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40 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults & Kids

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These simple Valentine’s Day crafts are a great way to say “I love you” to your family and friends! Use them as gifts or decor throughout the season.

There’s really no better way to express your feelings for your loved ones than with a handmade gift and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to get crafty.

Whether you plan on making some DIY Valentine decor, gifts or your kids are eager to craft some Valentine’s themselves, here are some wonderful Valentine’s Day crafts to inspire you.

It’s always fun to craft for Valentine’s and the creative DIYs below include tons of easy and super-creative ideas you can try.

From thoughtful gifts to signs, wreaths, votives, and favors, there’s really no limit to what you can make for V-Day.

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts For Adults

Kids don’t get to have all the Valentine crafting fun.

Us grown-ups deserve a bit of relaxation too!

The good old box of chocolates and flowers is pretty much a cliche by now so if you’d rather make your own gifts and decor for Valentine’s check out the cool ideas below.

They all come with complete instructions and use a variety of materials so I’m sure you will find at least a few you’d love to make.

1. Leather DIY Cord Organizer Gift Idea

I find small handmade gifts adorable and this DIY leather cord organizer with a heart-shape motif is a simple craft but also super useful!


2. DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers Using Sweaters

Different textures can really make a pillow cover look amazing which is why this DIY idea is quite brilliant.

This is a simple sewing project perfect for a chilly afternoon, sounds like the perfect plan, doesn’t it?


3. Rolled Book Page Heart Art

Can you believe all you need to make this pretty heart art is an old book, a piece of wood, and, a hot glue gun?

While this looks great for Valentine’s I can think of endless shapes to try for any other occasion.


4. Valentine Doily Candles

Doily candles look so delicate and they are perfect if you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your home for Valentine’s.

They are also incredibly cheap and easy to make!


5. Tic Tac Toe Valentine

If you like nature walks you definitely won’t have any trouble finding some flat rocks to make this cute Tic Tac Toe Valentine.


6. DIY Rustic Heart-Shaped Spring Wreath

You just need to upgrade a simple heart-shaped grapevine wreath with floral decorations to make the perfect transitional decor from winter to spring that also happens to be perfect for V-Day!


7. DIY Wood Cut Out Valentine Decor

Here’s an easy woodworking project that’s perfect if you’re a beginner and uses wood scraps so it’s quite frugal.


8. Chalkboard Paint Votives

I admit I’m a sucker for cute Valentine’s Day decor and these chalkboard paint votives really fit into that category.


9. DIY Valentine’s Day Floral Decor

It takes 50 roses to make this gorgeous heart flower decor but I’d say it’s worth it.

Bonus tip: you don’t need long stems since you’ll be cutting them anyway so don’t waste your money on that.


10. DIY Valentine’s Sweet Heart Earrings

Most of the crafting for this project involves using pliers and copper wire.

Sounds like so much fun and such pretty earrings would definitely be a thoughtful gift.


11. DIY Origami Blossom Hearts

These origami blossom hearts are a simple paper craft and so versatile.

You can gift them as handmade keepsakes, use them as gift toppers, and even for decorating your home.


I love this idea.

If you enjoy baking, you can whip up delicious sugar cookies using the provided recipe to fill these pretty favor bags.

The bags can be easily made using the free printable templates and you can always fill them with store-bought cookies if baking is not your thing!


13. DIY Love Valentine’s Day Sign

Pink and gold is certainly a wonderful color combination to decorate for Valentine’s.

I also appreciate the sign not being too “valentines-y” so it can be used year-round.


14. DIY Cupid’s Arrow Valentine Decor Craft

A no-hearts Valentine decor would be an interesting and non-traditional idea to decorate.

Arrows seem like a great idea to switch up the theme and this project uses twigs so it couldn’t get any cheaper.


15. Ombré Chocolate Dipped Embossed Sugar Cookies For Valentine’s Day

I think these cookies are so pretty your guests might shy away from eating them but they do make a fun food craft that would also look great in a V-Day vignette.


16. Easy Spiral Paper Flower Heart

Paper crafts are easy and beginner-friendly so if you wanted to make your own Valentine’s Day decor this spiral paper flower heart is a great project to try.


17. DIY Tattoo Valentine Plant Pots

All that pink in V-Day decor can sometimes be too much.

