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30 DIY Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. If yours needs a makeover and you’re on a limited budget, worry not! These creative DIY kitchen renovation and remodel ideas include amazing tutorials that let you save a good amount of money and the results look totally professional!

DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Whatever style, colors, or appliances you have in mind, the perfect kitchen needs to be pretty and functional at the same time.

Most of us don’t just cook there, we also eat and spend time with family and friends in the kitchen.

Luckily, there are ways to transform your kitchen into the perfect space for prepping food and enjoying it too!

Yes, even if your kitchen is small, incredibly large, in a rental, or just really old and outdated, there’s kitchen renovation ideas to solve every problem.

DIY Kitchen Renovation FAQ

Can you renovate a kitchen yourself?

Absolutely! Here is our simple, 4 step process for renovating your kitchen yourself:

  1. Think about how you use your kitchen and make note of what is/isn’t working functionally.
  2. Make a list of what you want to change and prioritize them by importance based on both desire and function.
  3. Budget the cost of each item and decide if it’s something you can complete all at once, or one piece at a time.
  4. Determine if any of the changes require permits and apply for those through your local building permit department.
  5. Get started! For a DIY kitchen renovation, we recommend starting with the cabinets – whether that’s removing, adding, painting, etc. – and then moving on to other things like countertops, backsplash, painting, flooring, fixtures, and so on.

How can I renovate my kitchen cheaply?

For a cheap DIY kitchen renovation, try the following ideas:

  • Paint your cabinets
  • Upgrade your cabinet hardware
  • Update your light fixtures
  • Paint your existing backsplash or add peel-and-stick backsplash
  • Cover your countertops with contact paper
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Add new decor and/or a fun rug (while this isn’t a renovation necessarily, it has big impact on the style!)


How much does it cost to redo a kitchen yourself?

If you aren’t changing the footprint of your kitchen and are purely updating the aesthetics, you can redo a moderate-sized kitchen for under $1,000. I say this assuming you paint the cabinets yourself, buy new cabinet hardware in bulk, and don’t change out the floor or countertops.

Floors and countertops will always add quite a bit more expense, even if you DIY the installation. To address these pieces on a budget, you could cover your countertops in contact paper and add a rug rather than installing new flooring!


Can you remodel a kitchen for $5000?

Yes! In fact, depending on the size of your kitchen you may even be able to update more expensive features like flooring or countertops! But, the key here is that you do all the work yourself. Most of the cost of kitchen renovations is in the labor, so if you’re capable of doing the work, you’ll save SO much money!

Here’s a basic budget for a small/medium-sized kitchen (materials only):

$1,500 Paint Cabinets and Update Hardware
$500 Update Light Fixtures
$500 Upgrade Backsplash (with new tile)
$2,000 New Countertops (this would likely be laminate or solid surface, would be more for granite or quartz)
$500 New Decor!
$5,000 Total

Of course, this does not include new appliances, and those can add a lot of cost. But if you’re looking for a purely cosmetic upgrade to your kitchen, you can definitely DIY it for under $5,000!

DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas

For some, completely dismantling their existing kitchen and replacing everything is the best answer.

In other cases, some quick touches and changing only what doesn’t work anymore is they way to go.

The latter option, is also the one that lets you do it without breaking the bank.

Whatever plans you have in mind for your kitchen, I am sharing some of the best DIY kitchen remodel ideas to inspire you.

They are full of innovative ideas, and you have lots of different styles to choose from!

1. Modern Traditional DIY Kitchen Reno Reveal

Modern traditional kitchen renovation with white cabinets and gold hardware.

A mix of modern and traditional styles, this bright kitchen required some elbow grease, and it was totally worth it!

You can save lots of money on things like open shelving, new lighting, and new cabinets if you’re willing to install and/or assemble them yourself.

Even small things like new faucets and hardware can have such a huge impact!


2. Eat-In Kitchen Reveal

Eat-in kitchen area in rustic style with cowhide rug and wooden floors.

