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35 Cheap Simple Christmas Table Decorations to Try!

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Decorating your Christmas table should be a fun and relaxing activity. Check out these cheap & simple DIY Christmas table decorations that can add a touch of magic to your festive dinner!

There’s so much to prepare for the winter holidays. Are decorations important? Yes, but it doesn’t mean you need to spend fabulous amounts on your decor or work at it for weeks.

Whether you’re a fan of neutral decor with natural elements or you’re after a lively and colorful style, we’re not lacking amazing arrangements that can be used as inspiration.

With frugal DIY Christmas decor ideas such as these, jazzing up your festive table and even the entire home can be done in a matter of hours!

Simple Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

1. Beautiful & Free 10-Minute DIY Christmas Table Centerpiece

Isn’t it lovely when we can make something gorgeous with items we already have?

You just need some clippings of evergreen shrubs and berries, a container like a crate, bucket, or basket, and a few decorative accents.

The result will be a pretty Christmas centerpiece that will look good anywhere you choose to display it, not just on a table.


2. Faux Flower Bottle Brush Tree DIY Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Inexpensive bottle brushes become floral Christmas centerpieces perfect for a colorful and elegant tablescape.

You only need the bottle brushes, some faux flowers, and, optionally, a bit of fake snow to make this easy craft.


3. White and Gold Centerpieces As Christmas Table Decor

White and gold is a classic color combination for Christmas decor. You can use gold tableware, glasses and other items with gold accents for your glamorous tablescape.

A neutral centerpiece will always look great, and this one is truly effortless to put together.

To recreate it you will need a snowy winter wreath and some electric candles.


4. Christmas Candle Centerpiece

Here’s a gorgeous centerpiece that gives you a lot of creative space to personalize it.

For the greenery, you can forage or buy spruces, evergreens, cedars, pines, boxwoods and holly bushes.

Pomegranate is used to add pops of festive red, but you can opt for other seasonal fruit such as apples or oranges.


5. Easy Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Upcycle old bottles into a lovely Christmas centerpiece without breaking a sweat!

The bottles are filled with pine sprigs. Herbs, flowers, berries, or even glitter make excellent replacements.

This idea can apply to other holidays and events by using seasonal flowers and greenery.


6. Tabletop Christmas Tree Using Free Clippings

Fresh green clippings are pretty easy to find during the winter holidays with some Christmas tree farms even giving them away for free.

There are so many ways to use them for decor, and making a mini Christmas tree is definitely a brilliant one!


7. The Prettiest DIY Ornament Bouquet For Christmas

Christmas table centerpieces couldn’t be easier than throwing your favorite ornaments, some greenery and berries, into a cute container!

Floral foam is the perfect base that will let you assemble your “bouquet” quickly.


8. Snowy Tree Winter & Christmas DIY Table Decoration In 20 Minutes

DIY decorations that take under 30 minutes are my kind of project, especially ones as budget-friendly as this one.

You will need a tin can, fresh cuttings, sand and water ( as a floral foam substitute to keep the cuttings in place), burlap ribbon, and some twine.

A really easy method is used to make the branches appear snowy, and it’s definitely worth the effort.


DIY Christmas Table Setting Ideas

9. DIY Cork Tree Name Cards

These simple place markers are super easy to make and look really neat!

Just put a sprig of artificial greenery in a cork and add a name tag.


10. DIY Buffalo Check Place Cards

Add a little modern farmhouse style to your table with these easy DIY place cards made out of paper and a sprig of rosemary!


11. DIY Reversible Wooden Placemats

Painted wood boards turned into placemats are the perfect way to add some unique style to your table.

Different patterns or colors on each side doubles their function by making them reversible!


12. DIY Christmas Table Chargers

Table chargers will add up to your layered decor, making it appear well-thought. If you don’t want to buy them, making your own is cheap and easy.

The secret is to make them using whatever Christmas wrapping paper would work well with your decorating style.

Since this means you just need to cut some wrapping paper circles, it will be done in minutes!


13. “Mad For Plaid” Christmas Table With DIY Placemat

Rustic plaid decor on the Christmas table will make your guests feel all warm and cozy.

The pinecones, winter greenery, and berries add up to the charm of this easy tablescape that will make your holiday photos look amazing!


14. DIY Photo Card Name Tags

Looking for an easy but super creative craft for your Christmas tablescape?

Try these outstanding photo card name tags. They’re not just for table decor though.

These can easily double up as party favors your guests can take home!


Cheap & Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

15. Easy Christmas Table Decorations

Using natural elements such as eucalyptus greens and pomegranates for your red and green decor is a wonderful idea!

Add some ornaments for that extra festive touch, and your holiday tablescape is ready.


16. Elegant DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Village

Take some Dollar Store Christmas buildings, give them a quick paint job and they become a whimsical holiday village.

It would look great as part of a vignette, on a mantel, as well as on a Christmas table.


17. Versatile Holiday Table Decor

Winter holidays are always so busy, it’s actually nice to spend less time setting up your decorations. There’s plenty of other stuff to do!

