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26 Home Office Must-Haves for a Small Business

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Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, these 26 home office must-haves will get you set up for success!

It’s been about a year since I started working from home and, let me tell you, having an efficient office space has been so important!

Not only does it enable me to get things done quickly and easily, but it also makes my workspace both comfortable and productive.

Whether you’re setting up your home office for the first time or needing to get your existing office whipped into shape, give these 26 home office must-haves a shot and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are!

Home Office Must-Haves and Tips

How do you set up a good home office?

I’ve found the key to setting up a good home office is making it FUNCTIONAL.

Do this by thinking through how you plan to use your office, what makes that process easier or faster, and how can you make sure each of those elements are productive and safe?

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing in this 5-post series with Office Depot!

If you’re just joining us, this is my fifth and final post in a series where I’m transforming my she-shed home office into a fully functional small business office!

Last fall, in preparation for my full-time work on the blog, we converted our backyard shed into what we call the “she-shed” or my home office.

While it was a lovely, well-decorated space, I quickly discovered it wasn’t all so functional when I actually started working in it.

So, over the last 6 months, we’ve worked hard to make that pretty space into an efficient and productive home office!

You can catch up on this series here:

I hope this simple list of home office must haves helps you get your office set up for success!

Home Office Essentials List

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are the 26 items you should make sure you have in your home office. ?

1. Computer

In today’s day and age, it’s critical that you have a fast, reliable computer to use for your small business.

Depending on your preference, both laptops and desktops are great options.

Obviously, as a blogger, I do most of my working on the computer, so I invested in a nice one! ?

2. Monitor

If you choose to use a desktop computer, be sure to get a decent sized monitor and place it on a stand if needed to make it the right height.

You can also hook up a laptop to a larger monitor if you want too!

3. Software

One of the things that can make or break your success is having the right software.

Again, think through what your business needs to work well – is that a word processor? Spreadsheets? Photo editing?

Make a list of what you need to do your work and then research the best options for each!

4. Printer/Scanner

As I discussed in this post, having a quality printer/scanner has been a game-changer for me!

Prior to getting my current printer from Office Depot, I always struggled when I needed to print things and now I can print wirelessly from any device anywhere in my home! It’s amazing!

Be sure to do some research and find one that fits on your printer station and has the features you need for your business.

Close up of an HP printer on top of a white bookcase.


5. Tech Support

I truly believe that one of the most important things to have in place for your home office is reliable tech support.

Imagine setting up your home office with all of the expensive equipment listed here only to have an issue that you can’t fix on your own and no one to call!

I recently enrolled in the Workonomy 24/7 Unlimited Remote Tech Services from Office Depot and honestly, they are a dream come true!

The thought of dealing with technical issues has always stressed me out – I mean, my entire business is done online – so having someone to call with questions (no matter how big or small) is huge for me. It’s like having my own IT department!

With the help of their representative, the initial set-up was super easy and included installing their support software which monitors and protects my computer, provides me with easy access to their support, and is capable of scans and performing tune-ups on my PC.

Thankfully, I don’t have any tech issues at the moment, but I feel confident that Office Depot is ready to back me up when something does.

I think the best part is that they have someone available to help me (in person, on the phone) 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Even better, within 5 minutes of calling, they can gain remote access to my computer and work through my issues with me hands-on.

Seriously, if you want to stop worrying about your technology and start focusing on what’s important to you, be sure to head over and check out all of the amazing Workonomy tech services from Office Depot!

6. Wireless Mouse

I seriously can’t live without my wireless mouse!

They’re easy to use and simple to pack up and take with you if you’re working remotely.

7. Wireless Keyboard

Another thing you’ll need is a keyboard! The wireless ones are easy to use and convenient for keeping cords to a minimum.

8. High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is a serious home office must have.

Check with your local provider for which speed is going to be best for the type of online work you plan to do.

9. Wireless Router

Now that you have internet, a wireless router makes things much more efficient.

Not having to have your computer plugged into the internet cable allows you to work anywhere in your office or even the rest of your home!

10. Backup Drive or Cloud Storage

I was once told that it’s important to save your files in 3 places – on your computer, on a backup drive and to the cloud.

I’ll be honest, at this point I’m only doing two of those, but either way, make sure you have a back up of all your files somewhere!

