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Simple and Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

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Looking for some inspiration for setting your Christmas table this year? I’ve put together 8 simple and modern Christmas table setting ideas to help you easily create a stunning table for your holiday meal!

A Christmas table setting doesn’t have to be filled with garland, reindeer and red bulbs – some of the prettiest holiday tables are set with non-traditional colors and textures!

I’ve spent a lot of time looking over inspiration for our Christmas table settings this week, and wanted to share with you some of the best simple and modern Christmas table setting ideas I’ve come across.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up this Christmas!

If you’ve always done a big, elaborate table, maybe try a more minimalist one.

Or if you’ve never used cloth napkins and place markers, maybe try adding simple versions to your table this year.

I hope this round-up of simple and modern table inspiration gives you some great ideas to jump-start your table decor planning!

8 Simple and Modern Christmas Table Setting Ideas

1. Candle Holder Place Markers

An easy way to create a beautiful place marker that your guest can take home is to simply tie a name tag around a candle holder!


I made these place markers for our rustic Christmas table last year. Believe it or not, but those mercury candle holders came from the Dollar Tree! Place markers are one of my very favorite parts of a formally set table.

2. Colored Metal Accents

Using yellow or rose gold accents is a simple and trendy way to add a bit of color to a neutral table!


I also love the height and warm ambiance these candle stick holders give down the middle of the table – I’ll be doing something similar on our table this year!


While these place settings are simple, the yellow gold silverware framing the plate adds a tremendous amount of style.

3. Black, White and One Other Color

If you’re a fan of the ultra-modern style, try setting your table in black and white paired with one bright color.


While I’m not typically a fan of these super-modern style, I love the modern paper Christmas trees they made for this table! Good Housekeeping has a simple DIY tutorial if you want to make some for your table this year.


Green is one of my favorite colors to pair with black and white, especially during the holidays! Your pop of color doesn’t have to be bright, just try to stick with the one color along with the neutrals.

4. Bulb Ornaments

Adding bulb ornaments to your centerpiece, runner and/or place settings is an easy way to add a bit of glam and personality to your table.


I seriously love this table… Look at how they even used a bulb to tie the silverware and placemarker together! I’m thinking I need to do a pastel colored Christmas table next year… 😉


Even just a few bulbs placed sparingly on the table and atop the place settings makes for a beautiful modern twist.

5. Dark Tablecloth

Give your table some depth and moodiness with a dark tablecloth. Try pairing it with light dishes to give it a bit of warmth or set dark dishes for a romantic feel.

I love how the cotton centerpieces on this table add a bit of coziness to the otherwise moody table.


I love how this table’s black tablecloth is a contrast to the brightness of the rest of the space. Do you have a bright, white dining room? Try a using dark tablecloth on your Christmas table to give it an elegant feel and a bit of pizzazz.

6. Bold Placemats

Using bold placemats gives you the opportunity to scale down the rest of the place settings. Try using a neutral tablecloth, like white or cream, and setting each place with a bright, bold placemat and simple dishes.


I love all of the gold accents on this table, but those gold glitter placemats are to-die-for! We used similar ones on the tables at my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party years ago. So pretty.


Even the traditional red can be used as a bright and beautiful accent when it’s the placemat on your Christmas table!

7. Simple, High-Contrast Settings

Don’t feel like you have to set an elaborately decorated table for your Christmas to feel special. Try setting your table with minimal items – but focus on getting everything you place on the table in a monotone color that’s contrasted with your table color for a high-contrast, stylish feel.


I love that what makes this modern table so stunning is its simplicity! Those simple greenery napkin rings and gold bells are the perfect touch of holiday amidst a basic set table.

8. Dark Elements

Up the moodiness of your modern Christmas table by using dark elements like plates, placemats, candles and chairs.


This table is so creative to me! I never would have thought to create a runner of pinecones, candles and purple cabbage… And yet put together it looks stunning! Also, you can’t quite tell from this photo, but she also used purple cabbage leaves as the place markers on each plate. So cool, and very modern.


I don’t see black silverware very often, but love it here paired with the black and white dishes and the white reindeer place marker!

So, I know I’ve given you a lot to think about, but let’s review the items really quick.

Simple and Modern Christmas table setting ideas:

  • Candle Holder Place Markers
  • Colored Metal Accents
  • Black, White and One Color
  • Bulb Ornaments
  • Dark Tablecloth
  • Bold Placemats
  • Simple, High-Contrast Settings
  • Dark Elements

I’m just about done designing our Christmas table, and I’m super excited to share it with you next week! Until then, I hope these beautiful, modern Christmas table setting ideas will give you some inspiration for putting together yours! I know they sure helped me!

Which one are you going to try this year?





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