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20+ DIY Vanity Ideas on a Budget

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Update your bathroom or closet on a budget with one of these stylish DIY vanity ideas! Whether you’re looking to maximize storage, create unique style, or take advantage of a small corner in your home, one of these DIY vanity options should be perfect for you.

While we’re not in the 50s anymore, the vanity has remained a chic and functional piece of furniture we ladies dream of having.

It’s perfect for your bedroom or bathroom but can be placed in other spaces such as a nook or even a walk-in closet.

Making your own vanity furniture can certainly be exciting and exploring existing designs is the first step you should take.

There are tons of brilliant DIY vanity ideas and most of them are cost-friendly too!

From Ikea hacks to upcycling and woodworking, there are plenty of options to DIYing a vanity and just as many styles to choose from.

Even more, a lot of these projects can be customized to your liking to blend perfectly into the surrounding space.


Check out the makeup vanity tutorials for a vanity without a sink, and the bathroom vanity tutorials if you’re looking for a DIY vanity with a sink.

DIY Makeup Vanity Projects

A chic space where you can make yourself pretty doesn’t have to be just a dream even if you are on a tight budget. Take a look at these amazing DIY makeup vanity ideas for inspiration!

1. DIY Vanity out of a Desk

The perfect combination of elegance and function has been achieved with this desk to vanity DIY. There’s ample storage space and the free plans and instructions will help you complete this build with ease.


2. Flip Top Vanity With Free DIY Plans

If you’ve every wondered, “How do I make a vanity desk and mirror?” then this is the perfect idea for you! A flip top vanity with a hidden mirror? Yes please!


3. DIY Desk Vanity With Deep Drawers

Are you the type of gal who never has enough storage space? This DIY vanity desk is 80% drawers and the raw wood look can be customized with wood stain, paint, or even contact paper!

Can you use a desk as a vanity? Absolutely! This one proves that to be true.


4. Upcycled Vanity From A Vintage Sewing Table

What a brilliant idea! A sewing table has tons of storage space so it can be magically transformed into a functional DIY vanity table.


5. DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity

You can go fancy all the way with this gorgeous glass top makeup vanity. It’s surprisingly easy to make and can be completed in a few hours.


6. DIY Standing Vanity With Pegboard & Hidden Mirror Storage

With this modern and simple standing vanity you can showcase your favorite cosmetics and makeup tools and use them to style your bedroom or bathroom.


7. Wall-Mounted DIY Makeup Vanity Table With Storage

If your bedroom is small, this wall-mounted vanity might be the perfect solution. It keeps the space uncluttered and it’s a pretty simple build.


8. How To Create A Super Simple Vanity With A Shelf

Are you looking for a really easy DIY vanity that doesn’t take up too much space? This DIY vanity shelf project uses a wall-mounted plain white shelf and you can make it in an afternoon.


9. Vintage Sewing Machine Table Turned Chic Vanity

Using thrifted furniture to create a vanity is a wonderful idea as it can get you some pretty unique results without breaking the bank.


10. DIY Floating Desk Vanity With Storage

This desk vanity has ample hidden storage and a mirror. It’s the perfect piece of functional furniture that is totally worth building.


11. How To Make An Ikea Vanity Hack

For the classy and modern bathroom this Ikea vanity hack is a simple solution and the colors can be easily customized to your liking.


What can I use for a makeup vanity?

Here are a few great ideas for things you can use to create a makeup vanity:

  • Floating Shelf
  • Desk
  • Upcycled Nightstand
  • Oversized Pegboard

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

It’s amazing how you can transform a space by customizing your furniture. Doing it all by yourself is totally worth the effort as you will save a lot of money and you can make it in your favorite style.

If your bathroom needs an upgrade and you need additional storage, a DIY bathroom vanity might be just what you needed. Here are some of my favorite DIY vanity projects for your bathroom with step-by-step instructions that look stunning.

12. Build This Bathroom Vanity For $120

Do you need a vanity in your bathroom but you think your budget is too low? This might be the perfect project for you.


13. Small Bathroom Vanity With Free Plans

Do you have a small bathroom that needs a refresh? Put your woodworking skills to good use and make a beautiful rustic vanity no one will believe wasn’t purchased.


14. 24″ DIY Cane Bathroom Vanity

If you want to impress people this is the vanity to build. Cane furniture is so classy and timeless!


15. Classy Modern Vanity Ikea Hack

Remodeling a bathroom on a tight budget can be though but if you need a low-priced DIY vanity idea here’s a great one. Turn a Ikea sink cabinet into a modern vanity by following this tutorial.



16. How To Make A Dresser Into A Vanity Tutorial

Repurposing old furniture is a great way to save wood and protect the forest. Try this clever idea if you have an old dresser that lost its purpose or needs an upgrade.


17. DIY Bathroom Vanity For Wall Mount Sink

I love it when a piece of DIY furniture comes out looking amazing but it’s also super functional. This bathroom vanity is the perfect example as it’s stylish and also has lots of storage space.


18. DIY Open Shelf Vanity

An open shelf vanity can make your bathroom look more spacious and you can use the shelves to add small décor items as well.


19. DIY Bathroom Vanity With Bottom Drawers

This vanity is another practical solution that looks gorgeous. You get an open shelf but also two drawers at the bottom so you won’t be lacking storage for your bathroom essentials.


20. Powder Room Vanity Build Plans

A simple vanity with a built-in cabinet and a bottom shelf will look great in any bathroom. Since you will be making it yourself, you have the option to adjust the dimensions to fit your bathroom perfectly.


21. Rustic Modern Bathroom Vanity Build Plans

Your spacious bathroom needs a great vanity to shine! Try this build to create a gorgeous piece of furniture with plenty of storage and a modern rustic look.


22. Repurposed Furniture As A DIY Bathroom Vanity

Here is another thrifty idea on how to use old furniture for your bathroom vanity. Finding the vintage cabinet with the perfect sizes for your bathroom might require some searching but it’s totally worth it!


So, did you find one you love? I sure hope so!

We built DIY vanities in both of the bathrooms at our last house – you can check them out here and here.

Have a wonderful day, friends!



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