Blush & Moody Dining Room Makeover – ORC Week 4 – Decisions, Decisions

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Hi, friends! I hope you are having a fabulous week! We’ve been hard at work making decisions on our One Room Challenge (ORC) dining room makeover – and I’m telling you, the work really is starting to pay off. The room is coming together so nicely!

If you’re just joining us, the ORC is a bi-annual event in April and October, hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and House Beautiful, where 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest participants (me!) link up our room makeovers and root each other on as we complete them in just 6 weeks. Last fall, we did our master bathroom and this month we’re doing our dining room!

You can catch up on this season here: WEEK 1 (THE PLAN) / WEEK 2 (THE DESIGN) / WEEK 3 (THE PAINT)

You can also watch a “before” video tour here and a week 2 progress video tour here.

If you’re joining me from the ORC site, welcome! I’m Rachel Joy – DIY addict, home renovator, and self-taught interior designer. Through this blog, I strive to help others discover the ease and fun of decorating on a budget. I’m so glad you’re here!

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This week was a big one for me when it came to MAKING DECISIONS. Up until this week, I had lots of “ideas” about what I wanted in the space – pillows, art, paint color for the door, buffet options, table, etc. – but none of them were fully committed decisions that led to purchases and actual items filling the room… Which is a big deal when you get to Week 4 of the ORC because, like I found out the hard way, some items take 2 weeks to ship! So, I spent lots of time this week finalizing my design and actually purchasing things for the room. 🙂

Because the physical room is just about done, and I don’t want to give away too much before the reveal in a few weeks, I decided to spend this week talking through my recent decisions and sharing with you each of the items I’ve selected and purchased for the room.

I have been having so much fun with this season’s One Room Challenge! Seriously, this dining room has been one of my favorite rooms to design. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I I’m purposefully thinking through the process as a DESIGNER.

Choosing a bold rug to as the focal point.

Selecting paint colors that compliment and give depth.

Pondering the aesthetics of each piece I place in the space and how they will play off of other elements in the room.

It’s so much fun to think through all of those details as you pull together a design and make it both beautiful and cohesive! Now, let’s take a look at what I got this week.


I am so blessed to have Pillowcubes as my sponsor for this season’s project. Having their input on the best style of pillow inserts was a huge help when it came to selecting the pillows for our window seat. The seat has a blueish/charcoal-gray colored upholstery, which we decided to keep because it’s super durable and matches well with the overall design of the room. (Secret – the “fabric” we used to upholster it is actually projector screen material!) Originally, I had planned to fill the bench with pillows all the way across the window to create a “back” to the seat, but since removing all the pillows for the construction portion of the project, I’ve realized I LOVE having the window unobstructed. Thus, I shifted my design and decided to put just 3 pillows on either side, propped against the built-ins (rather than the window) to encourage people to sit parallel to the window.

Pillowcubes graciously provided me with 4 pillow inserts and a throw pillow for this spot. In case you’re wondering, their name comes from the fact that they vacuum seal their inserts and mail them to you in a “cube” shaped box. No, their pillow inserts themselves aren’t cubes. 😉 See how economical their shipping is??


I couldn’t believe that small of a box had two 24” square inserts and two 20” square inserts in it!

My next decision was to select covers for these 4 pillows. I already have a blush pillow I’m going to move in from the family room, so I didn’t really want another pink cover. I also knew I wanted the 24” pillows to match at either end of the window seat. I ended up ordering these white corduroy covers for the 24” polyester-filled inserts (polyester holds its form a bit better than down making it great the back pillow and they can even be used for a floor pillow too!), this black and white geometric cover from West Elm and this blue/beige chevron cover from Etsy for the 20” pillows. I also ordered this grey throw pillow from Pillowcubes in the 14″x20″ size to add a bit of sizing dimension.


I chose these curtains from Lowes for in the window seat. I love the texture of them and the color looks much more grey in person. I think it will go nicely with all the different colors in the room. I still need to hem them up so they rest just above the seat height.


I love the feel of greenery in a space, and since I’m taking away most of the open shelving in this room (where I would normally place greenery) with the switch to wainscoting and art on the walls, I decided to purchase this faux fiddle leaf fig to place in the corner between the window seat and the door.