However, these lovely plant pots have only cute accents and they are an easy craft using temporary tattoos.


18. Easy DIY Scrap Wood Valentines

These scrap wood Valentines have a bit of a rustic vibe I find gorgeous although you can make them in almost any style and color combination because of their simple shape.


19. DIY Greenery Heart Backdrop

If you prefer your Valentine’s Day decor to be on the neutral side, give this project a try.

A super simple idea that looks amazing.


20. DIY Chocolate Box Makeover For Valentine’s Day

Flowers and a box of chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day gift but you can give it a creative refresh with this interesting project.


Valentine’s Day Crafts For Preschoolers & Young Kids

Children love Valentine’s just as much as adults, if not more!

The Valentine’s crafts for kids I’m sharing below are both easy and interesting.

Some of them are also educational and will allow your little ones to improve their skills while crafting.

Also, there is no rule that says you can’t join in on the fun and make some precious family memories!

21. Love Bugs Valentine’s Craft

Little ones will love making these cute and colorful love bugs which are a simple paper craft that uses free printable templates.


22. Rose Filled Heart Card

Kids enjoy crafting Valentine’s cards and this one is super easy to make and also happens to look fabulous!


23. Crystal Hearts Valentines Science Experiment

Here’s a brilliant V-Day craft for kids that doubles as a science experiment. I’m sure your kids will be super excited to learn how to grow crystals and only a few basic supplies are needed.


24. Shake It Up Hearts No Mess Valentine Craft

This fun activity will entertain your kids and the best part is, it’s also mess-free!


25. Robot Valentine Box

Kids can build this adorable robot Valentine box to collect their valentines and you can use this idea to make other characters as well.


26. Paper Plate Valentine Unicorn Craft For Kids

Help your kids spread a bit of unicorn love on Valentine’s with this simple and cute paper plate unicorn craft.


27. Layered Hearts Valentine’s Craft

This artsy craft is also a puzzle as kids will need to make sure each layered heart uses one heart of every size available and no same colors are sitting on top of each other.


28. Pebble Love Bugs Valentine Craft For Kids

Rock crafts can keep children entertained for hours and these love bugs look so adorable you might just want to stick them on your fridge!


29. Fingerprint Heart Rocks

Here’s another creative rock painting craft kids will enjoy making but also sharing with friends and classmates.


30. Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Pouch

This paper heart pouch will definitely make a wonderful gift kids can give to their friends and family on V-Day.

Chances are you already have some card stock and red curling ribbon in the house just waiting to be turned into a pretty Valentine.



31. Llama Valentine Craft For Kids

Llama Valentine’s are so cool!

I think any kid will be super excited to try this craft.


32. Sorted Button Valentine Heart

If you have a bunch of old buttons lying around, you might want to give them to your kids so they can make a pretty Valentine heart.

This is an easy craft that’s perfect for toddlers as it will help them build their color sorting skills.


33. DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

Melted crayon hearts are fun to make and the kids will surely enjoy this craft as well as gifting it to their friends.


34. Minion Valentine Card Craft

These Minion Valentine cards look absolutely adorable and they can be made quickly using the free template provided.


35. Valentine’s Day Caterpillar Preschool Craft

These cute caterpillars are made from an assembly kit that you can easily prepare so they would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day party since you can make as many as you need.


36. Flamingo Handprint Craft

Handprint crafts are a great way to make sure you have keepsakes from your little ones when they grow older.

Try this flamingo handprint craft for Valentine’s, it’s a simple project that requires just a few supplies.


37. Printable Astronaut Puppets

Creative Valentine’s are the best and these astronaut puppets definitely fit into that category.

Simply print one of the included templates and let your kids have all the fun!


38. How To Make Valentines Sensory Bottles Kids Love

Kids love sensory bottles and this Valentine’s Day-themed one will surely provide many hours of entertainment.

The best part is, most of the crafting can be done by the children, and you only need to supervise.


39. Valentine Paper Tree Craft

These Valentine paper trees might be a simple kids’ craft but I can totally see them as decorating my home.


40. How To Make A Sweet And Simple Woven Heart Craft

I love educational crafts such as this one!

Using the printable templates, your kids can cut the shapes needed for the craft and learn how to weave this cute cardstock heart.


Have fun crafting!



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