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5 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Decor and Furniture

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Happy Friday! Can’t believe it’s March already… The month of February flew by! I hope you all had a wonderful month and are ready for spring! Today’s 5 Friday Favorites post is a look at some of my favorite places to shop for affordable home decor and furniture. They’re my top resources in regards to getting things for both myself and clients. I love their selection – and even more – their prices. I’ve also listed the ITEMS I typically go to each place for, in case you’re in the market for something specific. I hope this helps you next time you’re shopping for your home!

1. TJ Maxx

We don’t have very many retail options in our small town, so TJ Maxx is always my first go-to if I want to shop at a brick-and-mortar store. My favorite things to get here are baskets, throw pillows and clocks.

where to shop

2. Hobby Lobby

In the next town over, we have a Hobby Lobby! I was SO EXCITED when they finally put this store in our area! It’s a designer/crafter’s dream… My favorite things to get here are wall decor and floral stems.

where to shop


Oh man, I could spend way too much money at IKEA… It may be because it’s about an hour and a half drive to the closest one, so I feel like I need to get anything and everything when I do finally get up there. 😉 My favorite things to get here are faux greenery, lamps and furniture. Most of our built-in cabinetry is from IKEA, as well as our bedroom set, our guest room day-bed and our sofa. Their low prices make it a great option for “bigger” purchases!

4. Goodwill

Did you see my post a few weeks ago about what I shop for at thrift stores? Goodwill is my main go-to, however I swing by a few others every once in awhile. I like to try and go around once a month to see what new stock they’ve gotten! My favorite things to shop here for are accent dishes, wall decor and florals.

5. Decor Steals

This is an online “deal-a-day” type store that specializes in farmhouse decor. I love their stuff – and it’s typically pretty reasonably priced. I’ve gotten many of my larger farmhouse decor items from them, like my chicken feeder plate rack (shown above), my metal blanket ladder and my wood/metal shelves shown below.

where to shop

So, next time you’re looking for something for your home, you know where to go for the following items:

  • TJ Maxx – Baskets, throw pillows and clocks.
  • Hobby Lobby – Wall Decor and floral stems.
  • IKEA – Faux greenery, lamps and large furniture.
  • Goodwill – Accent dishes and simple decor.
  • Decor Steals – Farmhouse decor.

Have fun shopping! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “5 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Decor and Furniture”

  1. That’s a good idea! I figured they’d fall under the thrift store category. But I definitely love their mission!

  2. You did not mention the Savation Army thrift stores you would not believe the furniture I got there straight from manufacturer given to the sal army store . Bedroom , dining room & livingroom total $ 1100 !!
    All the money go to help people in need.

  3. So Cool! Your list for The Best Places to Shop for Affordable Decor and Furniture decor is just super cool and modern. They all just look so attractive and also very impressive. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing blog. Will definitely try one of these at our home. Thank you once again. Keep writing and keep updating.

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