Are paint sheens a mystery to you?

Sheen refers to the "shine" quality or the gloss level of the paint, and is crucial to the success of your painting project.

It greatly impacts both the look and durability of the paint.

Don't let picking the wrong paint sheen leave you with poor results and having to redo all your hard work.

Get it right the first time with the help of our Paint Sheen Quick-Reference Guide.

Our easy-to-read guide will help you identify the perfect sheen for every painting project in your home - including furniture!

Benefits of the Correct Paint Sheen

Beautiful and Long-Lasting Results!

Using the right sheen means your paint will look fabulous and withstand the wear of time.

Save Time and Money!

Getting it right the first time means you only have to paint once.

What Others are Saying


Where were you with all this digital gold when we picked the most delightful shade of neutral grey and the sheen was ALL WRONG! It picked up every bump of the texture of our walls. It looks like I painted asphalt. Thanks for the info!!!


/  Homeowner


This is so valuable!! Love it!

/  Furniture Painter


Such good info Rachel! I love to paint but it can be frustrating figuring out the right stuff to use!

/  DIY Blogger

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