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Super Bowl Party Checklist and 5 Must-Have Ideas

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Throwing a killer Super Bowl Party can be both easy and stress-free. The trick is planning ahead! Make sure your party includes these 5 super bowl party must haves and use our printable super bowl party checklist to help you throw a fun, memorable watch party for your family and friends!

This post was originally published on January 28, 2019 but has since been updated to include additional resources.

5 Must-Haves for a Super Bowl Party with free checklist.

I love throwing parties. Seriously, I take advantage of any excuse to have people over for snacks and conversation, and the Super Bowl is one of my favorite opportunities!

If you’re looking to host a Super Bowl watch-party with your friends and family this year, I’m here to help you throw the ultimate party without all the stress!

Just make sure you have these 5 super bowl party must haves and your party will likely go off without a hitch! Plus, you’ll have people asking to come back for the big game again next year. 😉

Be sure to click the link below to get your FREE copy of our printable Super Bowl Party Checklist!


1. Quality TV & Sound

Of course, if the whole purpose of the party is to watch a football game on TV, having a quality TV and good sound system is essential.

I’m not saying you need to have a giant media room and over-the-top surround sound, but you should definitely have a TV that’s large enough to see from across the room.

Need an upgrade? Walmart has some great ones for under $400!

In addition, before you send out your Super Bowl Party invitations, make sure you do a technology test-run.

Confirm you get the channel for the big game and double check everything works.

You don’t want to be scrambling to get the technology working when the game’s about to start!

2. Comfortable Seating

The next most important item on your list of Super Bowl Party must haves is comfortable seating.

Most likely, not everyone at the party is going to be sitting down watching the game at the same time, but you’ll want to have enough spots for about 75% of your guests to sit at once.

If you don’t have enough room on your existing living room furniture, feel free to pull up some dining chairs (with pillows on them for comfort!) or throw some large pillows on the floor.

White floor pillows on a cream shag rug in a cozy home for winter.

3. Tasty (and Pretty!) Food

Second to the game, food is the most important thing at a Super Bowl Party.

And just because you’re serving tasty food does not mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen beforehand!

I’ve rounded up some awesome posts from other bloggers with all sorts of quick, affordable and easy foods for you to try at your party.

Once you’ve figured out the menu, be sure you plan out the food table with serving dishes, appetizer plates, and silverware (if needed.)

One of my biggest tricks for “fancying up” my food at parties is by remembering to NEVER serve anything in the container from the store.

Even if you are serving dip or a pre-made veggie tray, put it into a ceramic bowl or on a serving tray before putting it on your table.

Super Bowl Party ideas for food table.

4. Fun Games

While many people are reluctant to play games at first, I’ve found that if they’re simple and the prizes are decent, people end up have a great time!

Put together a few easy-to-play games (like trivia or commercial bingo) and entice your guests with a fun prize!

If you know your guests’ personalities are more outgoing and interested in games, try these hilarious game ideas or football charades!


5. Simple Decorations

I’m a huge fan of keeping my Super Bowl Party decorations simple.

Don’t feel like you need to have elaborate “themed” décor for your Super Bowl Party to be a blast.

Here are what I’d consider super bowl party “must-haves” in terms of décor:

  • Crate Paper Table Cloth (use a sharpie to write label your foods on the table!)
  • Team-Colored Paper Plates, Napkins & Cups
  • Real Footballs (if you have them) for a simple centerpiece

So, think you’ll take on hosting a Super Bowl Party this year? I just might!

Don’t forget to download our super bowl party checklist so you don’t forget anything!

Happy party planning!



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