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10 Easy Ways to Boost your She Shed Office Curb Appeal

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Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Come see how we transformed the front of my she shed home office in just one weekend and learn the 10 easiest ways for you to boost your own office shed’s curb appeal!

Welcome to our fourth post in this 5-post series about upgrading my she shed into a fully functional small business office! I’ve had such a great time partnering with Office Depot in this series and hope you’re enjoying it too.

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After spending some time fixing up inside of the she shed and getting the business systems in place, we decided it was about time to spruce up the front entry!

My she shed started as a basic backyard storage shed (which you can read more about here) so the side we now call the front was a flat wall with nothing on it.

In the initial makeover we added the front door and window, but other than that, we hadn’t done anything to give it an ounce of curb appeal.

And honestly, my least favorite thing about the front entry was the fact that it didn’t have a walkway or anything leading up to the door. Which meant that anyone who came into the shed from the front had to walk through the grass to get into the office. Talk about a mess! Especially since it rains so much here in Oregon.

So, here’s how my she shed home office looked before we gave it a boost in curb appeal:

Exterior view of the she shed home office.

And in just a short weekend, we were able to drastically increase its curb appeal and transform it into this cute small business entry!

Doesn’t it look so much better?! I’m in love with the logo sign I had printed from Office Depot. I mean, it makes the business so much more official! ?

Ok, let’s talk through the 10 different ways I’ve spruced up the front of my she shed and how you can use these same concepts to give your home or she shed some curb appeal too.


1. Print and Hang a Sign

What better way to spruce up the front of your she shed office than with a custom-printed sign displaying your business name and logo?!

I LOVE the one I had printed by Office Depot – not only is it lightweight and durable, but it was also super affordable and got here in less than a week!

These aluminum signs are just one small part of Office Depot’s Workonomy printing and copying services that are designed to help small businesses.

They do all sorts of custom marketing materials like posters, calendars, business cards, planners and more. I was honestly amazed at all the options they have beyond basic printing!

Plus, they even have designers that are willing to help you get your product designed and printed correctly – which is perfect for people like me who have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to marketing design. 😉

Be sure to check out all of Office Depot’s Workonomy™ printing and copying services here.

2. Install a Gable Roof or Awning

One of the biggest things you can do for curb appeal, especially on a she shed with a flat front, is install some sort of roof over the front door. This not only adds style to the front, but it also protects the door from the weather, making it more functional, too.

Chris built and installed the small gable roof above my she shed’s door in about 8 hours a few weekends ago and I love how it turned out! You can read our step-by-step instructions for building one here.

3. Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

If the paint on your she shed is old, or a less-than-appealing color, consider repainting your it. Or, if you like the paint color and it’s still in good condition, try painting just the front door a fun, bright color!

A new coat of paint always gives a building’s exterior a nice, fresh look.


4. Add a Designated Pathway

If your she shed is placed somewhere without concrete leading up to the door (like mine was), install a simple pathway to the door.

The pathway could be gravel, flagstone or even pavers – just make sure it’s something that keeps shoes clean as they walk up to the office.

5. Do some Landscaping

It always amazes me what a tiny bit of landscaping can do for curb appeal. Simply add some fresh bark or new plants to the front and it’ll feel like a whole new place!

In our small corner, we transplanted two grassy plants from our front yard (they were an annoyance where they were planted by the parking) and purchased one white foxglove.

6. Add Window Grids

Many windows nowadays come with the mullions (aka grids or grilles) already installed, but if yours don’t, try this simple DIY method for adding them to your window for super cheap!

Our front window was thrifted when we did the initial makeover, so I chose to add the DIY grid to it after it was installed, and I just love how much curb appeal it adds to my she shed!

7. Install a Nice Exterior Light

If your she shed doesn’t have a “porch light” installed, consider adding one. Lighting always gives off a welcoming feeling and makes the space more approachable during the darker hours.

We installed this simple black light fixture when we did the initial makeover and, rather than having to turn it on and off each day, chose to install a simple auto-shut off sensor that turns it off when it recognizes natural light.


8. Hang a Window Flower Box

Of course, one of the biggest things we did for our she shed’s curb appeal was add the cedar window box.

I love how the hanging greenery and white flowers add so much life to the front! Learn how we made this one for under $15 here.

9. Add a Wreath to the Door

One of my favorite ways to add style to a front entry is to hang a simple wreath on the door. Wreaths are super affordable and can be hung from a basic wreath hanger (I got mine at a dollar store!) or like I did here, by a string hung around a tack on the top of the door.

I typically swap out my wreaths for each season – and as you see here, I like to hang floral wreaths for the spring and summer.

10. Get a Welcome Mat

Welcome mats on a front porch or entry give the door a distinct presence. If the roof over your door is small, like mine, grab a durable exterior rug or mat and place it at the foot of the door.

I haven’t invested in a fancy welcome mat just yet, as we’re planning to install a concrete step under our new gable roof. But my basic mat does the job for now!

So, let’s review, shall we?

10 Best Ways to Add Curb Appeal to a She Shed or Home

  1. Print and hang a sign.
  2. Install a roof over the door.
  3. Paint the shed or the front door.
  4. Install a pathway to the door.
  5. Add some landscaping.
  6. Install a porch light.
  7. Add grids to the windows.
  8. Install a window flower box.
  9. Hang a wreath on the door.
  10. Get a welcome mat.

Easy peasy, right?! I still can’t believe the difference in our she shed’s curb appeal after just one weekend of work and about $200!

I mean, check out this before/after:

Yep, love it. And that sign! Ah! It’s so official. ?

I hope these simple tips for adding curb appeal were helpful for you! Really, any of these ideas could be used on the front of a home too – even the sign could be a fun saying or family name.

Be sure to check out Office Depot’s Workonomy™ printing services for signs, business cards and much more.

Let me know your favorite way to add curb appeal in the comments!


Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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