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How to Get Fixer Upper Paint Colors from Home Depot

This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

Get your favorite fixer upper paint colors from Behr at your local Home Depot with these paint color matches! Now you can get painting with your favorite Magnolia fixer upper colors without waiting for shipping!

This post was originally published on January 10, 2018 but has since been updated.

These days, I feel like you’d have to live under a rock to not know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are.

The Gaines’ initial debut was on the infamous HGTV show “Fixer Upper” and since then they have opened a destination spot in Waco, Texas (complete with bakery, shop and more), released an interior decor line called Hearth & Hand with Target, and rolled out their very own paint line.

I love her style and the colors she’s designed, but I’m a devout Behr paint user, so in order to easily purchase her colors locally, I’ve figured out the best Behr color match to her market collection of Magnolia paints.

How to get Local Fixer Upper Paint Colors

Joanna is widely known for her ability to choose the perfect paint colors on Fixer Upper and it was only natural that she would eventually design her own line – hence the Magnolia paints.

The colors in the Magnolia Paint collection are fantastic, but unfortunately they’re primarily sold online, which means shipping cost and longer wait times.

If you’re like me, and you hate to wait for online purchases to arrive (plus are kind of obsessed with a specific paint company and hesitate to try a new one) then you’re going to love me because I’ve taken the time put together a Behr color match for each of the Market Collection (25 colors!) Magnolia Paints!

This means, you can now purchase your favorite Magnolia color in a similar Behr paint color. That’s right! Now you can purchase your new favorite fixer upper paint colors at your local Behr distributor!

We tend to get our paint at the Home Depot and our favorite is the Behr Premium Plus Ultra and it’s pretty reasonably priced for a paint and primer in one.

I hope being able to get Joanna Gaines’ paint at Home Depot makes it easier for you to get the colors you desire in your home!

What paint color does Joanna Gaines use?

Joanna Gaines has a very distinct color palette that focuses on neutrals and she’s done a fabulous job making her Magnolia paints reflect her style.


What color paint does Fixer Upper use?

Joanna used a wide range of colors from many different paint manufacturers on the show, but she’s done a great job creating the perfect tones for mimicing the fixer upper paint colors everyone loves in her new line.

I’d encourage you to use one of her colors (in the Behr equivalent, of course) if you’re trying to get the same look!

Why choose the Behr paint color over the Magnolia color paint?

  • I can get it in-store at my local Home Depot, which means I can have it TODAY.
  • It’s less expensive, so I’m saving money!
  • Behr paint is my favorite. (That can be a reason, right?) 😉

Market Collection of Magnolia Home Paint Color Matched to Behr Paint Colors

Magnolia Collection



Coliseum Marble



Ella Rose

Life is a Peach

I’m obsessed with the blush tone in the Ella Rose color! Behr’s “Life is a Peach” color is strikingly similar and would be fabulous in girls’ room or a master closet!

Carter Creme

Rye Flour

Sunday Stroll

Grey Mist


City of Bridges


Magnolia Collection

Emmie’s Room


Shy Green

Garden Trowel




Magnolia Collection

Olive Grove


Gazebo Green

Wedding Band

Planetary Silver

Weathered Windmill




Snowfall White

Magnolia’s Shiplap is a favorite fixer upper white paint – try Behr’s Glacier Valley (my Mangolia Shiplap paint color match) on a shiplap wall for a cozy and inviting feel!

Silverado Sage

Village Green

Duke Gray


Soft Landing

Ivory Paper

Rainy Days

Frozen Pond

The Behr Frozen Pond (match to Magnolia’s Rainy Days) would be a fabulous color in a dining room! Imagine it with dark floors, a light table and a black light fixture… Dreamy! 😉

Sir Drake




I considered painting the shiplap wall in our primary bedroom with the Behr Abyss (match to Magnolia Weekend) – it’s such a beautiful deep blue/green!

Americana Egg


Antique Rose

Exclusive Ivory

Magnolia Green

Mixed Veggies

One Horn White

Alpine Frost

Vine Ripened Tomato

Cherry Red

True White

Snow Day

Due to such a huge request for color matches of other Magnolia paints (not in their Market Collection) I’ve put together a free download with 10 more of their most popular colors! Just click the button below to download it for free. 🙂

So, which of these color matches is your favorite? Ready to paint?!

