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How to Make No-Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains the Easy Way!

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Learn how to make simple, no-sew curtains out of paint drop cloths straight from the hardware store! These DIY drop cloth curtains are a low-cost way to add major style to a home and look great with just about any style of decor!


It’s time for another DIY challenge and this month’s theme is a fabric DIY! For my project, I’ve chosen to teach you how to make stylish curtains for your home out of pre-made drop cloths. 🙂

Drop cloth curtains are a wonderful way to add instant style to your home. Their neutral color and linen-like texture give a room a feeling of soft coziness.

Compared to the cost of buying curtains, making your own is much more affordable. If you’re wondering how to make cheap curtains, then the no sew curtains like the ones I’m teaching you in this post are definitely the way to go.


In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you how to make curtains without sewing because it’s seriously SO EASY to do with drop cloths.

I made drop cloth curtains for our master bathroom out of a left over drop cloth we had lying around from Home Depot and now I’m contemplating making some for our bedroom as well! I just really love the way they look – and you can’t beat the price!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all the other wonderful fabric DIY projects from my fellow bloggers in this month’s #diyprojectchallange too!

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains Tutorial

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Drop Cloth Curtain Maintenance & FAQ

Now, if you’re going to make your curtains out of drop cloths, it’s important to know how to care for them, right? Let’s review a few things you need to know before you decide to make your DIY drop cloth curtains.

What are drop cloths made of?

Most commonly, drop cloths are made of canvas or plastic.

Canvas is high-quality material made out of cotton, that’s both heavy duty and durable. This makes it the perfect fabric to project floors and furniture from paint, which is a drop cloth’s intended use. 😉

This durability also makes it very nice for curtains, because you won’t have to worry about it fading in the sun or snagging when the curtains are being opened or shut.

How do you wash a drop cloth?

Most canvas drop cloths can easily be washed in your standard washer on a gentle cycle and dried on a delicate setting in your dryer.

There are some drop cloths (like the one I used, since it was left over) that have a plastic lining on the inside to give them some extra durability. For those, be sure to use a COLD setting on your washer and let them air dry.

Do canvas drop cloths shrink?

Yes. Be sure to wash your drop cloths before you begin making your curtains!

How do you soften a drop cloth?

Some people find the canvas drop cloths to have too tough of a texture for curtains, so softening them up before you use them is a great idea.

To soften your drop cloth, simply follow these steps:

  1. Soak them in a bleach, hot water and hydrogen peroxide mixture for a few hours. (2 cups bleach with 1:10 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio)
  2. Wash them with laundry detergent in a hot wash and dry.
  3. Iron.

Ok, I think we’re ready to start our DIY project! Let’s get to it!


Canvas Drop Cloth (Make sure you get the right size for your window/ceiling height)
Fabric Hem Tape
Curtain Rod
Curtain Ring Clips


Flexible Tape Measure

How to Make DIY No Sew Curtains out of Drop Cloths


Start by measuring the size of your window with your flexible tape measure.


You’ll want the width of your curtains to be at least the width of your window.

I recommend making them about 6-12″ wider than the actual window width so you’re not struggling to keep the closed when they’re pulled shut.

For the height, determine if you want your curtains to be just the height of the window (like I made mine), floor to ceiling, or just window trim to floor.

Once you’ve determined the size of curtains you want, be sure to get a drop cloth that is at least as large as your curtains’ final dimension. We can (and likely will) trim and hem them to the exact size we want.


Before you start making your curtains out of your drop cloth, you need to soften, wash and dry them so they don’t shrink up after you’ve made them the right size.

Follow the steps above in my “Drop Cloth Maintenance” section to do this.


Now, keep in mind that you want to use the pre-hemmed sides of the drop cloth for at least two sides of each curtain. If you can get a drop cloth that’s the right size for three or all four, then even better!

Begin by laying out your drop cloth on a large surface and marking where to trim the first side you’re going to cut and hem.

