The One thing Every DIY’er Must Do to be Successful

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If you read my recent post about our how I ruined our DIY painted tile floors, then you’re probably aware that honesty is something I value when it comes to blogging. I want to teach you low-cost, creative DIY options for transforming your home, but at the same time, when I make mistakes, I want you to know about them, so you don’t make the same ones! That’s why today I’m sharing with you a BIG mistake we made last year when doing our deck makeover, what we learned from that mistake, and what I believe to be the one thing every DIY’er must do to be successful.


Last summer, we did a big deck makeover in our backyard, which included adding a large section of new deck to one side, repairing some of the existing boards that were rotted, and then painting it all a light grey color. You can see the reveal post here. Honestly, the transformation was amazing, and we enjoyed the space all summer long!

But, we used the wrong kind of paint for the deck. From day one, it was bubbling and peeling up on all the sections where it had been painted onto bare wood. And the worst part? We KNEW it was the wrong kind of paint! We were just lazy about it.

Rather than doing my typical research and looking into quality, durable deck paints, we purchased this Porch, Floor & Patio paint from Lowe’s when we were there one day because it was convenient. When we bought it, it looked perfect – designed for interior and exterior, durable and scratch resistant, fast drying. Just what we needed, right?

Wrong. When the day came to finally paint the deck and I was prepping to paint, I noticed in the disclaimers on the back of the paint can that it was NOT INTENDED FOR UNCOVERED DECKS. But, because we wanted to get moving on the project, we just said “oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine!” and used it anyway. Ah! If only I could go back and tell myself to do it right! What we should have done, was return it, do our research, and get the correct paint. But we were lazy and now we’re paying for it.

Here’s what the deck looks like today, just one year later:

Brutal, right? I’m pretty sure the manufacturer knew what they were talking about when they discouraged us from using this paint. And as a good DIY’er, I should have listened!


Learn from my mistake, and LISTEN TO MANUFACTURERS when it comes to their products.

A good DIY’er must follow product manufacturer’s suggestions in order to successful.

And just think, if you do, you won’t have to re-do your work, like we are! I hope this encourages you to thoroughly consider the products you’re using in your next DIY project and make sure they’re the right ones for what you’re working on. I promise, a little inconvenience will be worth it when you don’t have to fix your mistake!



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6 thoughts on “The One thing Every DIY’er Must Do to be Successful”

  1. ARG! I feel your pain…I have done similar things in the past and I always say :Never Again! Next time i’ll follow the directions! And yet…it happens again! lol I’m so sorry you have to redo the whole deck and I am very appreciative that you’re so open about the mistakes/accidents you make/face.

    • It happens to the best of us! Now, if we could just learn from these mistakes… Thanks for reading, Claudine!


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