

I find it’s easiest to turn the foam bunny over and trim from the backside.

Continue gluing fluff onto the bunny and trimming away the excess until the entire foam bunny is covered.

I ended up using 5 main pieces (the head, each ear, the body and the feet) and then added a few small filler pieces in between to get it even.

Next, cut a white cotton ball in half (the short way.)

Then glue the un-cut side of one half to the bunny’s bottom for a tail.


STEP 3: Make the moss sign.

Begin by taking the plastic cover off of your photo frame.

Then, use hot glue to glue the first of your moss sheets onto the bottom section of the frame.

Be sure to line the bottom and one edge of the moss sheet up with the frame as you glue it in place.

Then use scissors to trim off the excess along the third edge.

Lastly, glue your second moss sheet to the top half and cut off the top and side excess from that one as well.

STEP 4: Glue the bunny on the moss.

The last, and final step is to glue your fluffy, white bunny onto the moss sign.

Begin by getting it centered on the moss.

Then hold the bunny in place and lift up the ears and glue them in place.

Continue gluing sections of the bunny down, with the head next, then the body, and feet.

Then, stand the frame up and evaluate the bunny’s fluff against the green background.

If it needs trimming up in certain areas, use your scissors to get it just right.

Once you feel like it’s all trimmed up and good to go, you’re done!

Simply place it on a console table, a media center or a mantel alongside your other farmhouse decor.

It’s so cute, don’t you think?!

It looks great with other rustic decor and adds a fun, Easter flair to the space.

As promised, here are the printable instructions:

Yield: 1 Sign

DIY Bunny Sign

DIY Bunny Sign

Add fun Spring/Easter decor to your home with this easy rustic DIY Bunny Sign made out of $5 worth of Dollar Tree supplies!

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5


  1. Take the foam bunny out of your craft pack and set the rest of the pack aside.
  2. Cut the arms and legs off the bunny.
  3. Tape the legs back onto the back of the foam bunny without any legs showing.
  4. Remove one of your duster pads and break its seam down the middle, separating it into two pieces.
  5. Use hot glue to glue the fabric side of the duster pad to the front of your foam bunny.
  6. Trim the duster pad down to align with the foam bunny along all the edges.
  7. Cut a cotton ball in half (the short way) and glue the un-cut end of one half to the bunny's bottom for a tail.
  8. Glue your moss sheets onto the photo frame and use scissors to trim off the excess around the frame.
  9. Glue your fluffy bunny on the center of the moss sign and trim off any excess fluff around its edges.

I hope you have fun with this project!

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.



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