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Our Floral-Filled Spring Home Tour

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Looking for some spring decor inspiration? Come take a tour of our home filled with florals for Spring and get all sorts of ideas for how to add a touch of flowers to your home!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been obsessed with floral stems lately.

There’s just something so lovely about them!

Which is why when I decorated our home for spring I decided to put them all over. 😉

I hope today’s tour of our home decorated for spring gives you some inspiration for your own home’s spring decor!

As always with a seasonal tour, I’ve linked up the sources for everything I can – if it’s not linked up, it’s likely something I thrifted and couldn’t find a comparable for.

Feel free to reach out if you don’t see the source you’re looking for!

Enjoy the tour, my friend.

Our Spring Home Tour

The Entryway/Dining Room

Let’s start at the front door!

We don’t have a true entryway, as our front door enters into our dining room, but we’ve done our best to create the illusion of a true foyer or entryway by adding a row of coat hooks and a shoe cabinet that also serves as an entry table.

The shoe cabinet is from IKEA (we covered the top with marble contact paper and plan to add black hardware as a way of “sprucing it up”) and fits just perfectly in this space.

To mix it up for spring, I re-hung Chris’ art pieces and added a large floral bouquet.

In the dining room, I decorated almost exactly how I did for our big makeover reveal.

This included a bouquet of eucalyptus on the console table and a bouquet of hydrangeas on the table.

We’ve also kept our faux fiddle leaf fig in the corner by the window seat – I just love the life it adds to the space (even though it’s artificial!) 😉

If you’re looking to add real foliage to your home, be sure to check out our list of the 40 best indoor houseplants.

The console table is painted to match our kitchen base cabinets and I like to leave it rather simple when it comes to decor.

I added a few extra pillows to the window seat, including my new favorite Ikat-style cover that came with our new couch!

The window seat has and always will be one of our favorite places in this house to hang out.

There’s just something magical about the feeling of being right next to the outdoors.

I love the view of our dining room from the kitchen – it’s so welcoming and cozy!

I didn’t add much to the kitchen for spring, besides a few floral stems in the open shelves and one green plant on the counter.

The Living Room

And now we’re on our way to the living room (or what we like to call, the family room!)

In order to get there, we go through the kitchen.

Like I said, it was all about the flowers this year, so there are quite a few in the family room.

Let’s start by looking at the fireplace!

I used our favorite floral painting as the main focal point on the mantel and added some simple vases of floral stems on either side.

I like the way the orange and pink floral stems match the painting but give it a bit of a modern feel with the glass vases.

The greenery in the tall vase is actually just a pre-built bouquet from Michael’s, making it super easy to decorate with.

One of my favorite tricks for creating balanced vignettes is to add height by stacking – the yellow geometric candle in this grouping was just a bit too short next to the flowers, so I stacked it atop a few marble coasters!

Down on the hearth I added my favorite floral patterned pillows and a simple, grey throw blanket to make it cozy.

The piano looks pretty similar to last year – floral stems in the middle, and simple decor on either side.

I love adding height to the middle of the piano and did that this spring with peach blossom stems in a blue-glass vase wrapped up by my wood bead garland.

Makes you want to play piano, doesn’t it? 😉

Over on the sofa, I placed some more spring-inspired pillows (floral, ikat and blush) and swapped out my faux fur blanket for a casual, blue knit one.

I was nervous about purchasing a non-slip-covered couch when we got this one earlier this year, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easily spills clean up off of it.

I even spilled coffee on it last month and after a quick clean it’s good as new!

On the floor, I swapped out the large, brown leather floor pillow for a few geometric bean bags.

We have a small living room, so offering up floor seating is a must.

On the coffee table (which is really just a bench with a rug and tray on top) I put a single daffodil stem that my son cut for me out of the yard.

The blush vase came from Target’s dollar spot last year!

Here are a few more close ups of my artificial floral stems – they’re the perfect way to add a touch of spring style to the home!

Don’t be afraid to cut the stems off of the bunches they come in – these pink peonies came in a large bunch and I simply cut a few small stems off to fit them in the bud vase.

So, what did you think?

Ready to add some florals to your home this spring?

I know I sure love having them around!

Let me know if you have any questions, friends.

Happy Spring!




3 thoughts on “Our Floral-Filled Spring Home Tour”

  1. Can I ask what color of paint is on the walls and trim in your living room? Such a soft, cozy look! And then is the trim color the same white color you carried through the rest of your house in the dining room and kitchen? Thanks! Very beautiful.

    • The walls are Aged Beige from Behr and all of the trim and wainscoting is their Pure Ultra White (with no tinting) in the semi-gloss!

  2. It looks very comfortable and restful but do you know how long that rug would stay white?? My grown son works as a mechanic, my husband takes his boots off when it’s bedtime. He wears high top work boots since he was in the service 50 yrs ago. Nothing in this house very long.
    I’d give that rug about 5 mins but I do love it.
    Did a great job.
    Did I mention we have a husky that sleeps wherever he wants. Can’t win but enjoy what you have done.


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