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20 Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas to Build

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Get inspired to build your own DIY faux fireplace with one of these easy, and totally doable, tutorials! A fake fireplace adds tons of charm and style to a home, so get building!

Dreaming of a fireplace decorating your home with no chance of installing one? Check out these easy DIY faux fireplace ideas!

Building a real fireplace can cost a pretty penny, and sometimes, it might not even be possible! Your living room can still be just as charming if you build a fake one.

There are some amazing DIY faux fireplace tutorials out there, and I am sharing my favorites with you. You have plenty of ways to tackle this project, and just as many styles to choose from!

20 DIY Fake Fireplace Builds to Try

1. Faux Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

This fireplace is a combination of clean modern lines and a rustic touch added by the gorgeously stained wood mantel.

I see this as a versatile DIY since you could easily restyle it using paint or a different material for the mantel.


2. DIY Faux Fireplace

Even if you have just a small budget for a faux fireplace project, this one is proof it can be done!

Using cardboard boxes and plaster you can shape your fireplace however you want and get a rough but gorgeous look!


3. DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel With Tile And Faux Brick

For a clean and timeless faux fireplace design, check out this amazing DIY. Then, you can style the mantel by season, holiday, or any other occasion.


4. DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel

A decorative mantel that looks a bit worn out will definitely make your living room feel warm and cozy!


5. Tiled Faux Fireplace

The faded pink, the herringbone pattern, and the rugged tiles combine into a unique-looking fireplace!

I really loved the texture of the tile although you can experiment with other types of finishes.


6. Easy DIY Faux Fireplace

With a fireplace like this, I am sure all your guests will mistake it for a real one. The faux logs are also super cute and add a rustic vibe everyone will love.


7. DIY Faux Fireplace

Having a fireplace on Christmas can really set the mood. That’s not the only reason you might want one, but it does matter for many of us.

This one is a custom build, so if you have basic woodworking skills you will definitely enjoy making it.


8. DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel Tutorial For Beginners

If you’re looking to keep things simple, just the mantel might be enough. Even a classic frame is an excellent place to add a vignette or any other decorations.


9. How To Create An Antique Fireplace Mantel With A Whitewash Technique

Finding a thrift store mantel to restore will take some time and patience. When you find the right one, you can enjoy the restoration process and add your favorite type of finish!

This tutorial will show you an easy whitewash that will weather your wood mantel in the most charming way.


10. DIY Fake Brick Fireplace

Whitewashed brick is not just gorgeous, it also adds the extra touch of realism a fireplace needs to look real.

This one is fake, of course, but a fantastic one!


11. Faux Fireplace Surround

Make a statement faux fireplace using a bright green color and rustic logs. This build is easy to customize so your fireplace can be exactly the size you want.


12. DIY Faux Fireplace And Mantel

You will need some woodworking experience to build this stunning faux fireplace. The good news is you get the complete list of tools and instructions to pull this off flawlessly!

The natural wood finish of the frame is genuinely attractive, but you can always give it a paint job if you want a more colorful look.


13. DIY Faux Fireplace

Are you looking for a faux fireplace idea for your child’s room? This one was made as part of a rustic adventure theme.

The most important item you need for this project is a wooden fireplace surround. You will definitely find some at antique and thrift shops though.


14. DIY Faux Wood Log Fireplace Screen

A DIY faux wood log fireplace screen can be useful for both real and fake fireplaces. You could never stack logs like that in a real fireplace if actually want to use it.


15. Faux Shiplap Fireplace With Real Heart

This $100 project turned out really great!

The overall simple lines and the shiplap merged into one pretty faux fireplace that’s a bit farmhouse and a bit modern at the same time.


16. How To Build A Faux Fireplace

For a more glamorous look, this project might be just what you’ve been searching for.

It’s a bit more expensive, although totally worth it! Making it yourself will still save you a lot of money.


17. Faux Fireplace With Hidden Storage

Isn’t this fabulous? The hearth space is turned into hidden storage. A great place to keep DVDs, books, magazines, and board games, among others.


18. Fake Fireplace Idea

Turning your faux fireplace into a seasonal vignette is just a relaxing afternoon project!

If you have at least a mantel surround, decorating it will have a serious impact on the room.


19. DIY Mantel Tutorial

Whether you plan to make this mantel yourself or hire a professional, you’ll find the complete cut list and detailed instructions in this post.

The simple design will allow you to customize the finished look using whatever paint or stain you’d like!


20. Designer-inspired Fireplace Mantel

Genevieve Gorder’s signature style is turned into an affordable DIY with a polished appearance that will impress everyone.

Painting the back of the faux fireplace with a dark color is part of this unique style and it adds a dramatic accent that highlights all those elegant lines.


Some pretty fun ideas, right?

I hope you found one that will add charm and style to your home. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions!



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