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DIY Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Hanging

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Add some fun farmhouse flair to your wall or front door with this simple DIY tobacco basket wall hanging! Create your own fabulous farmhouse decor, on a budget, in under an hour using this step-by-step tutorial.

This farmhouse wall hanging combines all the classic pieces of the farmhouse style – a tobacco basket, painted sign, greenery and buffalo check patterns.

If you’re looking for an easy craft that looks like an expensive piece of decor, then you’re in the right place!

This simple tutorial will show you how to create a stylish farmhouse tobacco basket wall hanging that will look great just about anywhere.


You can even customize it by using your favorite ribbon, colored flowers or a different phrase on the wood sign.

Make it your own and have fun with it!


DIY Farmhouse Basket Wreath & Sign

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

How to Make a Tobacco Basket Wall Hanging

STEP 1: Make Wreath

First, we are going to make the wreath.

I had a lot of miscellaneous greenery from other projects that I was able to use for this wreath, however a lot were leaves from artificial flowers from Dollar Tree and a bit of eucalyptus from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I started by gluing down the larger, more stem like pieces first, such as the eucalyptus and some green leaf stems.

Next, I started filling in the gaps with single leaves and stems.

Last, I went in and equally dispersed 5 little white flower bunches; place them in first before gluing so you know you like where they will lay.

STEP 2: Attach Bow and Wreath to Basket

I bought 2-inch ribbon to create my bow, however, this bow is about the same price as ribbon!

If you’d like to use your ribbon for other projects, here is a good ribbon option, or you can use this pre-made bow.

First, locate an area that may look bare, now take a piece of twine, knot the twine around the grapevine wreath.

Now, where you knotted the twine, use some hot glue on your bow and attach the bow over the knot.

Tie your wreath with the twine on to the top center piece of woven wood on the basket.

You can adjust it to hang however high or low you’d like at this point. Knot it in the back and cut off any extra.


STEP 3: Make Welcome Sign

For the sign, take a piece of scrap wood and cut it to whatever size you’d like.

Mine is about 3” wide and 9” inches long. 🙂

I traced out the size I wanted on an old fence board and cut it out.

You may want to measure your basket to best determine the size of sign you will need.

Next, you’ll want to prime and paint it.

Wood has a natural colorant in it called tannin that often will bleed through the paint, so I definitely recommend a primer coat if you want the white to stand out.

If not, you can probably skip the primer.

While it dries you can search for the font you’d like for your welcome sign!

I often use this font called King Basil.

You can find other fonts at places like or

Now that you have your font, print it out in the right size for your piece of wood.

Cut out your word and center it on your wood.

This may take some trial and error to find the correct font size.

The method I used to transfer the font to my wood was to center my paper and simply trace along the edge of the letters with a pen, over the paper.

It should leave an indented outline of the word on your wood!

All that’s left is to fill in the outlined word with black acrylic paint!

Be sure to use a small enough paint brush.

I tried one on the first few letters that was too big and it was pretty tricky to stay in the lines!

STEP 4: Attach Welcome Sign to Basket

Once all the paint has dried, we will attach the sign to the basket, along with the wreath.

Cut a 2-3 foot piece of twine; you want to make sure its long enough to wrap around your wood twice on either end and to hang a bit from the basket.

Now, wrap and tie the twine around one end of the sign, about ½ an inch to an inch from the edge.

Next, following the same middle piece of the basket, loop the twine through, just below where the wreath is hanging.

Determine how low or high you’d like your sign, then wrap and tie it the same amount from the edge as before!

Flip your basket over and glue the twine in place to ensure your sign will stay right where you want it.

If you need to, you can glue the basket to the back side of the sign, for even more security.

And there you have it!

Isn’t this such a fun piece of farmhouse decor? And so easy!

I love how it looks on the front door, but you could easily place it in a gallery wall arrangement or on the wall above a console table or buffet too. 🙂

I hope you have fun making this farmhouse tobacco basket wall hanging decor!

Again, try changing it up with your favorite ribbon or even a different phrase on the sign – the options are endless. 😉

As promised, here are the printable instructions:

Yield: 1 Wall Hanging

DIY Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Hanging

DIY Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Hanging

Create a stylish farmhouse decor wall hanging in under an hour!

Active Time: 1 hour
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $25



  1. Glue greenery and small flowers around the wreath base.
  2. Tie twine around the top of your wreath and glue a bow over it to hide the twine.
  3. Tie the twine to the top of your tobacco basket to hold the wreath in place.
  4. Make the welcome sign using scrap wood cut to fit inside the basket. Prime and paint it white then paint "Welcome" no it using black acrylic paint.
  5. Tie twine around one end of the sign, lace it through the basket and then tie it to the other end of the sign - attaching it to the basket at your desired length.
  6. Glue the twine to the back of the basket for added security.

Let me know if you have any questions!



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