I’ll also likely place some of my favorite small faux plants from IKEA around the room – whether that’s on the buffet, entry shelf, open hutch or table.


I still haven’t made many solid decisions when it comes to the art in this space… I did buy this awesome gold clock from Lowes to place on the entry wall. The gold is much much more classy, and even a bit brushed in person.

I also found a fun long, oval, gold mirror that I may put above the end of the countertop on the black wall, but haven’t decided. I’ve considered a DIY canvas abstract art, a large antique book page print, large matted black and white photos… and the list goes on. I’m thinking once the rug and table are in place I’ll be able to get a feel for how bold (or not-so bold) I want to go on the walls. So stay tuned!


If you’ve been following along on this project over the last few weeks, you’ve likely read about our plans to build a custom farmhouse table for this space. WELL…. my husband (the contractor ?) came to me this week with a few concerns. First, with the tight timeline of the ORC, he was only going to have about a week to build the table (I know there are two weeks left, but I have to clean, stage, and photograph the room before I can write my post so that takes about a week…) and within that week, we have a 2-day client project that is going to take up a huge chunk of his “free” time. Also, we don’t have a shop at the house, so his working space is currently the garage (which is FULL of stuff at the moment) so he didn’t have anywhere to effectively lay out the lumber for the building process. Lastly, he believed we could purchase a nice table for close to the same cost of the high-quality lumber he was looking at.

With all of that said, we did our typical pro/con analysis and decided to purchase this fabulous table from Pier 1! We ordered it on Monday at the local store in hopes that it will arrive this Friday, but there’s talk it could take all the way until next Friday – making the timeline a bit tight!

Say a prayer for me that it comes this week… 😉


We have 8 chairs with lots of spindles to paint, and while I considered brush painting them, I took my husband’s advice and finally purchased a paint sprayer and a painting shelter!! I’m so excited! I honestly spent like $60 on paint for just 2 chairs in my last spray painting project (those tiny bottles can add up!) and so it will be much more cost effective to invest in a quality sprayer and shelter for these. I ended up with this sprayer, this shelter and this paint. Painting the chairs has always been one of my responsibilities for the project, but since we aren’t building a table anymore, I may have hinted to Chris that he could have that task too… ?

We plan to reuse our captains chairs because they are super high-quality chairs and in great shape, so I ordered these linen slipcovers for them from Joss & Main.


I spent hours looking for the perfect buffet or sideboard for this room, and even mulled over the idea of a bar cart, but finally settled on repurposing a console table we’ve had in storage. The distance from the table to the wall will only be about 3ft, with 2 of those feet having rug on them, so I needed something less that 12” deep. This sofa table is beautiful in design, and we’re planning to paint it the same gray as our base cabinets in the kitchen to tie the rooms together a bit.


Chris has just about finished up closing in the built-in cabinet around the desk corner! I purchased, and he installed, the peel-and-stick glass frost this week so that I can have “hidden” storage in that area. It looks great! I was a bit nervous they would look like frosted shower doors, but they don’t. They look really nice.

Well, that about sums up the decisions made this week! Now that you’ve seen all of that, what do you think?? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! It’s honestly been so much fun selecting each piece that goes into this room.

No matter how it ends up looking, there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be much better than what we started with when we bought the home:

Am I right?? ? Check back next week for my final update before the reveal!

Here’s a look at where we’re at on our mini-project list:

  • Demo upper shiplap
  • Install shiplap wainscoting
  • Patch sheet rock on wall and ceiling
  • Paint walls and shiplap
  • Paint back wall of hutch
  • Install crown moulding
  • Install floor trim and shoe moulding
  • Install new storage tower doors
  • Close in desk shelving
  • Touch up paint on built-ins
  • Paint chairs
  • Paint console table
  • Hem and hang curtains
  • Decorate!

And don’t forget, I’m giving sneak peeks at the space all season on my Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow along there.

Of course, a big thank you to Pillowcubes for their sponsorship this season!

Don’t forget to show some love to the featured designers and other guest participants. I’ll see you on Friday!



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