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10 Easy DIY Geometric Wood Wall Art Projects

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Give your walls a stylish update with one of these lovely DIY geometric wood wall art ideas!

Bare walls are no fun, right?

It’s always nice to have some wall art in your home but the DIY kind is even more special since you get to make it yourself.

If you love working with wood (we would definitely be great friends!) and I have some gorgeous DIY geometric wood wall art ideas to show you.

Wood wall art is usually inexpensive to make and opens up a world of possibilities.

Painting and/or staining the wood is always an option to make it fit your space and make your home look more inviting.

Here are some creative DIY wood wall art ideas with geometric decor that can bring a bit of structure to any space!

10 DIY Geometric Wood Wall Art Ideas

1. DIY Wood Wall Art From Plywood Scraps

If you have some scrap plywood you can turn it into a gorgeous piece of art with a stenciled tile look by following this easy tutorial.


2. DIY Textured Wood Wall Art

You’ll need minimal supplies to make this rustic textured wall art that will also add a modern vibe to any room.


3. Wooden Mosaic Wall Art DIY

This beautiful project requires staining and assembling a bunch of small wooden blocks. As easy as that might be, the result is amazing!


4. DIY Geometric Functional Art

A piece of contrasting geometric art as this one can really change up any space. The best part is once you have your guidelines drawn you get to have some fun painting the pattern.


5. DIY Wood Squares For Wall Decor

Are you looking for some versatile geometric wall art that can easily be restyled? Try this project and you might just want to make one for every room in your house!


6. How To Make A Wall Art Jewelry

I love the Aztec look of this unique plywood wall art and cutting those shapes is both fun and easy so anyone can make it.


7. Wooden Geometric Wall Art

Beginner woodworkers will have a blast making this simple and elegant wall art while improving their skills.


8. DIY Black Mosaic Wall Art

The creativity of this mosaic wall art is definitely to be appreciated. Made from two kinds of black wood flooring, you won’t be having any hard time pulling off the mosaic look!


9. DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood Art

Colorful barn wood has an undeniable charm and gives this wall art a creative 3D look with various colors and textures that will catch the eye in an instant.


10. DIY Wood Wall Art

This lovely piece of wall art was titled by the author “Everything falls into place”. It’s certainly appropriate and also surprisingly soothing to look at.


Pretty fun ideas, right?

I hope you found one to try!



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