10 Easy DIY Wood Slat Wall Ideas to Try

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Add a trendy accent wall to your space with one of these easy wood slat wall ideas!

Slat walls are a fun trend that’s going on right now and I am starting to develop a small obsession myself!

The slat wall style can look great in any paint color and it can help you add some texture to your walls and warm up the space.

Not convinced? Check out some of my favorite DIY wood slat wall ideas below!


10 Wood Slat Walls to DIY

These days slat walls are considered mid-century modern but not too long ago they were mainly used by shops to display merchandise.

Here are some interesting DIY slat wall projects that might help you decide if this style can work for your home.

1. DIY Staircase Slat Wall

A very successful one-room-challenge that adds a lightly stained slat wall to the staircase as a partial space separator.

Credit: dorseydesigns.com

2. Easy DIY Mud Bench Slat Wall

Slat walls can still be used for storage and look great at the same time such as this mud bench area transformation.

Credit: queenbeeofhoneydos.com

3. DIY Horizontal Slat Wall In The Office

Creating a horizontal pattern is also an interesting idea and the light blue paint used in this project matches the rest of the room flawlessly.

Credit: danslelakehouse.com


4. DIY Wood Slat Headboard

This wood slat headboard also uses a horizontal layout and it’s a wonderful DIY to try if you don’t want to do only a partial cover for your accent wall.

Credit: themerrythought.com

5. How To Make A Corner Wood Slat Accent Wall

Yes! A black corner slat wall surrounded by pure white will give the room a whole new dimension.

Credit: lovecreatecelebrate.com

6. Wood Slat Wall For The Outside

Add some curb appeal to your house with this gorgeous slat wall idea. This is a frugal way to give your house a facelift and the slat wood pattern looks amazing against the brick walls.

Credit: inmyownstyle.com

7. DIY Natural Wood Slat Wall

A seating or reading area can be easily highlighted with a full slat accent wall.

Credit: withinthegrove.com

8. Affordable Slat Wall

If you have a tight budget this project is definitely worth taking a look at. Also, the walnut stained slats look amazing against the black painted wall!

Credit: simplyalignedhome.com

9. Installing Modern Wainscoting In The Office

Dark green is a brilliant color choice for an office slat wall and dark colors, in general, are a good choice if you have white walls and furniture.

Credit: nadinestay.com

10. Easy DIY Slat Wall Art

Slat walls look impressive but they can also be intimidating. If you are not prepared to give your accent wall a full slat coverage try this beautiful wall art idea. It uses faux succulents so no need for a green thumb!

Credit: kristindiondesign.com

Where to Install a Wood Slat Wall

There are so many places in a home where a slat wall would look nice.

As a bedroom accent wall, in a small closet or nook, on the outside of the home, or even as wall art.

Yes, slat walls can go pretty much anywhere you have a flat surface so they are definitely worth considering.

Did you find a wood slat wall to try in your space?

I know I’m tempted to put one in my home now! 😉



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