Instagram LIVE Summary – March 2018

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Hi there, friends! Earlier this month I started doing weekly Instagram LIVE sessions (Monday nights at 6:15pm Pacific Time) and it has been SO FUN!! Most week’s I’ll be answering reader’s questions about DIY, home decor and entertaining projects and this week I took you thrift store shopping. 🙂 Then, on the last Wednesday of the month, I’m going to post the cliff notes from each week! That way if you can’t make it to the actual LIVE sessions, you can still review the questions and answers from that month and I’ll also link up to the recorded videos on my YouTube channel so you can go back and watch them if you prefer video.

March 12, 2018 Reader Q&A


Do you have any resources about choosing lamps? I bought lamps for my nightstands and was told by several people that I needed to get taller ones. Apparently there’s rules about lamp heights?!

The purpose for bedside lamps is for a reading light and adding style. You will probably spend ~$50/each for good ones.

Bedside Lamps Rules of Thumb:
• Need one per person
• 1/3-1/2 width of nightstand
• Bottom of the shade at eye-level when sitting in bed
• Height from floor between 58-64”

Here are a few of my favorites from Hobby Lobby for under $100:





How do I organize a spatially challenged kitchen with limited counter and cupboard space?

• Use a collapsible dish drying rack for counter drying

Bamboo Drying Rack $16
Steel Drying Rack $15
Rose Gold Drying Rack $15

• Install additional open shelving

White Shelf $8
White Shelf Holder $6

• Use baskets to store the kid’s dishes, food or spices

Black Baskets $15
White Baskets $5

• Store your bags in a wall-mounted dispenser

Stainless Plastic Bag Dispenser $9

• Use a metal rack to take advantage of the lost space in the top halves of tall cupboards

6pc Rack Set $15
On Large Shelf $8

• Get a work surface for on top of the stove so you can use it as counter space when you’re prepping

Bamboo Cutting Board $21

Wayfair seems to be much cheaper price wise than many other popular home decor stores, what are your thoughts on Wayfair quality?

Wayfair does have great quality, but their furniture does have to be assembled. They also have excellent customer service. I’ve heard from a few people that had issues and said their attention was quick and effective!

Check out this post where I rounded up 15 West Elm copycat items from Wayfair for less that 50% of the cost at West Elm.

March 19, 2018 Reader Q&A


Which foam did you use for your DIY window seat bench?

We made the mistake of using 2” high-density foam with 1 layer of batting, and it’s not enough! I’d recommend going with 3” foam and then 2 layers of batting before upholstering to make it super cozy. The foam is expensive, so get it at JoAnn’s with a coupon and you can buy it by the yard so you only have purchase the length you need.

Foam ($125/7.5ft)
Batting ($9/yard)

What is the best paint to use on varnished wood without much sanding?

You can use any type of paint you’d like – the key is the prep work. You’ll want to clean it well with soap and water, lightly sand and remove all the dust, and then apply a STAIN BLOCKING PRIMER. This primer will help keep the varnish from seeping through your paint.

Our favorite stain-blocking primer is here ($16/gallon)
For painting cupboards or cabinets, our favorite paint is here ($50/gallon – but so worth it!)

What kind of window coverings can you do for windows that have tapered tops without having blinds that are hung in the middle? Want them open as much as possible but privacy when we need it.

Try making DIY fabric blinds (that don’t go up and down, just hang for privacy) and use simple tension rods to hang them when you want privacy. When you don’t want privacy, simply store them away in a storage ottoman or chest in the same room.

Tension Rod ($25)
Neutral Curtains ($35/pair)

March 26, 2018 Goodwill Shopping Trip


A few weeks ago I did a post about my favorite home decor items to buy at thrift stores. After getting a wonderful response from my readers about how much that post has helped them, I decided to make a printable “cheat sheet” for you guys to take with you to the store (get your copy here) and also to take you on a LIVE thrift store shopping trip with me to show it to you in action! On Monday’s LIVE, I purchased the following 9 items for just under $65 total:

  1. Metallic Mirror Frames
  2. Round Basket Tray
  3. Blue Glass Vase
  4. Small Pink Bowls
  5. Gold Frame
  6. Wood Slice Stand
  7. Throw Pillows
  8. White Corbels
  9. Gray Faux-Fur Throw

And, as promised, today I’m going to show you where I placed each of these in my home!

1 – Metallic Mirror Frames

I knew when I bought these that they were going to end up in my open hutch. 🙂 I love having these shelves to decorate – not to mention all the dish storage they provide! And honestly, I really like the prints that came in these, so I may leave them just like this…

2 – Round Basket Tray

I love getting trays like these and using them as a backdrop to my other decor. This one ended up on the open shelves above my desk in our dining room. 🙂

3 – Blue Glass Vase

I have a few other vases similar to this one, but they are all much smaller so I was really so excited to find this larger one! I am a huge can of blues and greens for my spring/summer decor, so this one found it’s home on my mantel. I’ll be sharing a much more detailed view of the mantel with you all on Friday. In the meantime, go download my guide for decorating your mantel so you can get yours all prettified for spring! 😉

4 – Small Pink Bowls

I was originally planning to put these bowls in my open hutch, but their pink color clashed a bit with the clear pink glass I got from Goodwill last month… So, they found their place atop our gray dishes in our one open shelf in the kitchen, and I’m loving the pop of color they bring to the space!

5 – Gold Frame

My favorite place in our home for gold decor is definitely our master suite. For some reason I just love it the elegance it brings to those rooms! Naturally, this gold frame found its home in our recently redecorated master bathroom. I haven’t decided yet which picture I’ll place in the frame – who knows, maybe I’ll leave it like I did with the pink ones! 😉

6 – Wood Slice Stand

I didn’t originally plan on buying this item, but my friend that was watching live convinced me to get it and I’m really glad I did! I chose to put it in my coffee nook under our cream and sugar jars and I think it looks really fun. 🙂

7 – Throw Pillows

I’m LOVING these two throw pillows I found that were brand new and still in the packaging! I put one on my fireplace hearth and the other in our green chair along with the fur throw I got (shown below.)

8 – White Corbels

I’ve been looking for large corbels for a long time, so I was really excited to find these for just $2 each! I knew when I bought them that I would use them as bookends and so placed them in the shelves above our desk. (Full shelves shown above with the tray.) 🙂

9 – Gray Faux-Fur Throw

Lastly, my favorite purchase of the evening (because I’m OBSESSED with faux fur right now) is our gray throw. I placed it on my green chair in the family room and it just makes me want to snuggle in and stay awhile! I really like how it ended up looking with the new pillows I got too.

So there you have it – how to thrift store shop for home decor (with an awesome printable cheat-sheet) and where to place your finds within your home! Wasn’t that SO FUN?? I can’t wait for our next shopping trip… I may have to take you rug shopping!

I really hope these LIVE sessions are inspirational for you as you look to decorate your home within your budget. Please, subscribe to the blog and then reply to my welcome email with your DIY and decor questions so I can answer them in one of my Reader Q&A sessions. I can’t wait to help you!




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