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Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Makeover Reveal

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See how we transformed two bathrooms into stylish spaces over a long weekend! This DIY redecorating approach will inspire you to give your bathroom a makeover for less!

Two weeks ago, we began a long weekend of bathroom renovations for my parents, and boy was it worth all the work!

Their new bathrooms turned out SO GOOD!! I’m super excited to share the results with you, so let’s just get right to the details.

Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Makeovers Before

Before I show you the before pictures, here is a diagram so you recognize what the layout looks like:

Bathroom Makeovers

Originally, the fixtures in these two bathrooms were identical – the lights, vanities and toilets were all the same. Here’s a few “before pictures” to get you prepared for how amazing this transformation was…

The full guest bathroom before:

New Bathrooms

And the half primary bath:

New Bathrooms

Now let’s look at the designs we came up with for transforming these spaces!

Bathroom Makeovers Design

My mom wanted to give them just a bit of similarity (with seamless flooring and paint colors) but also really wanted to give them their own styles too.

That’s why we went with the medium wood vanity set in the main bath and the white vanity in the master.

They also really wanted some shelving in their master bath that was built-in rather than the metal over-the-toilet rack they were currently using, and my step-dad had mentioned how much he liked the chunky wood shelves we have in our bathroom, so we used those as inspiration for the shelves we installed.

Here’s what our mood board ended up looking like:

The main bathroom is described on the left of the mood board and the half primary bath on the right.

Bathroom Makeovers Transformation

I thought it would be fun to go through what we accomplished each day, since our goal was to finish this in just 4 days.

We didn’t quite meet that goal, but we were pretty close.

We also ran into some rather time-constraining, unexpected situations, that added to our delay.

I hope you enjoy walking through this whirlwind of a project with me!


 Our first day was Thursday, and both my mom and step-dad had taken the day off from work to do the initial demolition.

By the time my husband and I arrived at 5:30pm, they had torn out everything besides the light fixtures (which would end up being replaced but were left in for functionality), the bath tub and one toilet.

Here’s a few pics they sent us throughout the day:

When we got there, my husband and step-dad got to work on installing the new three-piece acrylic shower surround.

This was when we hit our first dilemma…

While we had removed all the old tile surrounding the shower in preparation for the new surround, we had not removed the sheetrock around that side of the room.

Our plan was to leave the existing sheet rock because it was in good condition, but when they realized the new surround had to be nailed into the the studs, it was bye-bye sheetrock and hello to three days worth of mudding!

Good thing I’m looking for opportunities to practice my sheetrock work. 😉

With that decision made, my mom and I ran to Lowe’s for the rest of what we needed while the guys installed the surround.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the fact that I can fit a 4’x8′ sheet of drywall inside my suburban?!

By the time we went home Thursday night we had completely demo’d both bathrooms, installed the shower surround, painted the primary bathroom, installed the primary light fixture, installed the primary toilet, and installed half the drywall. Whew!

Here’s how things were looking:

New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms


My husband had to work on Friday, but I was off, so the kids and I headed over to help with more of the project.

It worked out good for my mom to hang with the kiddos while I worked with my step-dad.

By the end of the second day we had the main bathroom painted, the sheetrock installed with the initial round of taping and mud, and both the main toilet and primary vanity installed.

New Bathrooms

Sorry for the dark photo, I forgot to take pictures that night and this was the only one someone had snapped… 😉

New Bathrooms


Saturday was a huge day for the project – we got a TON of stuff done.

It was finally to the stage where finish work could actually start, so things began looking pretty again. 😉

My step-dad and husband started with installing the main vanity, light, and mirror and then my husband moved on to installing all the trim.

I did the second round of mudding and primed all three door jams.

For the record, I can’t stand painting dark wood door jams white – it’s so much work!

Sand, prime, and two coats of paint!

Then again, it’s totally worth it because they look so pretty when they’re done…

By the time we went to dinner that night, here’s how things were looking:

New Bathrooms


Starting to look pretty, right?

New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms


My step-dad had to work on Sunday, so while my mom watched our kids, my husband and I spent most of the day doing a bunch of finish work.

I did the final texturing on our new sheetrock, touched up all the trim-work paint, glued a trim frame around the master mirror, and painted two of the door jams.

My husband installed the cabinet above the main toilet, built and installed the master floating shelves, and prepped the doors for installation.

This was another dilemma we ran into!

Standard doors are all even 24″, 28″, 30″, etc. but my parent’s door jams are exactly that wide. That meant we had to trim 1/8″ off each side of all three doors so they had enough gap to function inside the jams.

Luckily my husband was easily capable of doing that, otherwise it would have made for a lot more work if we had to install new jams too.

New Bathrooms

I’m pretty happy with how the sheetrock turned out!

New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms

While the bulk of the work was done over the long weekend, we did do some finish work over the next week.

I went over one evening and spent about 4 hours painting the floating shelves, door jams, wall touch up, and the new sheetrock and my parents spent another few days installing and painting the doors.

But, I’d say this is a pretty fantastic project completion in such a quick timeframe!

And now onto the pretty pictures of my parents’ beautiful, new, jack-and-jill bathrooms. 🙂

Bathroom Makeovers After


New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms

I’m not normally a fan of wood bathroom sets, but I love how this one looks in here with the black, white and grey color scheme.

New Bathrooms

See that toilet paper box in the master bath? My husband built that to hide the bit of subfloor that was left showing since the new master vanity was shorter than the original vanity and we didn’t want to replace flooring! DIY problem solve for the win!

New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms

The new shower surround is beautiful – and you can see how the new drywall turned out around it.

New Bathrooms

I love the floating shelves in here! It makes the room feel wider since they go wall-to-wall.

New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms
New Bathrooms

This picture shows off 4 of my bathroom styling tips – install shelves, add greenery, store cotton products in glass jars, and display/stack towels.

New Bathrooms

My mom chose the perfect mini sign for their bathroom. What a good reminder!

New Bathrooms

Framing the mirror in white trim was a super cheap and easy DIY that completely transformed the space. And isn’t that light fixture awesome?!

And lastly, just for fun, let’s look at some simple before/afters side-by-side!

Amazing, isn’t it?! I love what a little DIY and can-do attitude can accomplish. 🙂

When all was said and done we estimated the total cost (materials only because we did all the work ourselves) was ~$2,000 and we put in around 85 total man hours.

I haven’t listed the sources here because most of the materials were purchased by my parents, but if you see something you love, let me know and I will do my best to get the source for you!

I hope you have a lovely week!




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