Remember, you want to cut at your final dimension plus 1″ so we can fold over and hem the cut size using our hem tape.

I purchased a drop cloth that was the correct width for our window overall, so I cut it halfway down the middle for my first cut.

Next, apply your hem tape to the entire length of your cut side, right along the edge.

Remove the tape’s backing, fold the edge over, and iron the edge down to keep it in place.

While ironing isn’t required to activate the tape, it does help keep the hemmed edge firmly folded over and in place.

Now, repeat this process for your second side (in my case, that was the bottom) of your no sew curtains.


Once you have your curtains hemmed up and the right size, it’s time to hang them up! Use your ring clips to clip the top of the curtain all the way along the top, spaced at about 6″ apart. I used a 5 per panel.

Lastly, slide the rings onto your rod and secure it in place.

Since I was making curtains for my bathroom, I chose to hang mine on a tension rod inside the window trim.

Even if you’re looking to hang yours on a nice, fancy rod up by the ceiling or at least up above your window trim, these ring clips are the perfect way to do it.

So what do you think of our no sew DIY drop cloth curtains?

Pretty fun, right? And SO EASY!

Trendy Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains

If you’re looking to add a bit of the trendy farmhouse flair to your drop cloth curtains, make your panels 12-16″ longer than they need to be and then simply fold over the top to give a bit of a fluffy valance look to the top!

All the hemming and hanging process is the same, you simply make them long and then fold over the top and clip at the fold.

Here’s an example of what this type of no sew drop cloth curtains look like:

For other homemade curtain ideas, check out these made out of a twin sheet and this DIY valance.

As promised, here are the printable materials and instructions:

Yield: 2 Curtain Panels

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Make custom curtains for your windows with this easy no-sew DIY project!

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $25


  1. Measure your window and determine the needed height and width for your curtains.
  2. Soften and shrink your drop cloths by soaking them in a bleach/water/hydrogen peroxide mixture and washing/drying them on hot.
  3. Cut your drop cloth at the correct height and width plus 1" on each side for the hem.
  4. For each cut side, place hem tape the entire length of the cut along the edge.
  5. Remove the tape backer, fold the side over along the tape and iron in place.
  6. Hang your curtains on the rod using ring clips.


Use as many of the pre-hemmed sides of the drop cloth as you can.

Add farmhouse flair by making them 12" longer than needed, folding over the top and clipping the ring clip to the fold - this gives them a fluffy valance at the top.

I hope you’re able to make some fun curtains for your home using this simple tutorial!

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I think I’ll go grab some more drop cloths from Home Depot now to make curtains for my bedroom. 😉


Images of building steps for a DIY painted wood farmhouse sign.



13 thoughts on “How to Make No-Sew DIY Drop Cloth Curtains the Easy Way!”

  1. First, I laid each drop cloth on a long table and taped off areas for painted stripes. I chose colors similar to Hudson Bay blankets, and painted stripes across the drop cloth.
    I used one drop cloth for each window. And did not cut anything. To open each curtain I just pull it to the side of the window. I chose to have my curtains floor length, from the top of the window frame. To shorten them, I folded the top edge toward the room, making a valance without any sewing.
    I love the look, and believe these curtains also add insulation to my windows. Similar to the directions in your post, I used curtain ring with attached clips, which I purchased at Lowe’s. The drop cloths are from Harbor Freight.
    I did not precast anything, and have not taken them down for washing. Now I am changing furniture and accessories in that room, and these curtains are moving to my neighbor’s sun porch.

  2. Hi my dear talented new friends,
    The curtains are so pretty. Can they be stenciled to go with each room you do or can you dye them?
    Thank you, donna

  3. I love these! So simple and clean. I also love how you give such great details in your tutorials. I am so happy to be able to participate in these challenges with you!

    • I’ve never made dropcloth curtains but your tutorial is so simple to understand, I might just have to try it one of these days.

      The color is so beautiful too, I love the neutral vibes!


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