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She-Shed Home Office Design Ideas and Plans

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I am so excited to share with you my home office design ideas for our she-shed project! I’ve pulled together a lot of information for you today – including my inspiration photos, my mood board, a few of the materials we’ve already selected and some before pictures. I love taking you along on our DIY home renovation projects, and hope you have fun following along with us as we take these home office design ideas and bring them to life in my she-shed home office! We’ve just recently (like yesterday) physically started the construction part of the project, so this post is the first in a series of posts coming that will walk you through all the details of our project.

Southern porch inspiration for a she-shed home office design.

Chris and I decided last month to turn our large backyard shed into my home office for our business. As the blog and our interior design company continue to grow, we knew it was going to be important for me to have a space to work in and have client meetings “away from home” while still being available for our family. We plan to move it up flush with our fence to the backyard so that it can have a door into it from the front of the house for clients to meet with me. We’ve decided to name this project our “She-Shed Home Office.”

I honestly can’t wait to have a place designated for my blogging and business work. It’s hard for me to focus when the family is home with me in the house, even behind a closed door. So not only will this office add a level of professionalism to our business, but it will also increase my productivity!


My original inspiration for creating a she-shed home office came from Amy at Home Glow Design – she did the same type of project at her house last month for the One Room Challenge and I loved her home office design ideas. When I saw her reveal, I knew this was exactly what we needed!

As I started to brainstorm the design concepts for my own personal home office, I knew before I even went looking for inspiration that I wanted this space to be neutral and cozy. We just added a ton of high-contrast design elements to our dining room, and I wanted the opposite in this space. I wanted it to be monochromatic for the most part. Lots of creams, whites, natural fibers and wood. I have also been crushing over the blue porch ceilings from the south (called Haint Ceilings) and so decided to add some pops of blue and green too.

Here are a few spaces that really inspired my design:

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)


After coordinating some fabulous brand partners (more on this coming soon) I put together this mood board to get a feel for the space:

I’ve decided to call this style “coastal glam” as it’s got the coastal feel with the neutrals, blues and greens, and the I’m adding a few glamorous pieces like the crystal lights and a gold-accented clawfoot desk.

Amanda from Phoenix Phurnishings is restoring the clawfoot dining table I bought at a garage sale last month into my desk for this office. If you missed our Instagram Live session last week, you’ve got to check out the replay here – we talked all about how she does her custom projects, and I must admit, I’m super impressed with the process! We’ll be meeting this week to finalize my design selection, but at this point I’m thinking I want cream paint, brown wax and gold accents.

Just a reminder: I go LIVE on Instagram every Monday at 6:15pm PDT – you should pop on and join me sometime! I typically talk through our current projects or answer reader Q&A. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel in case you can’t make the LIVE so you never miss the replays!

In addition to the desk restoration, I’ve ordered these sconces, this chandelier and these cement tiles. I plan to install the two sconces on either side of a large built-in storage unit on the back long wall, and the chandelier either in the middle of the space or above the round pedestal table. The cement tiles will be an accent wall behind my desk. We also plan to use the left over hardwood flooring from our main house, which is a grey birch.

I’m pretty sure I found the paint colors I want too but, as I mentioned in my 6-step process for picking the perfect paint color, it’s important to try out some samples in the space when we get to that point so that’s on hold for how. 😉


Our shed is currently about 30 feet behind the fence into our backyard, but like I mentioned earlier, we really want one side of it flush with the fence, so clients can come in without going in our backyard. Chris began installing some foundation blocks for it up by the fence, and our first step will be moving it. You can see in the picture below where we plan to shift it forward to be flush with the fence.

Large blue shed next to a brown fence and large green arborvitae trees.

A few weeks ago I did a live video tour of the shed’s current state – you can catch the replay here.

As always, I like to break down and review our large projects in a list of mini-project tasks…


  • Move shed
  • Install windows and doors
  • Paint exterior
  • Install electrical
  • Install insulation
  • Install shiplap ceilings, sheetrock and tile walls
  • Paint interior
  • Install lights
  • Install flooring
  • Install trim
  • Decorate and Furnish!

There’s lots to do, but I honestly cannot wait to get started! We should have bi-weekly updates for you over the next few months, so stay tuned!! 🙂



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  1. There may be building plans within each of the individual posts – but by plans I meant more in terms of making plans for how you want to decorate your she shed! 🙂

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