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She-Shed Project Update – My Future Home Office

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I think my favorite thing about a she-shed is that it’s detached from the home, so it can become a sanctuary of sorts. We are currently in the process of converting our backyard shed into my she-shed, which will not only be my place of refuge from the craziness of life, but will also be my home office for the business. I can’t wait to have a place to “go to work” but still be available at home. Today I’m sharing with you an update on our she-shed project as we finish up the demolition phase and move into the second phase which includes electrical, insulation and drywall!

If you’re just joining us for this project, welcome! We’ve been in the process of converting our shed into my office for about a month now, and have finally completed the demolition and major reconstruction. If you’d like to catch up, below is a list of all the posts/video updates I’ve done thus far. I’m so glad you are here and I hope you enjoy following along on our she-shed project! 🙂

She-Shed Project Updates

She-Shed Project Update
My Future Home Office

The first thing we had to do was move the shed. Moving that thing was A LOT of work, and it took Chris and his dad about a week to get it fully in place. When we purchased the home, this shed was placed about 80ft behind the side fence. We decided to move it towards the front of the property so that the front side of the shed is flush with the fence. I wanted clients to be able to access the office without coming into our home. Here’s a view of it from the street now:

One of my brand partners for this project is Behr Paint, so we plan to paint the outside of the shed with their exterior paint in the same color as our main house. I am also planning to paint the front door of the office the same plum color as our house’s front door. 🙂

Ok, let’s start at the front…

We originally planned to install a vintage wood door for the front door, but we decided it was going to be better (for time’s sake) to buy a pre-framed, ready-to-install steel door. We chose to get the exact same model as our main house’s front door.

To keep costs down, we purchased all the windows second-hand off of Craigslist and I plan to do a tutorial for adding white panes to the windows that don’t already have them so that they all match.

We also plan to install an exterior porch light and a small wood or stone porch on which I will place a small chair and table under the window. 🙂

Here’s what you see when you walk in the front door:

The shed originally had two lofts, one on either side, and we chose to leave just one half of the loft in place for storage. I’ll be putting a curtain up there so you can’t see my (dis)organized storage and will have my clawfoot desk sitting under the loft facing either the back door or the front door.

My desk was originally a cherry dining table, but we collaborated with Amanda from Phoenix Phurnishings and gave it a serious makeover. Here’s the picture I shared on Instagram last Sunday when she delivered the completed desk:

I LOVE how it turned out with the aged look and the gold accents! If you’re looking for someone to give your custom piece a makeover, contact Amanda, she’s amazing and super professional. 🙂

Now let’s move to the back side, where I plan to enter the office most of the time. When you step out onto our back deck, you can see the back door like this:

We’re hoping to pave this area of gravel eventually, but for now I’m hoping to put in a simple stone walkway from the deck to the office.

Here’s a glimpse of it from the backyard:

Of course, the entire exterior will get a good cleaning before we paint. 😉

When you walk in the back door, you walk into the lofted area we just saw where I plan to do my desk space. I’ll start on the right and give you a few pictures around the space.

You can see clearly in this one where we wrote scriptures on the wall this week. This was part of the Instagram live I do each Monday, and you can catch all the replays on my YouTube channel.

On the left there, I plan to put my round pedestal table for large projects and client conferences.

I shared my vision for this space in my design post, but here’s a reminder:

Since we’re trying to keep the cost of this project as low as possible, I’ve been doing a lot of thrifty searching for furnishings. I’ve been scouring Craigslist and FB Marketplace, and the kids and I went garage-saling last weekend. So far, I found quite a few things I’m really excited about!

Here’s a chair I got at a garage sale for $5!

And a large TV cabinet I found on Facebook Marketplace that I plan to use for my printer and other office supplies I don’t want sitting out. Do you think I should paint or white-wash this cabinet or leave it natural wood? It’s a bit more orange in person than this picture implies… But I do love the look of natural wood in a coastal styled space. We shall see!

I also found a beautiful natural fiber rug at Target on clearance for $35, ordered a faux cowhide rug from World Market yesterday, and got an old vintage tripod from Goodwill for $4 that I plan to convert into a tripod lamp. Don’t worry, I’ll write a tutorial so you can make one too!

While it doesn’t look like much yet, I have the entire space dreamed up and finished in my mind, and let me tell you, it’s going to be FABULOUS.

Let’s finish by taking a look at our progress on the mini-project list for this shed conversion:

  • Move shed
  • Install windows and doors
  • Install electrical
  • Install insulation
  • Install shiplap ceilings, sheetrock and tile walls
  • Paint exterior
  • Paint interior
  • Install lights
  • Install flooring
  • Install trim
  • Decorate and Furnish!

Only a few things checked off, but we should have electrical and insulation done by this weekend. After that, things start coming together quickly! Ah, I love renovation projects. 😉

Thanks again for following along on our business adventure, including this she shed home office!

See you soon!


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  1. It’s really going to be a wonderful space for your office! Can’t wait to see it completed!

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