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Easy DIY Boho Chunky Yarn Wreath

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Make a fun boho-style chunky yarn wreath for your home this holiday season and leave it out all winter! This simple DIY project costs next to nothing and adds great style to any space.

Chunky yarn wreath hanging on a door with text overlay "how to make a boho chunky yarn wreath the quick & easy way!"

Wreaths are an excellent way to add style to an otherwise boring spot – like the front of your door or a blank wall in your house.

Even better than the typical floral wreath, a chunky yarn wreath gives a bit of coziness too!


If you’re looking for a simple Christmas or winter project, give this wreath a try.

It’s looks great with just the yarn but is also easy to make seasonal by adding twigs or picks to the leather strap too. πŸ™‚


Close up of greenery and berries tucked under a leather loop on a cream, chunky yarn wreath.

What is the Boho Style?

The boho trend is described as a free-spirited aesthetic that creates an eclectic style using laid-back organic elements, natural textures and earthy colors.

Some say it draws inspiration from the “hippie” era, but the more common boho style has a touch of chic-ness to it.

People who decorate their home in a boho fashion tend to shy away from traditional styling rules and instead focus on a bold mix of colors, patterns and textures.

Boho Wreath Ideas

If you’re loving the boho style for your home right now, here are some other really pretty boho Christmas wreath ideas (and a few for fall too!):

DIY Chunky Yarn Wreath

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:


How to Make a Loop Yarn Wreath

STEP 1: Cut the yarn strands.

First, take the yarn and cut a piece measuring 21 inches.

Use this piece to measure out 31 more strands of yarn, 32 total strands.

Step process shot of three strands of chunky yarn begin cut at a matching lengths.

STEP 2: Loop the yarn strands around the hoop.

Next, take a strand of yarn, fold it in half and place the fold under your hoop to where the yarn creates a loop pointing out of the hoop and you have the tails of yarn inside the hoop.

Close up of a strand of chunky yarn laid out on the table under an embroidery hoop with a small loop above and the strands below.

Take the tails of yarn over the hoop and through the loop to secure the yarn to the hoop.

Close up of the chunky yarn after the strands have been thread through the loop and pulled tight around the embroidery hoop.

Repeat this step next to this piece of yarn until you have filled up the hoop with all 32 pieces. Your chunky yarn wreath should now look like this:

Wide shot of the entire embroidery hoop filled with chunky yarn pieces looped all the way around.


STEP 3: Knot the yarn strands together.

Now you’re going to take one tail of yarn from one of the knots and one from the knot right next to it.

Close up of someone tying the ends of the chunky yarn strands together between knots.

Tie these two pieces together creating another row of knots.

Do this all the way around the wreath.

Once you have completed the second row of knots, cut any pieces that are extra long.


Close up of the chunky yarn strands being trimmed with scissors.

Then pull the yarn apart along the edges to create the fluffy, frayed look.

Close up of hands pulling the ends of the chunky yarn apart to create frayed ends.

STEP 4: Add the leather strap.

Next, measure and cut a piece of leather that is 1″ wide by 7” long.

Place your leather strip in between two of the knots.

Close up of adding a leather strap around the chunky yarn.

Now you will overlap your leather by about half of an inch and put your decorative nail head there in the middle to secure the two ends together.

Close up of the tack placed in the leather strap to make it a loop.

Lastly, flip over your wreath and tie a small piece of string on the back of the leather so you can hang your new wreath!

Close up of a small piece of string tied around the leather strap for hanging.

Now you have the perfect chunky yarn wreath for both Christmas and/or Winter.

To give it a holiday vibe, simply add in some fir tree trimmings and berries behind the leather.


Close up of greenery and berries tucked under a leather loop on a cream, chunky yarn wreath.

Super cute, don’t you think?

Full shot of the chunky yarn wreath with Christmas stems tucked in the leather strap hanging on a wooden door.

Chunky Yarn DIY Ideas

Love the look of the chunky yarn enough to try a few other projects with it?

Here are a few of my favorite chunky yarn DIY ideas for you to make:

I made baskets for some family members as Christmas gifts a few years ago and they loved them!

As promised, here are the printable instructions for my chunky yarn wreath:

Yield: One 12" Wreath

DIY Chunky Yarn Wreath

DIY Chunky Yarn Wreath

Make this boho-style chunky yarn wreath in just a few easy steps and add style to your space all year round!

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


  1. Cut 32 strands of yarn at 21" long.
  2. Loop the strands around the wreath and through themselves all the way around the hoop.
  3. Tie the tail from one knot with the tail from the one next to it and work your way all the way around the wreath until all the tails are knotted.
  4. Trim any tails that seem to long and pull the ends of the tales apart to give it a frayed look.
  5. Cut a leather strip that's 7" long and tuck it between two knots.
  6. Wrap the leather strip around the wreath and secure it together in the front with a decorative nail head.
  7. Tie a simple string around the back of the leather to use for hanging.


Add some greenery or berries behind the leather strip for a festive Christmas feel!

I hope this tutorial helps you add a bit of the fun, boho-Christmas style to your home!

As always, let me know if you have any questions.



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  1. When tying the knots, do you use the strand from the last knot to tie the next knot with and continue that way or make knots to just connect each group/strand of yarn?

  2. Sorry Andrea – looks like it’s out of stock everywhere online! You might check your local craft stores?

  3. Love this! How many packages of yarn are needed for one wreath like this? And is the color here oatmeal as it links? Thank you so much!

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