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15 Best Outdoor Deck Decor Ideas for a Stylish & Inviting Space

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Create your dream outdoor living space with these 15 must-have outdoor deck decor ideas!

Having a deck and being able to live outdoors for part of the year is such a wonderful thing!

But decks can be an expensive addition to your home, so decorating it well is an important thing to get right.

All it takes to have a fabulous looking (and super functional) deck is a few simple decor items and in this post you’ll learn all about those 15 must-haves!


Outdoor Patio Deck Decorating Tips

How do I decorate my outdoor deck?

The first step to decorating any space is to consider how you’re going to use your deck.

Are you planning to entertain a lot? Want lots of seating for lounging or more for dining?

Then, shop for your main furniture (including rugs!) first.

After you’ve set up the main furniture, add your outdoor deck decor (like plants, pillows and blankets) last.

Create a cohesive design by keeping most of the colors neutral and adding pops of complementary colors here and there.

How do I make my patio look nice?

Adding lights, plants and soft textures like pillows or curtains are easy ways to make an otherwise boring patio look nice!

How can I make my deck more inviting?

The two easiest ways to make a space more inviting is to make sure there’s enough seating and to add soft elements.

If someone comes out onto your deck and feels there isn’t anywhere for them to land (whether that’s a bench, a chair or a soft rug) they won’t feel welcomed or invited into the space.

Soft textures are another thing that subconsciously ask people to stay.

This could be as simple as throwing a few pillows on the chairs, or as complex as hanging curtains around the exterior.

Think about how to make the space more COMFORTABLE and that will in turn make it more inviting.

How do you style a deck?

The same way you style an indoor space!

Think about creating “rooms” on your deck, ground them with furniture atop an outdoor rug, and add textiles like pillows, plants, and wall decor to each space.


15 Best Outdoor Deck Decorating Ideas

1. Comfortable Seating

One of the most common uses of a deck is relaxing or lounging – which is why it’s essential that your deck have comfortable seating.

This could be a sectional-style outdoor sofa, some chairs paired with a loveseat, or even a simple bench with a cushion on top.

Just be sure you or your guests have somewhere cozy to sit down and chat.


2. Casual Dining

If you plan to have meals on your outdoor deck, then having a simple dining table set up is a must.

Most outdoor dining sets come complete with the table and chairs – and even some come with an umbrella!

Be sure to grab one that can hold up to the weather all year if you don’t have somewhere to store it.


3. Outdoor Cooking

An outdoor patio deck is the prefect place to use a BBQ or do some outdoor cooking!

Place your BBQ near the edge of your deck and be careful not to place plants around it that can be damaged by the heat.

Consider adding a simple counter top near your grill to make serving the food easy too.


4. Rugs

Especially if you have multiple “areas” on your deck – like a dining space, a lounging space, and a cooking space – rugs are a must-have for deck decor.

Rugs are the best way (indoor or outdoor) to unify and ground a space.

Place large outdoor rugs under each area of your deck – this will not only anchor the area but will also make them more inviting!

deck reveal

5. Lights

Lighting is one of the BEST ways to make a deck feel stylish and inviting.

You can add lighting in many different ways – the most popular being string lights, and lanterns.

String lights are the traditional way of creating a warm ambiance around and outdoor living space and there are lots of configurations for hanging them around a deck.

Have a pergola? Hang them around that!

If you don’t have a structure around your deck to hold string lights, consider making these easy DIY string light planters.

Solar lanterns are also great ways to add some light to your deck.

You can place the hanging solar lanterns from a pergola, a roof-line, or even a wire and set standing ones on the tables or even the deck itself!



6. Shade

An outdoor deck can get very hot during the afternoon hours if it doesn’t have any means of providing shade.

If your deck is uncovered, consider adding some sort of structure that can provide the much-needed escape from the afternoon sun.

Popular shade options include umbrellas, pergolas, and shade sails.


7. Curtains

One of the easiest ways to add softness and an inviting feeling to your outdoor deck is by hanging curtains!

Curtains bring a bit of the inside out, and makes the space feel more finished and stylish.

If you have a pergola, hang them in the corners .

If your deck doesn’t have any surrounding structures, consider installing a simple privacy screen on one side and hang soft blinds on the inside.


8. Fire Table

Fire tables are an excellent way to elevate your entertaining abilities on a deck.

Easily transition from dinner to drinks by the fire with the switch of a button.

While fire tables can be an investment, they add a wonderful ambiance to the space and give it a much more sophisticated feel.


9. Heater

In certain areas, the evenings cool down quick, and having a patio heater on your deck can be essential.

The two most common types of heaters for a deck are standing heaters and table-top heaters – both powered by propane.

If you like to linger on the deck late into the evening, then grab yourself a heater of some sort so everyone stays comfortable even when the temp starts to drop!


10. Storage

Stylish storage is a must in every living space, including a deck!

Grab a nice storage tote for tucking away your blankets, pillows and decor when the deck isn’t in use.


11. Plants

Potted plants and flowers are a fabulous way to add style to your deck.

While it seems counter intuitive (since the deck is likely surrounded by plants,) greenery adds life to an otherwise cool feeling space.

Try adding at least 3 plants to your deck – all at different heights – like one sitting on the deck itself, one on a table and one hanging!


12. Blankets

Throw a few light-weight blankets on your seats to encourage people to linger.

There are lots of outdoor blanket options that can stand up to the elements, or you can just purchase some low-cost throws each spring and replace them every year.


13. Pillows

Pillows are a must-have for outdoor living spaces – so place them anywhere and everywhere you want!

Most importantly, make sure the seating area has them on each seat and that there are a few extras in your storage bin.

deck reveal


14. Wall Decor

While many decks don’t have actual “walls” around them, there are quite a few ways you can hang decor on the surrounding areas.

Does your deck line your home? Consider hanging a clock or piece of art on your house’s exterior wall!

Do you have a large tree trunk next to your deck? Hang a stylish thermometer on the tree!


15. Ground Decor

Other types of decor that can add the finishing touches to your outdoor patio deck are things like lanterns, stools and ottomans.

These items sit on the ground and can easily fill empty spaces or increase the style in ares that might seem otherwise boring.


Well, there you have it! 15 must-have outdoor deck decor items that will make your outdoor living more stylish and inviting.

I hope you were able to get some ideas for how to spruce up your deck or patio!



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