The rustic modern look with white planked walls, wood accents, and the cowhide rug make such a welcoming space to eat and spend quality time with the family.

This transformation is full of excellent DIYs and makeovers you are welcome to ‘steal’ for your own kitchen renovation.


3. Neutral Kitchen Reveal

Neutral kitchen with dark cabinets, butcher block countertops, and white walls

White walls will make any space appear larger. Painting cabinets black makes them stand out and you can easily avoid a bland look by adding wood countertops and chairs.

Open shelves may require occasional dusting although they will let you display your favorite containers, dishes, and even greenery.

This will warm up the kitchen and you will love walking into it every single time!


4. Pink & Mint Kitchen Reveal

DIY Kitchen makeover with pink cabinets, mint oven, golden hardware, subway tile backsplash

Something that can be super intimidating when considering a kitchen makeover is purchasing new appliances.

These cost a pretty penny so it’s a good idea to consider at least selling the old ones that still work properly to get some money back.

However, the mint appliances and pink-painted cabinets livened up this kitchen to a whole new level!

You’ll find many creative ideas in this kitchen reveal so keep reading to get all the deets.



5. Minimal Kitchen Makeover

Minimal kitchen makeover with dark countertops, wood floors, white walls, and open shelves

Even a minimal design such as this one can work really well for a kitchen.

The dark counters and floor of this DIY kitchen renovation offer a nice contrast against the white walls and cabinets while keeping the space look uncluttered.


6. DIY Bright Kitchen Makeover

Bright kitchen reveal with light painted cabinets, herringbone patterned backsplash, and wood floors

This classic kitchen is full of amazing DIYs and transformations that will blow your mind!

Painted cabinets, a desk converted to a pull-out trash, a disguised soffit, and DIY cabinet end panels are a few of the projects included in this kitchen reno.

How cool is that?


7. DIY Kitchen Island Update

DIY Kitchen island update with white geometric trim.

Do you have a kitchen island that needs a bit of love? This tutorial will show you how to add a modern geometric trim in just a few hours with minimal expenses!

As long as your kitchen island is functional and you’re happy with its shape and size, there’s no need to tear it down and replace it with a new one.

This update is perfect even for beginner DIYers, and you can paint it in your favorite color!


8. Colorful Renter-Friendly Kitchen Reveal

Renter-friendly kitchen makeover with bright neon colors and wood floors

Living in a rental can pose some difficulties when renovating. Giving your kitchen a makeover is still possible, and this colorful kitchen is proof anyone can do it!

Painted cabinets, walls, and countertops, peel and stick floors and backsplash, and clever decorating of any available space can work for your kitchen too!

These bright neon colors look fabulous although you can easily apply these excellent ideas with a different color palette.


9. Basement Kitchen Makeover

Basement kitchen makeover in classic style with white walls, cabinets, and open shelves

This classic kitchen remodel DIY is bright and white and the look is just stunning!

The space looks light and airy with brand new countertops, shelves, and minimalist bar stools.

You can also keep things simple when it comes to shelf decor and wall art. A touch of greenery here and there is also welcome!


10. Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Reveal

Modern cottage kitchen makeover with subway tile backsplash, white cabinets, butcher block counters, and tiled floor

The modern cottage look is still trending as it has a special warmth that will make both family and guests feel cozy.

You’ll learn plenty of things from this cheap DIY kitchen remodel including how to paint cabinets, how to convert flat cabinets to shaker style, DIY shelves, installing butcher block countertops and more!


11. Modern Rustic DIY Kitchen Renovation

Modern rustic kitchen renovation with subway tile, white walls and cabinets, wood floors, and eclectic rug

Sometimes it takes a lot of elbow grease to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Subway tile, white walls and cabinets combined with gold hardware and wood floors offer a classic look that will last a long time.

To break the monotony, a colorful rug will is one of the easiest ways to make a statement and liven up the kitchen.


