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How to Make an XOXO Wooden Sign

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This post was sponsored by Worx Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central but all opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own.

Create a stylish XOXO wooden sign for your home with this easy-to-follow tutorial!

I’m so excited to share this project with you!

It turned out even better than I’d hoped – with such a unique look!


If you’re looking for a fun sign that would go great in a master bedroom or bath, or even some décor to put out for the Valentine’s Day season, this XOXO sign is perfect.

It’s a fairly easy project and looks like a very expensive piece of art.


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Head here for all the details.

Ok, let’s get to the project shall we?!

DIY Wooden XOXO Sign

For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down.

Materials Needed:

  • One 8′ 1×2 Common Board
  • One 2×4 Sheet of 1/4″ Plywood
  • Paint (I used black chalk paint and white acrylic paint)
  • Wood Glue
  • Stain (I used a two different colors)
  • Small Finishing Nails
  • Super Glue Gel

Tools Needed:

  • MakerX Tools from Worx
  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Chisel
  • Nail Gun & Nails
  • Hammer
  • Jig Saw
  • Painter’s Tape
  • 2 Quarters and 2 Pennies

How to make an XOXO Sign out of Wood

**Note: We made the main frame and back of this sign using the same method described in this post. If you’d like more in-depth steps (including pictures) for the first 2 steps, go here.

STEP 1: Make the frame.

Start by using your chop saw to cut the 4 pieces if your frame out of your 1×2 common board.

Cut two boards at 32″ and two at 13.75″ with a 45° angle on each end, and the length measuring on the long side.

Next, set your table saw blade to cut 1/2″ high and 1/2″ from the edge.

Run each of your frame pieces through the table saw and then chip off the thin piece of wood that remains.

Clean up the now notched-out section with your chisel.

This creates the recess for your sign back to sit in!

Glue and nail your frame together in a rectangle with all the notched edges on the same side.

Lastly, stain your frame.

STEP 2: Make the back of the sign.

Use your table saw (or skill saw, if you don’t have a table saw) to cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood at 30″x11.75″.

Use your Worx MakerX rotary tool to clean up the edges.

Then, paint the nicer side of your plywood. I used a black chalk paint to give it a bit of a chalkboard look.

Once it’s dry, nail it into the back notched-out part of your frame using small finishing nails.


STEP 3: Make the XOXO letters.

The last part of this awesome wooden sign is creating the XOXO wooden letters.

Start by cutting 4 strips of 1/4″ plywood, each measuring 1.875″x29″.

Then, lay them horizontally on a flat work surface, space them using a quarter and penny in each gap and tape them in place using painter’s tape.

Next, print off this document and cut out the letters to use as templates.

Evenly space the paper letters over the wood slats, tape them on and trace them with a pencil.

Remove the paper letters from your slats and carefully move the slats into your frame, on top of the backer – centering them vertically in the frame.

Make sure to keep the tape on them so they stay spaced out correctly when you transfer them into the frame too.

Now, work on cutting out and treating one board at a time.

Starting with the top wood slat, carefully un-tape it and then use a jig saw to cut out the pieces of your letters.

Use the rotary tool on your MakerX to sand the edges and make sure they’re smooth.

Then, spray the letter pieces from that slat with your air brush MakerX tool.

Make sure you use paint designed for an air brush or water down your paint to get it to the consistency of milk before putting into the tool.

Once the pieces are dry, glue them in place on the sign using your coins to space it and the lower slats as a template for where to place them.

Once that top board’s letter pieces are glued in place, you can remove the second slat and work on it.

The second slat didn’t have any special treatment (it is left as raw wood) so simply remove the slat, cut out the letter pieces, clean up the edges and then glue the pieces in.

I didn’t end up using my coins to space the inner two slats, instead I just eye-balled centered between the pieces above and the slat below.

For the third slat, use the same process but stain the letter pieces.

I used the mini-heat gun on my MakerX tool to help speed up the dry time on the stain.

And finally, for the fourth slat, burn a fun pattern into the letter pieces using the MakerX wood crafter.

I simply burned small, elongated dots on mine in an imperfect pattern!

After gluing that last section of pieces on, drill a small hole in the back of the frame to hang on a nail and your done!

I love how it turned out!

The different finishes on the slats adds such a fun style! And the MakerX tools made all of that so much easier.

Now, head over to Amazon or Lowe’s, grab yourself a set of these MakerX tools, create your own Power of X project, and enter the contest!!

If you’re participating in the contest, I’d love to know what project you’re doing in the comments!

As promised, here are the printable instructions:

Yield: 1 Sign

XOXO Wooden Sign

XOXO Wooden Sign

This stylish wooden XOXO sign is a great way to add rustic, lovable style to your home. Using basic power tools and low-cost lumber, its the perfect weekend project.

Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated Cost: $20


  1. Cut your frame out of the 1x2 board. Two pieces at 32" long and two pieces at 13.75" (on the long side) with 45 degree angles on each end.
  2. Run them through the tables saw with the blade set at 1/2" high and 1/2" deep.
  3. Chip off the thin piece of wood that remains on the edge of the boards and clean up the notch with a chisel.
  4. Glue and nail the frame together and then stain it with a dark stain.
  5. Cut a 30"x11.75" board out of your 1/4" plywood and use your MakerX rotary tool with a sanding bit to clean up the edges.
  6. Paint one side of the board with black chalk paint and then nail it into the back of your frame with small finishing nails.
  7. Cut four 1.875" x 29" slats out of your 1/4" plywood.
  8. Tape them to a work surface aligned horizontally and spaced by a quarter and penny between each board.
  9. Print off this template, cut out the letters, align and tape them to the front of your slats, and trace them with a pencil.
  10. Now move your slats (keeping them taped and spaced as they are) onto your sign.
  11. Remove the top slat (making sure to keep the others taped in place) and cut out the letter pieces using a jig saw.
  12. Clean up the edges with your MakerX rotary tool and paint the letter pieces white using your MakerX airbrush tool.
  13. Super glue the pieces onto your sign using the slats as a template and your coins as spacers.
  14. Use the same process for your second slat, just leave the wood raw.
  15. Use the same process for your third slat, but stain the pieces and use your MakerX heat gun to help speed up the stain's drying time.
  16. For the last slat, use your MakerX wood crafter to burn a fun pattern into the pieces and attach them with super glue.

Happy DIY’ing friends! As always, let me know if you have any questions.



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