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DIY Kitchen Cabinets – 25 Cheap and Easy Ideas for an Update

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Upgrade your kitchen on a budget with these genius DIY kitchen cabinets tutorials! Whether you’re looking for a full build, painting advice or upgrade hacks, these posts will get you there.

Cabinets are a big part of the kitchen. After all, that’s where we store all our pots, pans, utensils, and other supplies used for cooking and cleaning.

They are just as important style-wise since they have a big impact on your kitchen.

I am highly aware that purchasing new kitchen cabinets to replace outdated ones is the most comfortable option but there are still things you can do if your budget doesn’t allow this.

If you have the skill you can always make your own DIY kitchen cabinets and I am sharing some amazing ideas on this topic.

However, this is also time-consuming, and when there’s not much of that either there are faster fixes you can use to transform the existing ones.


25 Ways to DIY Kitchen Cabinets in Your Home

From repainting to replacing just parts such as the doors or the hardware and adding extra storage there are so many options to explore.

The best part: we have some very handy people online that have been generous enough to share their experience in making DIY kitchen cabinets as well as easier projects to upgrade the ones you already have.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Builds

1. Custom DIY Kitchen Doors And Cabinets

When you embark on such a serious DIY journey like building your own cabinets it might be a good idea to estimate the costs before anything else. This post shares a lot of interesting details including the costs so you can at least be prepared.


2. DIY 2×4 Kitchen Cabinets Tutorial

I love versatile projects such as this one! Check out the post to learn how to make your own 2×4 kitchen cabinets and customize them for your own home.


3. How To Make Shaker Cabinet Doors With Kreg Jig

Shaker cabinets are practical and they also look great. This tutorial is really detailed so as long as you have the right tools everything should go smoothly.


4. DIY Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet Tutorial

Adding functionality to the kitchen is just as important as decorating it. This DIY pull out trash can is an elegant solution to hide the ugly.


5. How To Build Cabinets Detailed Guide

If you’re serious about putting your woodworking skills to good use this post will take you step-by-step through the process of building your own cabinets.


6. DIY Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

There are various types of cabinets needed in a kitchen and if yours is a small one a pantry cabinet might be just the thing you need!


7. 30in Upper Cabinet Carcass With Plans

This upper cabinet looks so stylish but simple at the same time and free plans are provided for the build. Bonus hint: there are more cabinet plans available on the site.


8. DIY Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

A budget-friendly project with amazing results such as this one must get the appreciation it deserves! If you need a low-cost solution for building some good-looking kitchen cabinets check out this tutorial.


9. DIY On A Dime Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Open shelf kitchen cabinets with a cute fabric accent are a simple way to take your old cabinets from drab to fab and no, it won’t break the bank either.


10. How To Build A Pantry Cabinet

This post shows how every bit of space matters and becomes so much more valuable when used wisely. Take a look at the project if you are in need of a custom pantry cabinet you could fit in a narrow space.


Painting/Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

11. Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Here is a really good example of how refinishing your existing cabinets can bring a fresh look to your kitchen. You’ll need to put in some elbow grease but it is a great way to save money and still get beautiful results!


12. Painting Kitchen Cabinets With White Milk Paint

Here is a frugal paint job that can make your old cabinets look brand new full of valuable tips and tricks to get it right.


13. How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

When repainting kitchen cabinets they usually need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded before anything else. It turns out it is possible to skip the sanding which will save you a lot of time.


14. How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This post would be immensely helpful if you are planning to paint your kitchen cabinets. It will highlight some mistakes as well as offer you advice on the best techniques and tools you should be using.


15. Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Have you ever considered painting your kitchen cabinets using white chalk paint? The matte finish will give an effortless rustic feel to your kitchen and brighten it up.


16. Painting Kitchen Cabinets For Beautiful Results

Great results take time and effort. While perfection is hard to achieve, this post shares some interesting tips on how to prep and paint your kitchen cabinets to get a flawless look.


Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades & Hacks

17. DIY Ikea Kitchen Cabinet

Who doesn’t love a nice cheap Ikea hack? This kitchen cabinet is one of the simplest DIYs if you don’t want to build the whole thing yourself!


18. How To Install Cabinet Hardware

New knobs and pulls can really give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look and you can learn all the details in this post. It’s definitely a quick way to update cabinets.


19. How To Add Extra Shelves To Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of functionality, here is another brilliant idea. Customizing the inside of your cabinets for extra storage is not too difficult and I am sure you will love the results.


20. Raising Kitchen Cabinets And Adding An Open Shelf

If you need more storage space in the kitchen but purchasing new and perhaps larger cabinets is not on the table there’s still something you can do. Assuming there’s still some space between the cabinets and the ceiling, raising them just enough to add an open shelf could solve your storage issue. It also looks really nice!


21. Kitchen Renovation: How To Make A Secret Toekick Drawer

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation here is a brilliant hack for making your own toekick drawer. It’s such a convenient type of drawer this project is definitely worth trying.


22. DIY Modern Wood Cabinet Pulls

You have to admit these wood cabinet pulls have a unique and elegant look that will surely catch the eye of anyone who will enter your kitchen.


23. How To Install Tongue And Groove Paneling On Kitchen Cabinets

Tongue and groove paneling is a gorgeous way to refresh your kitchen cabinets and it’s also perfect to hide wear and tear.


24. How To Make Leather Cabinet Pulls

These leather cabinet pulls look so fancy and the best part is, they are an easy project perfect for a quick kitchen refresh!


25. 3 Ways To DIY Cabinet Doors

The best part about DIYing is the fact that you have a ton of options and the possibility to make something truly custom.


Aren’t these fabulous ideas for upgrading your kitchen cabinets?!

I love that, depending on your skill level, you can do something as simple painting or something as extensive as building the actual cabinets.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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