I’d love to be able to help as many people as possible get the color they want in the paint they want!

If you find a better Behr paint color match for any of these Magnolia paints, do be sure to let me know – I tried a few this week for a client and I think they’re pretty good!

Of course, color matches by paint swatch are not perfect and I’m not guaranteeing these will look identical when actually painted on the walls, but they’re a great start!

I hope this list gives you the ability to enjoy Joanna’s Magnolia Paint from a local store!

Be sure to check out my tutorial on how to pick the perfect paint color too – there’s nothing worse than painting an entire room or wall only to discover you don’t like the color in certain lights!

And here are all of our favorite painting supplies to get you started on your project:

Any questions? Let me know!



134 thoughts on “How to Get Fixer Upper Paint Colors from Home Depot”

  1. I do! It’s available in my full line of matches – you can purchase one here. 🙂 Or, you can sign up for my emails here and get an offer to grab it at 70% off!

  2. Hello Rachel,

    I am also interested in Yarn color match. I appreciate your efforts to make the process of selecting paint and getting it locally easier.

  3. I have a match for Yarn in my full line color match – if you subscribe to my email by getting the bonus 10 colors you can snag the full line for just $4! 🙂

  4. I didn’t! But I’ve added it to my full list and if you subscribe to my email list here you can purchase the full list for just $4!

  5. I am too curious about this. I’ve been looking for a similar color for hours and cant find one!

  6. I’m sure you’ve been asked but I’m trying to match up ‘soft linen’? Thank you!

  7. Hello! Thank you SO much for doing this! Do you have a color match for Clean Lines or Early Riser? Or any other recommendations for a sage-y color for a bedroom would be appreciated!

  8. If you have the magnolia paint chip, Home Depot can scan it for their color match. But, a lot of times it’s hard to get the paint chips when there isn’t a Magnolia dealer close by. And yes, I am eye balling what I think would be similar. I never recommend people buy paint for an entire room without trying a sample first – to avoid it looking so much different than they’re hoping!

  9. Do you have any Behr matches to Vintage Weathervane? I have been searching and can’t seem to find a good match! Thanks!

  10. Hi Rachel, is it possible for Home Depot to scan the magnolia paint chips directly and formulate exact color vs trying to find a similar color in the Behr line? Are you eye balling the colors to find “similar” matches or looking at the color formulas themselves… RGB etc? I’m just concerned since the slightest tweak can totally change how a color looks on the wall. Thank you

  11. David, I’d recommend getting a paint sample, rather than a chip because you can’t really tell how a color looks on a wall without painting a small section and watching how it looks in all the different lights. They should be able to mix the paint for you even though it’s discontinued!

  12. Rachel,

    I was just told by Home Depot that Glacier Valley, your match for Shiplap, was discontinued, so they no longer have any sample chips for it. Do you have any other Behr options or those from other paint manufacturers?



  13. Wondering if you have a match for Magnolia’s It Is Well in Behr paint. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  14. Hi Rachel, first comment I’ve ever made on a blog ☺️ Do you know of a color match for ‘Yarn’?
    This blog has been so insightful when planning our painting.
    Thank you!

  15. Hi Rachel! I was wondering if you would be able to email me what matches “silos” and “true white”. Thank you!!

  16. Hi there! I’m scouring the internet for a match for Winter Solstice, as well! Cannot find anything. 🙈 my local Ace used to carry this line until recently switching to BM. We are painting this weekend and there isn’t enough time ship, which is a bummer. Did you happen to find a match? Thank you in advance!

  17. Hello
    Have you had any luck in finding a match to Vintage Collection? I plan on using this color in my craft/spare kids room. Thank you!!

  18. Hi Ruth! In my master bedroom I did a creamy white called “Swiss Coffee” by Behr. As for your bathroom – I’d encourage you to do a dark grey (like Weathered Windmill) on the cabinet and a white or very pale grey on the walls – or visa-versa. I think two dark greys on both would make it too dark. 🙂

  19. I have looked for a white color with maybe a creamy touch but everyone i see looks to yellow but don’t want that plain white , i see your videos on places you have done and they are gorgeous what colors would you choose i also want my bathrooms a gray i saw your wedding band and weathered windmill are they a perfect match to pair each with like wedding band for walls and weathered windmill for cabinet or what is your opinion on this

  20. Hi John, I didn’t realize I did! Thank you for noticing that. I’d recommend Keystone Gray (more grey) or Urban Nature (more green) as a match for Americana Egg. I’ll get that updated right away! 🙂

  21. Hiya!
    I saw that you used Behr Verdigris Twice… for both Magnolia Home Collection “Wedding Band” and “Americana Egg”

    Was this intentional? Which Behr color most closely represents Americana Egg?