12. $1000 DIY Kitchen Remodel

Bright kitchen renovation with neon accents, chickenwire pendant lights, and white cabinets

It’s amazing what you can do even with a low budget when renovating a kitchen.

One brilliant way to get those costs down, is to sell the appliances and furniture pieces you know you won’t be using anymore.

A fresh coat of paint is also the easiest and cost-effective way to refresh all the old things you plan to keep, even painting hardwood floors.


13. Bright And Happy DIY Kitchen Renovation On A Budget

Modern farmhouse kitchen renovation with teal cabinets, butcher block countertops, and laminate floors

Painting those dated oak cabinets in white and teal really took them from drab to fab. That’s just the start of this vibrant kitchen transformation!

Of course, adding new hardware and butcher block countertops is also a nice touch.

This DIY kitchen renovation is proof you can do it even on a low budget if you’re willing to do the work yourself and you find the best deals for all the purchases you need to make.


14. DIY Kitchen Makeover

Modern rustic kitchen makeover with black and white cabinets, kitchen island, dark wood floor, and golden hardware

A black and white kitchen might seem too neutral but not if you have that gorgeous white painted brick backsplash!

It adds an interesting texture and the island with a wood countertop is the touch of warmth that pulls everything together.


15. Bright & Cozy Kitchen Reveal

Cozy kitchen renovation with white walls and cabinets, dark wood floors, and rustic accents

Here’s a light-colored kitchen with dark floors and warm wood accents such as chairs and a few decor pieces that turned out absolutely stunning!

A rustic rug, a delightful window treatment, some greenery, and the neutral artwork really add to that cozy factor.


16. Eclectic Kitchen Reveal

Eclectic kitchen makeover with neon yellow cabinets, faux stone kitchen island, and mudroom area

If you’ve been searching for a unique look for your kitchen, this one could be the inspiration you needed!

The bold cabinet color adds a lot of interest to this kitchen and so does the island. It has a beautiful bar with a live edge surface, it’s wrapped in AirStone and those gorgeous corbels are a DIY project.

Amazing, right?


17. Coastal Cottage Kitchen Reveal

Coastal kitchen renovation with light blue cabinets, white tile backsplash, and white countertops

The coastal rustic style is bright with shades of blue and wood accents that will give you summery vibes all year long!

If you have laminate kitchen cabinets, painting them nicely is totally doable. Lighting is also super important and you have plenty of options to make an upgrade.

Instead of purchasing a new one, you can give an old lamp a makeover or even buy one from a garage sale or an antique shop!


18. Modern Farmhouse Small Kitchen Remodel

DIY Small kitchen makeover in farmhouse style with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances

Can you believe this beautiful farmhouse kitchen makeover is 100% DIY? You’ll get tons of budget kitchen remodel ideas from their transformation.

Even if you have a small kitchen, you’ll be surprised how much a remodel can improve it in both appearance and function.

The DIY concrete countertops give it a modern industrial look along with the shelves which are handmade as well.

If you don’t want or can’t afford wood floors, opting for faux wood tile is the next best thing!


19. Renter-Friendly Kitchen Reveal

Renter-friendly DIY kitchen renovation with geometric tile backsplash, open shelves,  and white cabinets

Here’s another renter-friendly kitchen update that turned out excellent.

There are many brilliant ideas that led to this transformation despite the limitations imposed by living in a rental home.

Check out the video to find out all the deets!


20. Pink And White Kitchen Makeover

Elegant kitchen makeover with pink and white accents, wooden floors, and golden hardware

When your kitchen has both looks and functionality problems, it’s time to get to work!

This white kitchen with subtle pops of pink and gold hardware is elegant and welcoming at the same time!

It’s difficult to believe that pink tufted banquette is a DIY project although it’s totally true.


21. Modern Boho DIY Kitchen Remodel

Modern boho DIY kitchen remodel with dark green cabinets, wood floors, and geometric patterned tile backsplash

Going for the dual-tone kitchen with light top cabinets and dark green lower cabinets really was a clever idea.

