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$2 DIY Mini Mailbox for Valentine’s Day

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Simple steps for making a personalized mini mailbox out of a dollar store mailbox! Place them on your desks for Valentine’s Day exchanges between coworkers or classmates.

This post was originally published on February 6, 2017 but has since been updated to include printable instructions.

In December, one of our managers got these cute little mailboxes for our desks a way for us to give each other treats or notes during the holiday season.

We ended up liking them so much that I volunteered to paint and personalize them for us to use all year round!

These personalized mini mailboxes would be perfect for a valentine mailbox at a Valentine’s Day celebration for kids.


While I personalized ours using vinyl cut on a Cricut machine, you wouldn’t have to do it that way. You could use pre-made letter stickers or even fun, Valentine’s Day stickers!

You could even wrap them in a strip of scrapbook paper or paint them a bright fun color.

The sky’s the limit!

But today I’ll be showing you how I painted and decorated them to take on a more traditional, personalized style.

If you love the idea of this project but really don’t feel like making one, here are a few pre-made options for Valentine’s Day:

They’re a bit more expensive, but take less work!

Now let’s get to the DIY, shall we?

How to Make a DIY Mini Mailbox

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed to make a personalized mailbox.

Instructions for Making a Mini Mailbox from the Dollar Store:

Step 1 – Tape and Prep

Knowing I wanted to keep the flags red, I started by covering them with painter’s tape.

I used two pieces of tape, one around the flag and another around the pole.

I didn’t bother to try and cover the tack because I didn’t really want it to be gold anyway, instead I allowed that bottom section of the flag to get painted silver.

Tape your personalized mailbox flag before painting.

Step 2 – Spray Paint

Next I gave them three coats of spray paint – each about 2 hours apart.

I placed them on cardboard in the grass so over-spray gets “cut away” rather than staining the concrete.

I did my first round of paint on them standing upright with the flag down.

The second round was on their sides with the flag out to get the bottom and where the flag had blocked paint in the previous step.

And lastly, with them upright and the flags pointed up. This gave an adequate coverage to all of the sides.


Step 3 – Personalize

After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I took off the painter’s tape and went to work personalizing them.

I considered putting our full names along the main part of the box but decided against it because we all have cubicles and desks with the aisle on different sides so I’d have to put the name on both sides.

Instead I decided to put just our first initial on the front of the door.

I used my Cricut machine (if you don’t have one, look into getting one, they’re AMAZING!! I’ve heard really good things about Silhouette machines too…) to cut the letters out of adhesive-backed vinyl.

Then, stuck the vinyl letter on the front and viola!

A cute, functional, personalized mailbox for my desk!

Aren’t they fun?

Like I said, we originally got them at Dollar Tree for our Christmas gift exchange, but after this makeover they can be used all year round for notes, encouragements, and more.

My favorite part is that it only took about an hour to make them for 10 people!

I’d encourage you to make them in bulk if you have a group of coworkers or classmates that would enjoy having them.

Three examples of the DIY personalized mailbox dollar store hack.

There are so many variations to this projects – the options are endless!

Try painting them a fun color rather than silver or putting stickers on the sides rather than a letter.

As promised, here are the printable instructions:

Yield: 1 Mailbox

DIY Mini Mailbox

DIY Mini Mailbox

Turn a dollar store mini mailbox into a festive Valentine's Day box for exchanging valentines!

Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2


  1. Cover the flag with painter's tape.
  2. Spray paint the entire outside of the box - three coats should be plenty.
  3. Personalize it with stickers or scrapbooking paper!


I cut out the vinyl letter stickers using my Cricut, but you could easily use pre-made letter stickers or festive Valentine's Day stickers instead!

I’d love to see what others do with this concept, so please feel free share your final product with me if you give this DIY project a try. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!



2 thoughts on “$2 DIY Mini Mailbox for Valentine’s Day”

  1. That vase was actually made for me by my 3 year old son! My mom bought the ceramic vase and let him paint on it before glazing and firing it. Sorry I’m not more help with the technique!

  2. The mail box project is really cute, but I’m in love with that vase you have sitting it by it! It looks as if you might be in to pouring paint. If that’s how you made that vase, I’d love to see a tutorial on mixing and pouring!

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