  22. Hi Rachel,

    Any chance you could email me about this too? I’m also looking for Clean Slate match for Magnolia

  23. Hi Sarah! I’d use Coliseum Marble for Gatherings and if you’d like, I can send you info on my custom matches for Mineral Green! 🙂

  24. Hi, Thanks for your color matching with Behr. Super helpful! I am currently picking out colors for our new home & love The Magnolia brand but want to use Home Depot for cost & convenience. I am considering gatherings & I noticed that there are 2 options listed for the match. Unmarked Trail & Coliseum Marble. Which is the most comparable? Also, do you have a match for Mineral Green?


  25. Sam, I don’t have that one on my list, but I’ll email you about a custom match! 🙂

  26. Hello there!

    I discovered my love for Fixer Upper recently and I have been trying to carefully cultivate the colors I would like to use in my home. I love the light and airy feel of the Fixer Upper homes as well as the dark accents, like industrial light fixtures. I went to Home Depot the other day and was overwhelmed by the amount of paint colors to choose from. I would love to incorporate white, beige, black, greens and blues. I really appreciate that you shared these color matches so I have a better idea of what to look at during my next trip to Home Depot!

  27. We are painting our new living room (large and high ceilings, all wood) and we can’t decide on a color… we want white but not to white but not to grey and not to peachy/yellow

    Any suggestions? We love Behrtoo!

  28. Hi Kyle, I’d try Behr’s Award Night (MQ5-15) or Extreme (S530-6) – the Award Night has more of a purple undertone but both look quite similar! I hope this helps! 🙂

  29. Have you or have you seen the match to her Blue Skies? I am striking out at the HD/Lowe’s/Sherwin… TIA

  30. Can you help me match her color “blue skies”? It’s a really pretty dark blue. I want to paint my living room that color (or get a a sample at least). Thanks!

  31. Hi! Thank you so much for your help! You’re skills are on point! Any suggestions on matching Vintage collection or timeless look from the magnolia line? Thanks again

  32. Hi Rachel, you’re awesome for taking the time and researching all this info for us. What would be the closest matches for “Gatherings” and “Southern Grown”? Thank you.

  33. Hi Noelle! I think Behr’s Gilded (M300-4) would be a good match for Embossed Letter! How are you thinking you’ll use the two colors together? One as an accent wall?

  34. Hi Katherine! I would try Behr’s River Pebble (BXC-54) as a match for Magnolia’s Watering Can. 🙂 Have fun painting!

  35. Hi Rachel! Do you have any suggestions for matching “embossed letter” toa behr color? And how do you think that would look with antique rose (exclusive ivory)?

  36. I’m looking for a behr option to match Magnolia Market “display”. Hoping to achieve the more blue than grey as it will be going in a kitchen with black cabinets. Any ideas? Your help is greatly appreciated!

  37. Hi Marie! I would recommend Behr’s Heritage Park (PPU12-18) as a match for Magnolia’s Demo Day. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  38. Hi Kelly! I would try Perennial Green (M410-7) or Billiard Green (M420-7) as a match for Aspen Leaf. They’re both really close, but Perennial Green has a bit more of a blue undertone and Billiard Green has a bit more of a blue undertone, so whichever of those you want a hint more of in your living room. 🙂 Share a picture with me when you’re done painting, I’d love to see it!

  39. Hi Sarah! I’d try Behr’s Campfire Ash or Prairie Dust. They’re both very similar. 🙂

  40. Have you seen any match for Magnolia’s Yarn color? I’m struggling to find something close enough. Thanks for any suggestions!

  41. Ronni, I would try Behr’s Off White (73). Looks to be a pretty close match to me! Let me know how it works out for you. 🙂

  42. Would you have any idea what the magnolia color “blanched”can be color matched to
    Thank you

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