With some fresh rosemary sprigs, you can jazz up plain old white candles, surround them with red apples and your Christmas table centerpiece is ready for display.


18. DIY Holiday Table Runner

Decorate a table runner with bright shapes using a stamp for this year’s Christmas table.

You can use whatever colors you need to complete your existing decor. It’s definitely a fun and easy craft, even the kids might want to try!


19. DIY Amber Glass Christmas Ornaments

Amber glass is a great addition to vintage and rustic decor and you can quickly turn plain glass ornaments into amber-colored ones.

Keep in mind you will need to use glass paint for this project. It works on clear plastic ornaments as well, but the glass ones are the better option.


20. DIY Floral Christmas Garland

When creating a floral arrangement such as this stunning garland, you have plenty of room to play with colors and textures.

Adding some tall candles is a nice way to add depth to your tablescape while still allowing your guests to see each other.


21. DIY Rosemary Table Garland

Rosemary is also a suitable herb for creating a natural garland.

Something that shouldn’t be ignored is also the fact that arranging food nicely is decorative by itself.

And if it looks great, why hide it with an overwhelming amount of decor? Keeping it simple just works.


22. DIY Gold-Patterned Candle Holders

It’s so easy to create a pretty tablescape on a budget if you’re willing to do some crafting.

For these lovely candle holders, you will practically apply patterns using metallic tape on plain glass candle votives.

No one will know they’re a DIY project unless you tell them!


23. Chalkboard Christmas Trees From Cardboard

There are so many ways to make decorative Christmas trees with inexpensive materials.

Most of us are not lacking cardboard boxes, especially around the holidays.

This also means it’s the perfect time to upcycle some of those boxes and what better way to use them than for table decor?


24. DIY Christmas Cloche (IKEA Hack)

IKEA’s glass domes are just the thing you need to create your own Christmas cloche.

Then, you can use your trusty glue gun to affix the ornaments to the base of the cloche, add some fairy lights, and optionally some sparkle for a glam look.


Inspiring Christmas Table Decorations

25. Elegant Christmas Table Tips

This bright rustic style can make the coziest Christmas table ever!

Feel free to use the decorations you already have following the excellent tips described in this post.

You’ll soon be able to decorate with ease for any season, theme, or event.


26. Christmas Table With A Twist

Take out the most colorful Christmas ornaments you have and arrange them in groups and transparent containers on your table for a bright and fun decor.

You can always complete the look with colorful bowls, a table runner, glasses, and many other items.


27. Simple Christmas Table With French & Rustic Elements

Mixing plates of different shapes and colors creates visual interest, and it’s practically effortless.

Vintage milk bottles with rosemary sprigs make a simple but wonderful idea.

The whole look is completed by an easy centerpiece made from a rustic bowl, winter greenery, and Christmas ornaments.


28. Rustic Christmas Table with Faux Fur Runner

This rustic Christmas table gives off all the warm and cozy feels.

Get creative Christmas table decor ideas from this table like folding up a blanket for a runner and using craft paper for placemats. These ideas will help you spruce up your table with ease.


29. Orchid & Pinecone Easy Christmas Table

Orchids are not a typically used flower for Christmas decor, but the white ones look amazing for a neutral holiday table.

White and green is such a soothing color combination, perfect for relaxing Christmas dinner table settings with friends and family.


30. White and Gold Christmas Tablescape

Create a winter wonderland with these simple cheap Christmas table decoration ideas!

A basic garland runner amidst gold elements makes this table cool.


31. Easy Metallic Christmas Tablescape

Metallic ornaments, silver candlesticks and beautifully folded napkins make a great example of how easy it can be to set up a festive table.

You could always switch the accent color and opt for gold, red, or blue.


32. Modern & Affordable Christmas Tablescape

Here’s a moody holiday table setting that still looks warm and inviting thanks to all the green accents.

Many of the items used to put together this tablescape are easy DIY projects, including that splendid table runner.


23. Red & Green Garland Centerpiece And Christmas Table Setting Ideas

With a simple cedar garland, you can have a stunning centerpiece that’s ready in 5 minutes.

Red berries, and white candles look like great decorations but you can experiment with other items such as oranges, vases, pinecones, tea lights, and many others.


34. Stunning Black Christmas Table Setting

Black is not exactly the main color people have in mind when decorating for Christmas.

It totally works, especially in a bright room.

And you can add some red fruit, greenery, Christmas ornaments and other items as color accents.


35. Easy Holiday Decorations That Use Grocery Store Ingredients

Some of the prettiest Christmas tablescapes, I’ve ever seen use natural decorations such as pinecones, nuts, and fresh greenery.

This post has some fabulous DIY Christmas decorations such as walnut place cards and a gorgeous eucalyptus table runner.


Aren’t these cheap, simple Christmas table decorations just lovely?! I plan to try at least a few this year – especially #28!

As always, let me know if you have any questions.



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