The Best Ideas for Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)

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Make your winter decorating easy with these affordable and stunning ideas for using winter decorations (not Christmas) in your home!

I’m so excited to take you on a tour of our living room decorated for winter this year!

I think winter is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for, because after taking down the extravagant Christmas decor I’m left with a simple, clean palette.

I typically leave out about 50% of my “Christmas decor” well into winter (you can see my process for making that Christmas to winter decor transition super easy here) but change it up with less green and red and more gold and silver.

Winter decorations, not christmas, on round mantel.

So, let’s take a look at our winter living room and gather some fun ideas for how YOU can set up some winter decorations (not Christmas) this season!


How to Decorate with Non-Christmas Winter Decorations

Use a Neutral and Metallic Color Scheme

When decorating for winter, take out the festive Christmas colors, like red and green, and leave the neutrals and metallics.

Wide angle of living room decorated for winter.

As you can see above, we chose to keep our colors to wood, grey, black, white, silver and gold.

Add in Natural Elements

Most likely, when you take down your Christmas decor you’re removing all of the natural greenery elements.

Replace those with wintery ones like pinecones and neutral stems!

Black basket of large pine cones and birch logs on a white brick hearth.

We added large and small pine cones throughout the space, including on the hearth in our wood basket, on the mantel, and in the palette box atop the piano.

Black lantern and grey flower on a wood mantel with gold bead garland.

I also placed a grey, velvet flower and gold glitter stems on the mantel to pull in the floral element without feeling to Christmas-y.

Mantel decorated for winter with black and gold non-christmas decor.


Use Non-Christmas Garlands

Check the Christmas decor clearance sections for garlands that don’t look entirely like Christmas.

There are all sorts of garlands that look great for winter – think again about that metallic or neutral color scheme.

Can you find a white, gold or silver garland? If so, snatch it up and hang it for winter!

I put both a muted gold leaf garland and a gold bead garland in our palette box on the piano.

Palette box filled with winter leaves, pinecones, candles and balls for a non-christmas winter decor.


I added more gold bead garland to the mantel too!

Close up of round fireplace mantel with black mirror, candles and gold garland.

Set Out Extra Blankets

One of my number one decorating tactics for the winter season is to put blankets ALL OVER the house.

Think about every place you might sit (ie. the hearth, couch, chairs, window seats) and put a blanket (or two!) there.

Candle and glasses on a tray atop a faux fur blanket on a winter coffee table.

If you stick to the neutral colors and soft textures, you’d be surprise how much style a simple blanket can add!

Sofa, coffee table and piano decorated with simple, winter decor.


Add Lots of Candles

Candles are not only a great way to add coziness (who doesn’t feel instantly warmer with the flicker of flame?!) but they can also add some fun style to your winter decor!

Winter decorations on a mantel with gold stems in a black vase and pinecone.

Can you believe I got these gold mercury glass votive holders at the Dollar Tree?!

Small mercury glass candle holders on a wood mantel for winter.

And these little silver mercury glass holders added just the right touch of decor under my mirror.

It took me a long time to decide what to place in that spot! 😉

Close up of a winter coffee table with a grey piano in the background.

Mimic the Outdoors

Part of the beauty of winter is that it’s visually a very simple season.

Consider the colors and textures you’ll find outdoors in the winter – mostly neutrals (with lots of white and black/brown) and the roughness of wood or the softness of snow.

Think about that when you’re decorating your home for winter!

Grey piano with a pallette box of winter decorations (not christmas) and fur rug on the bench.

I tend to place out lots of faux fur rugs and white blankets because they remind me of the softness and beauty of snow.

And I use natural elements like pine cones and wood or brown leather because it reminds me of the wintery wood.

Boho style fireplace and tv area in winter living room.


Keep it Simple

If you’re at all like me, taking down the excessive Christmas decor gives off a sense of calmness in my home.

Keep that feeling throughout the winter months by making your winter decorations (not Christmas) simple.

Overall, the entire premise of this post is to simplify your decor in the winter!

If you focus on decorating with neutrals, metallics, natural elements, blankets and candles, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning winter home.

Boho-style living room decorated for winter with non-christmas, black and gold decor.


Stylish Mantel Decor for Winter

Here’s another last look at my mantel decor for winter:

Round, white fireplace with blankets and pillows on the hearth for winter.

For more inspiration, you can see my winter mantel from last year here.

And I love the creative ideas found in this post from HGTV too!

Have fun decorating, friends!




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