DIY Invitation Tutorial with a Free Printable!

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I’m so excited to share this DIY Invitation tutorial with you all!! I make home-made invitations for almost all of my parties and it is definitely one of my favorite crafts. 🙂 This tutorial is based on my latest invites to a LipSense party! I really love the new LipSense product (Have you tried it? If not, you TOTALLY SHOULD!) and decided to host a party for a friend of mine that recently started selling it. I’m hoping this tutorial will give you a glimpse into how easy it is to make beautiful, hand-crafted invitations for any party you’re throwing! And, if you’re hosting a Lipsense party, be sure to download and use the free printable I’ve linked up to below!


DIY Invitation Tutorial


  • Two-Sided Tape
  • Scissors and Paper Cutter

DIY Invitation


Begin by cutting your colored paper into fourths.

Next, cut out the white invitations using your paper cutter to trim inside the black outline of each one and use your corner rounding punch to round the corners.

Attach the white invitation to the blue paper using two sided tape.

Place your crafting tape along the middle of each invitation (leaving a little overhang on each side) and trim up the edges with your scissors.

Next, prep the lips by stamping as many as you need on white paper and let them dry. Then, cut them out using your scissors.

Finally, place a foam dot in the middle of the tape and stick one of your lip stamps on top.

And that’s it! You’re done! Now you have fun, fancy homemade invitations to hand out to all your friends. 🙂

DIY Invitation

DIY InvitationDIY Invitation

DIY Invitation
DIY Invitation

Wasn’t that easy??

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