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Five Fabulous DIY Faux Fireplace Tutorials

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A faux fireplace is a wonderful option if you love the look and feel of a decorated mantel, but don’t want to invest in a costly real fireplace installation. It’s also a great option for renters! You can easily fill it with lit pillar candles to still get the feeling of warm fire, but it’s much less maintenance.

One of my favorite things to decorate is our fireplace mantel. I don’t know what mantels were originally designed for, but in today’s world it seems to be a spot solely designated for decor! And a spot we get to redecorate with every season! Fun right?!

We’ve been working with a client recently to design and build them a movable faux fireplace and mantel, and as I was scouring Pinterest to find some inspiration, I found some fabulous faux fireplaces that I wanted to share with you all. These tutorials are by a few of my fellow DIY and Home Decor bloggers, so I’d encourage you to head to their pages and check out their step-by-step instructions on how to build their fireplaces. Don’t forget to snag my free decorating guide for mantels too!

 Live locally and don’t want to build one yourself? We’d be happy to build one for you!

Enjoy, my friends!


Why build a faux fireplace?

  • Fireplaces are a fixture that emits the feeling of comfort – adding one instantly ups the “cozy” factor in your home.
  • Mantels are a wonderful spot to put some of your favorite decor, and it’s easy to switch out as your style changes.
  • A faux fireplace can be moved or adjusted if needed, because it’s not a permanent fixture!

5 Fabulous DIY Faux Fireplace Tutorials

DIY Faux Fireplace
by Kristi of Making it in the Mountains
via AKA Design

DIY Faux Fireplace
by Lauren of Bless’er House
via Remodelaholic

Faux Fireplace with Hearth
by Sara of The Aqua House
via Make It and Love It

DIY Mantel
by Michelle of Blue Roof Cabin

DIY Shiplap Fireplace
by Megan of The Definery Co.

faux fireplace

Can you believe all five of those are faux fireplaces?? I love the style they add to the rooms! Now, go build yourself a fireplace, would ya?? 😉

Let me know if you have any questions!


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