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How to Make a Floor Lamp out of a Tripod

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Use these step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful and low-cost DIY tripod floor lamp! Learn how to make a floor lamp that looks just like the designer tripod lamps for a fraction of the cost!


Pinnable Image for DIY Floor Lamp out of a tripod.

I have to be honest, the DIY’er in me is always on the lookout for creative ways to use thrifted items. And this DIY tripod floor lamp is no exception!

I found an old tripod at Goodwill a few months ago for just $4 and as soon as I saw it I just KNEW I had to make a DIY adjustable lamp out of it.


Tripod lamps are pretty popular at the high-end designer stores, like West Elm and Restoration Hardware, but their price tags are way out of my budget.

Which is why, I’m so excited to share with you that this DIY tripod lamp only cost me about $40 total to make! Not only is it a low-cost option, but in my opinion, it’s also quite stunning.

I love the character the old tripod gives it, and the adjustable legs allow me to make it any height I want, making it super functional too!

So next time you’re in the market for a new floor lamp, head to your local thrift stores and scope out if they have any old tripods lying around. Then make your own floor lamp using this DIY floor lamp tutorial!

DIY Floor Lamp Tutorial for Making a DIY Tripod Lamp.


How to Build a Lamp out of a Tripod

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

Materials needed to make a DIY floor lamp out of a tripod.

How to Make a Tripod Floor Lamp:

STEP 1: Prep your Tripod

The first step to making your DIY wood floor lamp is to prep your tripod for the lamp kit.

In my case, I had to remove the large metal piece from the top (I think this may have been a telescope tripod in its prior life…) leaving just a simple hole in the top of the tripod to assemble my lamp in.


STEP 2: Thred Cord and Secure Base

Now, if you want your cord to thread through one of your legs on the tripod in some way (I threaded mind through the metal pieces to keep it attached to the leg rather than hanging straight down the middle) this is the time to do that.

Cords laced through a tripod leg on a DIY floor lamp.

Next, screw the harp holder and your electrical base onto one of your nipples and place it through the top of your tripod.

First step in making a DIY floor lamp out of a tripod.

Before you thread your wire up through the nipple and into the electrical base, thread a large washer, a small washer and a nut onto the cord.

DIY floor lamp tutorial - second step to making a diy tripod lamp.

Then place the cord up through the nipple and leave a small bit resting in the electrical base. Next, use a small wrench to secure your nut underneath to hold the harp holder and electrical base in place.

Hardware for underneath a diy floor lamp out of a tripod.


STEP 3: Wire Up

Next up is the actual electrical wiring. I am definitely not an electrician, and may have shocked myself once while making this, so be sure to read the instructions included with your lamp kit. It’s rather simple, and includes tying a small knot with the wires then attaching them to the bulb holder.

How to wire up the electrical bulb on a DIY floor lamp.

At this point, it would be a good idea to test your light before you finish assembling the lamp. Put a bulb in the socket, plug it in, and make sure it works! Then add the decorative cover for the bulb socket.

Lamp kit used to make a tripod lamp in a diy floor lamp tutorial.

STEP 4: Final Assembly

All that’s left is to add your harp, a light bulb, and your lamp shade!

Add the lamp shade and you have a finished DIY floor lamp.

That’s it! Now you know exactly how to build a floor lamp out of a tripod!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, right?! πŸ˜‰

DIY Floor Lamp Tutorial for Making a DIY Tripod Lamp.

I love how ours turned out – now if only I could figure out a place to put it in our home… πŸ˜‰ I’m thinking maybe the dining room or the she-shed.

DIY floor lamp made out of a tripod sitting next to a chair with a blanket and book.

I hope this tripod floor lamp DIY tutorial helped open your eyes to how EASY it is to make your very own DIY tripod floor lamp!

Here are the printable instructions, in case you want to print them and save them for when you find a tripod at the thrift store. πŸ˜‰

Yield: 1 Floor Lamp

DIY Tripod Floor Lamp

DIY Floor Lamp Tutorial for Making a DIY Tripod Lamp.

An easy DIY project that turns a thrifted tripod into a fabulous floor lamp!

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated Cost: $40


  1. Prep your tripod by removing any unneeded parts until just the base is left.
  2. Thread your electrical cord through any places you want it to go through before installing the base.
  3. Screw the harp holder and electrical base onto the nipple and place it on to of your tripod.
  4. Thread a large washer, small washer and nut onto your cord then thread the cord up into the base through the nipple.
  5. Use a small wrench to tighten the base in place.
  6. Wire up the bulb holder and place it into your lamp base.
  7. Test the lamp and then install the harp, bulb and shade!

As always, let me know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚


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  1. Thanks Maria! Just a thought… if you’re finding metal ones, could you consider spray painting them some bright, fun color (or even black or white) to make them more appealing?

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