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12 Cheap & Easy Fall Living Room Decor Ideas

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Come tour our living room decorated for fall and get some lovely fall living room decor ideas for your home too! These 12 autumn decorating ideas are both affordable and stylish!

The fall season brings all sorts of warm and cozy feelings – what better way to enjoy them than with a living room that gives off those same vibes?!

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

There are lots of easy and affordable fall living room decor options and in today’s post I’m going to give you a little tour of our living room decorated for fall along with some autumn decorating ideas for you to try!

I hope you enjoy seeing this year’s indoor fall decorations in our home. ๐Ÿ™‚


Our Fall Living Room Decor

To begin, let me welcome you to our living room decorated for fall!

As seen here, our living room is on the back of the house (the garage is the other side of that left wall) and you enter from the kitchen.

We recently sold our white slipcover sofa to some friends and ended up purchasing a new sofa and rug (our old rug was super worn out…)

We also moved our DIY hairpin leg bench from the master bedroom out here to function as our coffee table.

The only new decor I bought for fall this year was the orange leaf stems on the piano – everything else you see was either in storage or borrowed from another space. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, let’s take a deeper look at what I’ve done in here and walk through my favorite fall home decor ideas!


12 Fall Home Decor Ideas for a Living Room

1. Blankets

I mean, what’s cozier than blankets strewn around the room asking for you to snuggle up?!

I may go overboard, but I’ve got a total of 6 blankets in my living room – two on the hearth, one on the sofa and three in the basket.

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add a seasonal feel to a room.

I chose to use mostly neutral colored pillows in plaid and faux fur, but you could just as easily add some fun fall pillows to the mix like the small lumbar pillow on our accent chair!

3. Candles

The warmth that a candle’s flame gives off is one of my favorite ways to make a room feel cozy for fall.

Try a fall-colored candle (like orange, yellow, or brown) to add an additional bit of fall to the decor.

Not comfortable with the real flame? LED candles like these are almost just as good!

4. Natural Wood

Fall is all about the natural elements – think sticks, wood, leaves, acorns, pumpkins.

Try adding a few pieces of natural wood to your space.

Like our small cutting board on the coffee table, the coffee table itself, the shutters on either side of our TV, the wood bead garland or our mantel.

5. Fall Foliage

While it often is, fall foliage does NOT have to be gaudy or tacky.

Rather than purchasing lots of cheap foliage from a place like the dollar store, try buying a few high-quality stems you can reuse each year. Like the faux maple leaf twigs on our piano.

One of my biggest secrets for making faux stems appear real – put water in the vase! No one will assume they’re fake if you’ve got water in there for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t want to buy faux stems? Head outside and cut down some real ones!

6. Faux Fur

You may already know this about me, but I am obsessed with faux fur… I love everything about it!

So, if you want to add some coziness to your living room for fall, drape a faux fur rug over a seat somewhere – like the hearth, piano bench, or coffee table.

7. Floor Pillows

Toss a few large floor pillows or bean bags out to encourage people to sit and stay awhile!

Try one in a natural color for some added fall feels.

8. Pumpkins

To keep your decor from getting too tacky, try using some simple real pumpkins (like the ones on our mantel) or a stylish ceramic pumpkin (like the one my mom made me on the entertainment center.)

Limit the number of pumpkins you place in your living room – a little goes a long way!

9. Garland

I love adding garlands during the holidays – they just always give off a festive feel.

Try a DIY pom pom garland (in any color, although I recommend neutrals!) or a wooden bead garland like this one.


10. Fall Sign

Signs with themed sayings on them are super popular – pick one that reminds you of the season.

Center it on your mantel or hang it above something like your sofa or a console table!

11. Colored Vase

Add a pop of color to your space with a bright fall-colored vase like the one on my mantel!

Then fill it with neutral stems like these farmhouse-style cotton stems or some basic twigs.

12. Baskets

Natural baskets are not only a great way to store items like blankets and movies, but they’re also a great way to add texture to the space for fall.

Try placing one on the floor next to your sofa to toss all of your blankets in!

Autumn Decorating Ideas & Tips

How do I make my house cozy for fall?

  1. Use mostly neutral colors with just a pop of warm color.
  2. Add soft textures like faux fur and shag rugs.
  3. Make sure there are lots of throw blankets around.
  4. Add a floor pillow or two.
  5. Use natural elements and textures like baskets, wood, pumpkins and cotton/fall stems.
  6. Light a candle.


How do I keep my fall decor from looking to “Halloween”?

To avoid looking too much like Halloween decor, try keeping your fall decor focused on nature.

Halloween is much more artificial and cartoon-ish – think about all the neon colors, the cobwebs and the characters like witches and skeletons.

If you stick to using natural elements like described above, your decor will tend to look more like autumn and less like Halloween.


Affordable Indoor Fall Decorations

You know me – I’m obsessed with making my home look like a million bucks without spending tons of money.

And I’m positive you can do the same!

You can shop my favorite fall decor under $50 on Amazon here!

So, ready to decorate for fall? I sure am loving our fall living room!

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  1. Thank you so much for not doing all the ugly Halloween decorations. We do not celebrate this holiday and so for years have decorated with fall decor. It’s so much nicer and makes the focus on harvest and then on thanksgiving for all our blessings.


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