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Backyard Makeover Chronicles – Garden Project Update

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Hi, friends! Who’s ready for an update on our garden project?!

It has been about 3 weeks since I originally shared our garden project plans with you, and in that time we (and by “we” I mean Chris…) have done quite a bit back there! We ended up having some plan changes in the beginning, but once those decisions were made, we quickly began making progress.

The first big plan change we made involved the moving of the shed. As I shared with my email subscribers last week, we have decided NOT to move the shed into the garden area until mid-summer. The ground here in Oregon is super wet (we get A LOT of rain) and moving it with large machinery before the ground dries out would ruin our lawn.

We also decided to increase the size of the fenced-in chicken run for two reasons – one, we don’t want to maintain the bark and flower beds in that area, so why not let the chickens have at it, and two, we would like to have other animals back there someday (like goats or a mini-horse) so it’s better to do it now then re-do it later.

One thing I’ve learned, and you will quickly discover about home renovations and projects, is that the plan is ever-changing. As much as you prepare, when you get into the actual “doing” of the project, things change. But that’s ok, and honestly, I think it’s half the fun!

With those two decisions made, Chris began by installing the fence posts along the extended chicken run perimeter. He used a manual hole-digger to dig 3ft deep holes for each pole and then filled the holes with concrete.

Our next big task was clearing out the area where our shed and raised beds will go. This corner of our property was A MESS and it if it weren’t for the help of our neighbor (who ended up coming over and excavating the area for us) it would have taken a lot of time to clear out. With the help of the excavator, we had that section cleared and leveled out in just a few hours!

In the last week, Chris just about finished installing the fence posts along the raised bed area and we plan to install all the fencing and the second gate this weekend!

And just in case you’re still wondering how it’s all going to end up looking, here’s a diagram to help you visualize:

And lastly, here’s a peek at how our “mini-project” list has morphed:

  1. Install the metal fencing
  2. Build the raised garden beds
  3. Install road-fabric and gravel around raised beds
  4. Move spigot and install watering system
  5. Plant veggies (May)
  6. Move and paint the shed (mid-July)
  7. Install two new doors and a half-wall in the shed
  8. Install a gate behind the shed from chicken run to garden

We are aiming to have #1-4 done before the spring season of the One Room Challenge (which starts on April 4th!) but we’ll see if that actually happens… For sure the shed won’t get moved until July, but hopefully we’ll have the rest of it finished up and ready to plant our vegetables when the season hits! If you missed our last ORC project, head here to read all about our master bathroom makeover. This season we’re redoing our dining room and you won’t want to miss it!!


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2 thoughts on “Backyard Makeover Chronicles – Garden Project Update”

  1. That’s quite the project! What a wonderful place you will have (and lots of great food) when you are done! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.


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