Wooden floors and floating shelves bring in some warmth and the island with DIY wood slat trim adds a textured focal point completing the look.

If you’re up for some woodworking, there are so many ideas you can use from this incredible kitchen reno!


22. Design & Install Your Dream IKEA Kitchen

DIY Kitchen remodel with IKEA furniture, subway tile backsplash, butcher block countertops, and golden hardware

IKEA furniture is budget-friendly and leaves plenty of room for customization so it’s a great solution for an affordable DIY kitchen renovation!

This post is a comprehensive guide to designing and installing an IKEA kitchen. The first phase is super important so don’t rush through it!


23. Kitchen Renovation With Dark Cabinets & Open Shelving

DIY Kitchen renovation with matte black cabinets, golden hardware, subway tile backsplash, and open shelves

You’ve probably noticed by now that open shelving is super popular as it lets you display various decorative items that will make your kitchen stand out.

Dark cabinets are practical since signs of wear and tear are not so visible compared to lighter colors.

They look wonderful against white walls and the space can be easily warmed up with wood countertops and floors.

Try this look for a cheap kitchen remodel DIY project with high impact.


24. DIY Coastal Kitchen Makeover

DIY Coastal rustic kitchen makeover with light aqua kitchen island, and dark wood floors

I love this almost neutral coastal DIY kitchen renovation with subtle blue accents!

As you can see from the past makeovers this kitchen went through, the end results are quite impressive.

Don’t overlook apparently small details such as lighting, backsplash, and rugs. They can really pull everything together!


25. Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Farmhouse kitchen makeover with teal kitchen island, white cabinets, and metallic pendant lights

Giving dark cabinets a paint job is one of the simplest upgrades you can do in your kitchen.

The teal paint really brightened the entire space and the finish definitely looks professional.

Many other changes have been done in this kitchen, including a DIY range hood cover, a cabinet with custom glass panels, new pendant lights, and updated bar stools.


26. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover With Turquoise Cabinets And Open Shelving

DIY Kitchen renovation with white walls, white open shelves, turquoise cabinets, kitchen island, and wood floors

Lots of white and accents of turquoise is a bolder choice compared to lighter shades of blue and what a wonderful one it is!

As amazing as it looks, this kitchen reno stayed under $1500 which makes it even more impressive.

Of course, all that money saving was possible with effort and it was certainly worth it.


27. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Neutral farmhouse DIY kitchen renovation with dark blue cabinets, patterned tile floors, and vintage decor

This farmhouse style makeover uses neutral colors and warm wood tones for a cozy look and feel that will make you spend your entire day in the kitchen.

To complete the look, be sure to add some rustic decor elements such as containers, vintage kitchen items, and cute towels.


28. Bright White Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Bright DIY kitchen makeover with white cabinets, silver hardware, patterned tile backsplash, and dark wood floors

As a fan of white you might wonder how would an all-white kitchen look?

This makeover turned out gorgeous even if all the walls, cabinets, appliances, and counters are white or pretty close.

The secret is, the patterned backsplash and the dark wood floor add separation between the white areas and it really worked!


29. DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover For Less Than $400

DIY Budget kitchen makeover with butterscotch painted base cabinets, black appliances, and black countertops

If your kitchen is still functional but there’s visible signs of wear and tear, you can DIY a pretty low-budget makeover.

Be prepared for lots of painting, polishing, and redecorating. This is a great way to minimize expenses while also avoiding waste.


30. 80s Kitchen Update Reveal

DIY Modern kitchen renovation with blue tile backsplash, and white cabinets

Updating 80s style melamine and oak cabinets brought a dramatic change to this kitchen.

The dark blue backsplash definitely looks better with white cabinets. Even more, the countertops receive a frugal update via contact paper.

After lots of work, the space became bright and welcoming, just how a modern kitchen should be!


So, are you feeling as inspired as I am?? I love seeing kitchens get transformed – they’re just such a special space in a home!

As always, let me know if you have any questions about these kitchen makeover ideas.



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