11. Telephone

Most likely you already have a smartphone, but if you don’t – be sure to get a land line so you can have a phone number and way for people to call your company!

12. Paper Shredder

If you deal with any confidential information, having a paper shredder is definitely one of the home office must-haves you’re going to need. Be sure to recycle the paper after you shred it!

13. USB Drive

Even with cloud storage, it’s important to have a physical way to save files and take them with you or give them to other people.

Keep a low-cost USB stick on hand for the random times you need that capability!

14. Headphones with a Mic

Headphones are nice when working remotely or when someone is in the office with you.

I’ve also found that using headphones with a built-in mic is more effective on conference calls or video chats than the mic on my computer!

15. Surge Protector

A surge protector can keep your electronics safe in the case of a power surge. They’re an affordable way to protect your expensive equipment, so don’t skip this one!

16. Desk

How well your desk functions will be critical to your success – so think hard about what size and height you need.

Also consider if you want one that can rise to a standing position.

I actually started with a desk that was way too small for me and it made working so frustrating!

I finally realized I needed one that was large enough for my computer, a note pad on one side and my planner on the other – that’s 5’ wide!

So just make sure and think through your preferences and needs before buying one. ?

17. Chair

It may sound cheesy, but getting a quality chair is extremely important for your body’s health and well-being.

Especially if you’re sitting in it working a lot of hours in the day!

Opt for one that’s ergonomic and sits you at the right height for your desktop.

18. Adequate Lighting

If your home office doesn’t have an abundance of windows (like mine) be sure to have enough lighting to make it easy on your eyes to work.

This could include a floor lamp to light up the entire room or a desk lamp to focus on your desktop.

19. File Cabinet

If you’re keeping your office well-organized, you’re most likely going to need a file cabinet for filing your records.

Many desks come with one in their drawers, but if not, you can get small ones on wheels that roll under your desktop or into a corner!

20. Storage

Have at least a few storage cabinets or cupboards for your backstock supplies.

We purchased and hung some basic white cabinets in the she shed specifically for that purpose!

21. Fire-proof Safe

Keep your valuables safely stowed away in a fire-proof safe.

This can be stored in your desk or a cabinet, just make sure it’s easily accessible.

22. Personalized Decor

As I’m sure you know, I’m a huge fan of making things pretty. ?

I also like having personalized items in my space to make it feel more like “me”.

I’d encourage you to add photos, art, signs, pillows, blankets, even rugs to your home office and make it feel more like YOUR space.

23. Plants

Real plants have been known to add quality to the air, and I’ve found that even faux plants add a cheerful element.

Try adding a small one to your desk!

24. White Board or Cork Board

Hang a white board or cork board on the wall for writing notes or reminders to yourself!

I actually use my white board to schedule out my week using sticky notes – which just goes to show that you can use it in whatever way you need to keep yourself on task!

25. Planner

Having and using a planner will make you a lot more efficient because it will help you keep track of what needs to be done when.

Grab one that organizes time the way you generally think about it – in days, weeks or months.

If you’re wondering, I’m obsessed with my planner – not only because it’s awesome, but also because it keeps me in check! Be sure to check out this post for all the details on my planner obsession. ?

26. Backstock of Supplies

Always keep a full stock of your needed office supplies in one of your storage cabinets.

This could include paper, paper clips, folders, pens, scissors, staples, etc.

New Office Setup Checklist

Now, let’s review these home office must haves in list form (since it’s my favorite way to see information!) ?

  1. Computer
  2. Monitor
  3. Software
  4. Printer/Scanner
  5. Tech Support (be sure to check out Office Depot’s Remote 24/7 Unlimited Tech Services!)
  6. Wireless Mouse
  7. Wireless Keyboard
  8. High-Speed Internet
  9. Wireless Router
  10. Backup Drive or Cloud Storage
  11. Telephone
  12. Paper Shredder
  13. USB
  14. Headphones with Mic
  15. Surge Protector
  16. Desk
  17. Chair
  18. Lighting
  19. File Cabinet
  20. Storage
  21. Safe
  22. Personalized Decor
  23. Plants
  24. White Board or Cork Board
  25. Planner
  26. Backstock of Supplies

I hope these simple ideas for setting up your office in an efficient and productive way were helpful!

Feel free to print this office essentials checklist off and use it as a reference as you organize!

And don’t forget to check out Office Depot for all your small business needs.




Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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