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DIY Plywood Desk – 19 Simple Designs to Build

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Want to build your own DIY plywood desk? Try one of these easy tutorials and get your office looking stylish for a fraction of the cost!

Making your own furniture is great but when you have a low budget you need to get creative.

If you’ve been thinking about building yourself a new desk consider plywood as material if you’re trying to keep things frugal.

There is an abundance of DIY plywood desks and a lot of them have easy to follow instructions so you can have excellent results.

Plywood is versatile, cheap, and easy to find so it makes sense to use it at least for the desktop if not for other parts.

Of course, you can stain it, or paint it any color you’d like and you can also use the hardware to set the style.


Frugal DIY Plywood Desk Builds

When building your plywood desk you might want to consider what type of plywood you will choose.

The graded plywood has a nicer look and is a bit more expensive but it might be worth it for the final look.

I have some awesome DIY plywood desks to share with you so take a look and maybe you will find just the project you were looking for!

1. Wall-Mounted Desk Tutorial

Lack of space can be seriously annoying but there is always a workaround.

For instance, this space-saving wall-mounted desk is perfect for small rooms.


2. DIY Industrial Computer Desk Plans And Tutorial

The industrial look will never get out of style!

Give this gorgeous project a try: it uses mainly 2x4s and a sheet of plywood for the desk top.



3. Farmhouse X Office Desk

I love the look of this beautiful farmhouse desk and it has some practical storage space which is perfect!


4. DIY Chippendale Desk With Easy Desk Plan

You have to admit this desk has a mesmerizing design and the best part: it comes with easy-to-follow plans.


5. DIY A-Frame Desk

This stylish and simple A-frame desk uses one sheet of plywood and some boards, and just a few power tools so it’s the perfect project for beginner woodworkers.


6. DIY Resin Top Desk

The glossy finish gives this desk a very sleek look, right?

The top was made with plywood and resin and it’s totally doable!


7. Transformable Hairpin Leg Desktop DIY

Corner desks are so comfy and functional it would be a shape to opt for something else if you have enough space.

This project uses higher-quality plywood to create a sturdy top that will last a long time.


8. DIY Modern Wood Desk With Drawers

Do you have a modern home?

If yes, this desk is just the thing you might need: simple and also practical thanks to the built-in cabinet.


9. DIY Custom Craft Desk

Making a large craft desk on a budget can be a difficult task but not if you follow this tutorial.

The result is spectacular!


10. DIY Farmhouse Desk

Give your rustic office a facelift with this gorgeous farmhouse desk that includes free building plans.


11. Leaning Crate Ladder Bookshelf & Desk

Your child’s room might be in need of a desk in which case this DIY comes with the perfect space and piggybank-saving design.

Furthermore, the crate bookshelf is also worthy of attention: there’s never enough storage in the kids’ room!


12. Make Your Own Custom Built-In Desk

Incorporating storage into your desk can be easily done using cabinet built-ins and plywood is a convenient, cheap option for the desktop.


13. DIY Desk With 1 Sheet Of Plywood

This is an amazing DIY that can really put your woodworking skills to good use!

You can use the techniques here for your own desk build or use the plans & cut list provided for a small sum.


14. How To Make A Simple Desk Using Only One Sheet Of Plywood

Here is another project using one sheet of plywood and it has a timeless simple layout that can be customized using your favorite paint or stain!


15. DIY Flip Desk

Prepare for the most versatile desk ever!

It can be used as a table, office desk, vanity, and more.

The best part, it’s mostly plywood and a set of premade table legs.


16. DIY Plywood Waterfall Desk

Waterfall desks can really make an impact and I don’t think you can make a nicer one for less.

This one looks more like designer furniture rather than homemade DIY.


17. Ikea Hack Plywood DIY Double Desk

It can be difficult to create a shared space that looks pulled together but I think this Ikea hack double desk is the perfect solution for a siblings’ room.


18. DIY Modern Desk

Here is a plywood desk that couldn’t get any easier so if you are a beginner this is the project for you. Just plywood and hairpin legs. What more could you ask?


19. DIY Desk With Hairpin Legs

This is another easy to make DIY plywood desk and you might like this one better because it has drawers.



So, did you find one to build for your home office?

My favorite thing about building your own DIY plywood desk is the fact that you get to customize it for your space! It’ll be the right size, color, even style.

I hope one of these tutorials works out for you!

We’re working on one for our son to use in our dining room since school is mostly from home this year.

Think it’ll be white to match the shiplap wainscoting with a black windsor chair like the dining chairs!

I’ll share a little tour of it on Instagram soon. 🙂

Happy building!



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